Hanging In There For A Moment

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My vacation of writting became my tragedy of death. But there is always a glimpse of hope at the end of a road.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



My lips are sealed as lock away memory My soul has left my body and me alone Theres no one else there, no body that roams Just an old wind and an old melody

No one else to bring me back The phone sits quiet in my heavy sack The air remains with me in minor solitude And my thoughts have floated away to high altitude

I need help and nobody is here Words haunt my mind and teaches it to fear Care to be my heavy thought? Because today i cry like a lonely sot

I see it in the wind, that plain cold reason The sun is still in this mourning season Let my depressive thoughts not be  a killing burden But let it be a card burning in a fire in December

I see others as they walk away And they should as there is nothing left to say The flowers bloom in the summer And i sit down and become a pity bummer

Im still breathing my treasoning venom Blocking out the crowds noise and This poets own phenom Everything matters but the sight of me It hurts sometimes to be part of a past and not a memory

In my soul i begin to understand not only The steps of those around me As my heart reassembles all i see I can never be proud of this acoustic poetry

Let these words not depress But merely open eyes that have been oppressed There are some things we cant change And there are some we cant see because its too late

I got to change this saddening mood i carry And talk about beauty and those people that are starry Yes I'm still sad as the sea may go on But the sea has many waters that sing the same old song

Where love has gone is a mystery But where it is becomes a great company Readers we are young and we need it all But when everything is gone remember not to fall

We walk tall as we must go forward Our eyes follow our dreams straightforward But we cant let it all be pretty as a rose Because whats beauty to you is the great and gross Not everything is real some of it all is fake But the reality hides in every moment that we take

Hey don't say maybe There is not lie in this baby Sounds like faker lies But my words are real once we all realize

Hope is a kiss form our mama We need it to live and even to be strong Be you and always remain true so go on Just delete the sadness kill the drama Remember to believe As if it were meant to be

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