Bessie Coleman - the Life of the 1st Female African American

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In this short informational article,the author throughly explains the life of Bessie Coleman.

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



Bessie Coleman was born on January 26th , 1892.She was born in the city of Atlanta which is located in Texas.Her mother and father ( George and Susan Coleman ) had 12 other children.She grew up facing many racial dicrimination due to the segregation in the South.As a child, she picked cotton , but her mother Susan had her mind set on getting her children a good education. Bessie was one of the few in the family who got a education.Once she graduated from highschool, she moved to Chicago where her brother Walter ( the pullman porter ) and begin working multiple jobs.She worked as a manicurist at the White Sox Barber Shop , while running a chili shop.Bessie was accostumed to the hard work and labor , since a horrific day in 1901 that changed her life....her father George left that day.Afterwards, Bessie hd to carry the difficulty of helping her mother handle the younger children.So , having the responsibilities of handling various tasks for work was easy. Later on, when Bessie had enough ironing money , she paid for a trip by water to Paris , France where she enrolled in Flight School.In 1921 , after completing Flight School and graduating Bessie recieved her pilot's license.Coleman's hopes were raised and wih such enthusiasm she traveled back to Oklahoma. From there Bessie began performing in various air shows in numerous places.Her first crash led to about 3 months in the care of a hospital.In fact, she died preparing for the thing she loved to do most.....FLY.It was a bright day, on April 30th , 1926. Bessie was in her plane with her engineer testing the engines and such things.She was leaning over the cockpit,with no seatbelt trying to check if one of the funtions on the plane was operating correctly. Suddenly,a strong wind came and shook the plane.Bessie was instantly catapulted from the plane , to her death.After 3 funerals ( one of which 10,000 mourners attended ) Bessie was buried in Lincoln Cemetary.

To this day Coleman is known as \"Brave Bess\" , \"Queen Bess\" and other nicknames that fit her reputation.

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