Farewell, My Friend

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A dead person. A friend turned murderer. A familiar looking stranger, and a cloaked maniac. Is this the crossroad where we take separate paths? or is it Farewell... (Slight Shounen ai/slash/MxM)

Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008



Farewell, My Friend

Damian ran. Simply ran as fast as he could down the crowded cobblestone street. The rain fell, making his dark blonde hair stick to his cheeks and partially blind the green eyes with the water cascading down from his soaked and messy bangs. He ignored the stares he got from wearing the dirty t-shirt and the patched trousers, and running barefoot in the rain.

Both his head and heart was racing. He couldn’t get the image out of his head. The horrifying image of blood, the fierce predator like golden eyes of his best friend, the man lying unmoving on the ground at his friend’s feet.

He felt so stupid for just running after getting eye contact with Raiga, but fear had made the better of him. He should have asked what he was doing, why he did it, just something! Not run like some coward. He was TWELVE, damnit! Not a little boy who would run to his mama the moment something bad happened. He never had either; being an orphan didn’t give him that privilege.

Quickly, he ran into a back alley, where the ground was made of dirt, which was relatively dry due to the roof extending out from the houses shielding the alley from the worst of the rain. He shook his head, water spraying in every direction, clearing his mind a little in the process, before he continued running.

Now that he thought over it, although he called Raiga his best friend, he hardly knew anything about him except that he also was an orphan, and a member of the same Thieves Guild. Did that count as knowing him? Damian wasn’t so sure anymore.

Also, Raiga had always been a quiet boy, shy, never voiced his thoughts unless someone asked or felt very strongly about this particular subject, and usually kept himself in the background. How could someone like that commit a murder, knowing that the man probably had a family, and a child that’d go fatherless? Just like us…

Screeching to a halt before a small wooden shed, Damian crouched low and ducked into the big crack in the wall. He fumbled in the darkness for the hole in the ground, which was the entrance to the Guild.

Just as he found the entrance he stopped. This was just wrong. He had left his friend in the rain, and it might not have been Raiga who had killed the man. He could have just happened to find the corpse right after the murderer had fled the scene. The ‘corpse’ could also have been just a drunk man that had collapsed, where Raiga accidentally bumped into him.

Making a 180 turn, and headed outside again. The moment he got out of the shed something black enveloped his vision, and his head banged into something firm yet soft. A small yelp escaped his lips when his bottom connected with the ground.

“Woah! Watch where you’re running, kid!” a voice from somewhere above him grunted irritably. Damian glanced up, rubbing his forehead, and froze when his eyes connected with a pair of golden-brown orbs. The image of Raiga with blood covering half of his face flashed in his mind. The man in front of him just looked down at him quizzically, brushing some strands of long dark, almost midnight-black hair out of his eyes.

“I-um…that is, I, uh…” the boy stuttered. “Well, I mean, uh, you look like…well…my best friend, that is…um…”

“Like your friend?” Damian nodded, looking from the long midnight hair framing the man’s face, to the amber eyes, to the overall lean build of the stranger. This was probably how Raiga would look like when he grew up, he thought.

“You basically look like an older version of Raiga, almost wouldn’t surprise me if you were brothers, or that you were his father or something.” The last few words sounded bitter on his tongue, but it was the truth.

The man blinked, “Excuse me, what did you just say?” he said, a slightly dumbstruck expression painting his face. Damian blinked a couple of times too, before repeating the sentence he’d just said. “Raiga,” the man sighed, his lips quirked up a little “really, today’s full of coincidences, or maybe I should say, fate is really turning the wheels here.” The man shook his head, chuckling wryly.

Then he looked back to Damian. “So…if Raiga’s your best friend, why do you act like you’re afraid of him?” Seeing the shocked face Damian was making, he added “You gave me this unsure and scared stare when you saw my face.”

Damian really didn’t know what to answer. Should he tell the truth, or whip up some believable lie? Before he’d made up his mind, his mouth went ahead and poured out his worries and thoughts, and most importantly, what he’d seen not that long ago.

“I see…” the man mumbled thoughtfully. “but, there’s no need to—“ he suddenly stopped, turning his head to look at something behind him. “Well, well, well. Speak of the devil. You must be Raiga-kun.”

The newly arrived boy stepped forward, looking from the stranger to his friend and back, eyes void of emotion. It made Damian shudder. Having the usual bright, warm light in those amber orbs be so cold and empty was—terrifying to say the least.

“Damian.” The blonde got up from his sitting position on the ground, and looked up, only to have his gaze shoot down where the cool hilt of a sword had been pushed into his hand. His eyes followed the blade all the way to the tip, which was placed an inch from Raiga’s throat.

“Kill me.”

His eyes widened and his body froze. What the hell? Kill? The sword fell to the ground with a loud clatter. “I-I…can’t” a sob racked his small frame. “W-what the hell are you saying! I can’t…just k-k-k—”

“Ok, ok, both of you.” The stranger muttered just loud enough for the both of the boys to hear. “As much as I love soap operas…I’m not too fond of witnessing ‘cheesy’ stuff in real life…” he sighed at the confused stares he was receiving from the boys.

Directing his gaze to Raiga he said “You, you’re probably thinking that those claws, the tail, the ears and the enhanced senses you experienced earlier caused you to murder that man…right…?” earning a subtle nod. “Well…you’re wrong…it was your animal half that felt threatened by his presence that activated your transforming powers really…and your animal instinct that caused you to react and…kill him…probably…”

Raiga’s eyes blazed “Powers? I don’t want any powers! I just want to be normal! Killing someone is NOT normal! And that guy…he probably had a family and—”

“That’s where you’re wrong, my boy. He didn’t. In fact, he wasn’t even entirely human.” If Damian hadn’t been listening before, his ears certainly perked up at this. “He didn’t have a proper soul, his body wasn’t really born the normal way either, it was formed by people’s hatred. Why I cannot say for certain, but it is connected to me and my race, which you are part of, my dear little Raiga.”

Both boys looked slightly dumbstruck. They exchanged glances, before exclaiming in unison “What the fuck? Sounds like some farfetched fantasy story someone’s just made up!”

The stranger grumbled. “I hate fantasy stories…some just holds too much truth…”

“So…I’m…the same as you…?” Wide amber orbs met another set of older amber orbs. “You can also…transform…?”

“Yes, and I would like to take you in as my…apprentice or…son. If you want, that is.” The man produced a lopsided grin.

The overjoyed look in Raiga’s eyes lit up his face and he nodded, a breathless “Yes” escaping his lips. A thought crossed his mind and his expression turned pleading “Can you take in Damian too? Please?”

The man shook his head regretfully. “I’m sorry. It’s going to be difficult enough traveling with you in tow. I’ve still got a few missions I have to complete on the way…”

“But, I can’t leave Damian alone here! He’s like a brother to me! We’ve been best friends since forever!”

The stranger sighed. Damian went and hugged his friend from the back, nuzzling Raiga’s neck a little. “Go with him. You can finally get that family you—we wished for. He is your perfect father, even down to the looks.” He grinned into the other boy’s dark locks and spoke softly. “I bet you’ll be coming back here sometime too, won’t you? Then I’ll be here, waiting for you. And by that time, I’ll be the richest in the city! So that you can sleep in the best bed and have the best meals and be awed by my prowess. Then we can talk, and you can tell me how you have been doing and what’s happened to you since last time we met. Then when you leave again, I’ll remind you of the promise we made a long time ago: friends forever, and lever let distance or anything else separate us.”

Tears made their way to Raiga’s eyes and threatened to run down his cheeks, though he stubbornly refused to let them fall, a strangled sob still managed to get through his many walls and shook them loose. He felt Damian’s grip loosening around his chest, and turned giving his friend a last hug.

Then, the last thing all three in the alleyway expected, a laugh escaped the black haired boy’s lips. Still hugging Damian, he turned his head to look at the man who had asked him to become his son. “Neither of us seems to know your name, stranger.” Damian’s cheeks puffed out, trying to stifle an uncharacteristic giggle. Raiga had almost just got adopted by a complete stranger! What a joke!

“Right…” The man drawled. “Reihuya, Nekozawa Reihuya, though Rei is fine. Never call me by my full name, I hate my own name and I curse my father for giving it to me.” His face took on a very sour look.


“Rei, or father or dad…whichever you prefer. Do you have any belongings you want to bring with you…?”

“No…” Damian reached inside one of his pockets and drew out a necklace; a braided leather string with two pieces of bones, one shaped like a cat’s head and the other a feather, attached to it. He untied the knot, placed it around Raiga’s neck, and tied up the knot again.

“That’s all he needs from this place.” Damian said and earned a dazzling smile of an almost ecstatic Raiga.

“Well…I’d really hate to separate the two lovebirds but, shall we go?” Rei asked Raiga, who was still holding Damian in a loose embrace, whispering and smiling in between themselves. The two jerked away from each other at the comment, blushing furiously. Raiga nodded dumbly, while glancing sideways at Damian through his long bangs.

Rei walked over to Raiga and placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “We—no, you’ll return when you’ve gotten enough training and is mature enough to come here alone.”

Raiga only nodded, and whispered “I…guess this is goodbye for now…?” Damian nodded too and lifted a hand to wave at his friend’s who was being shoved towards the crowded main street. “We’ll meet again, and I’ll wait here till you come back. Just like I promised.”

Light glinted off metal a second before the sound of a sword being drawn rang though the alley. A blonde’s head fell to the ground with a soft thud, the boy’s body following shortly after. Blood started pooling around the corpse.

A cloak clad figure stepped out from the wall, mad green eyes looking longingly after the two that had just disappeared in the jumble of people in the street. “I want those two in my collection…” a coarse voice rasped, lust filled and dark. “but that can wait.” Vertical slits in pools of green turned to the body at the cloaked figure’s feet. “I need to work this beauty first…” he trailed off chuckling to himself.

Another doll added to his endless collection…

A/N: ...I feel...this whole thing...seems...just...unnatural...I really suck at finding the right words to describe things and sometimes rush the action...or did I...? Well...Comments appreciated, criticism welcome, and flames used to burn all those bad drawings I draw now and then...

Oh...as you might have noticed...I used my names(Raiga & Rei) here...and to tell the truth...my personalities are based on the characters in this story. Also this one-shot is actually a...kind of...well...prologue...no...more of a side story to the multi-chaptered one I'm working on... just got tired of keeping it on my computer...not going anywhere so...DAMN I'm ramblin again -.-'

Though...if people wish for me to turn this into a multi-chaptered story I might do it...so...comment, people!

© Copyright 2018 NekoRaiga. All rights reserved.

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