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Nothing that interesting, just a bit about myself.

Submitted: February 22, 2009

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Submitted: February 22, 2009



Hmm..This is just something so people know a bit about me. And I thank anyone who cares enough to read it.

First off, things I hate:

Strong smells-Be it perfume, coffee, or garbage. I don't like potent smells because it feels like my nose is on fire.

The sun-It's just obnouxiousand it burns. No joke, it really burns.

The colour yellow-It reminds me of the sun.

Country, rap, and pop music-Do I even have to justify that?

Chic flicks-All crying and no action.

Stereotypes-'Tis just a way humans try to understand everyone. But, they can't and never will.

The Pythagorean Theorem-To be honest, I have no idea when I'm going to need that in my future.

The "Twilight" movie-I loved the book series, but te movie was terrible and those of you who are saying "Uhh! No way!!" probably didn't read the book.

Prep flicks-Those are the movies about cheerleaders and blah blah blah. Again, do I even have to justify that?

Things I love:

Roses-I love them wilted or not; they look pretty both ways.

Anime-Hell yeah.

Dracula and the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe-Both are simply amazing. Oh, and "Dracula" could beat "Twilight" hands down, sorry.

L`Arc~en~ciel- My most favourite band ever!!

My friends and some of my family-I don't even know all of my family.

Midnight-This is usually the time I wake up, I always feel invigorated at this time for some reason.

My eyeliner-Without it I'd look like a dude.

Things I don't get:

Chat talk-I don't really mind when you type it, but it bugs me when people say it whilst talking. Is it really that hard just to laugh instead of saying "LOL"?

Spanish-I still have no idea how the language works. Like, what is the sentence structure?

Fan girls-You know, the kind that hate you if you like the guy they like and if you hate him. What do they want?!

Why childrens' songs keep showing up in horror films. What's next, "The wheels on the bus"?

An idea that I have:

I think that in movies, they should play up-beat; happy music when something scary is about to happen. I mean, who would see it coming?

My looks:

Hieght-About 160.02 cm. And that's probably the height I'll be for the rest of my life. I'm about half an inch shorter than my mother, so I may grow 1/2 an inch more.

Wieght-Too private! Lets just say I'm in between About 31.8 kg and 45.5 kg. I hope my measurements are correct. Between70 and 100 pounds.

Hair colour-Light brown with purple and hot pink.

Eye colour-I have no idea. They're dark green-ish, grey-ish, and a tad bue-ish.

On a scale of 1-10-I'm probably a negative 100000000. I'm not that great looking.

Oh yeah, I should probably add what I wear-What ever I feel like. Sometimes neon green skinny jeans and other times all black. All of my outfits are considered "Odd" though.

My flaws:

Oh wow, so many, so many! The most embarrassing would be that I blush easily and when I do I get bright red like a strawberry!

I get so nervous. Like, on group work I'm too shy to talk to anyone unless I know them.

Sometimes I suppose people may call me mean 'cause I scold my younger brother. But, what am I supposed to do? Let him act like a two-year old on crack?

Things that turn me on:

When they scream in songs, but not through-out the entire thing. Like, everytime Chester Bennington screams in Linkin Park songs my heart stops. ^^

The kind of emo-ish haircuts.


If the boy can sing very good. Like Hyde-sama. ^^

Well, that's about it.

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