I Will Not Take My Love Away (A Fathers Day Poem)

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Ive never actually connected with my father in terms of physics, or old culture or imagination. But if there is something id wish to say to him id be something like this. Happy Fathers Day , Dad.

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012



(As you read please hear this song, i did not sing it nor write nor anythin. This is one of my Fave bands named Secondhand Serenade- a Twist in my story. It helps to put the saddenig mood but a smile when you realize that you really love your Dad. The poem is mine btw, Please Enjoy)

We used to say that you were superman
That even though you couldn't work a cellphone
You were always the strongest and smartest man
That could protect a whole kingdom alone

We used to admire you in the darkest days
Saying you will save us from the bad guy
You never gave up told me to always try
And even when you had to you shared with me your chips or Lays

We used to count the hours that remained
For you to head back from work
You hugged me and never with a smirk
You carried me always and not once dis you complained

I carry heavy thoughts of what used to be
I dream that someday you will be the same super hero
That even if the clocks strikes zero
You will be my beautiful company

I never knew what you meant when you said no
When i had my first love
You prayed id leave with her to heaven above
But when i used to disobey you, i hurted you. And little did i know

Time passes slow
You and i both grow
Both suffer from darkness and lack of hope
But you always were my escape rope

I recognized that i was wrong
I simpazied that you were too
But now my conscious roams in this sad song
And never realized that all you did for me was true

I remember what you used to say
Works is hard bought in a heavy day
Your advice always dozed me off in tears
Knowing that i never followed it not even in these years

What am i hoping for as i say i love you daddy?
That i become your friend or laddy?
Am i waiting for h a hug goodnight
Or a closet check with all my might fright?

I opened my eyes in search for these words
Never did i ask for help never went to church
But now that we are far away
It seems as an eternity and times delay

Millions years may pass but ill still dream
I love you dad thats all i need to scream
Regrets may hold my head
But i regret most of what i said

Can i go back in time to say it again
Or do i have to fly to you and then descend
When its to late to realize
That i love you as i screamed and capitalized?

Not a day goes by when i don't think of you
I hate the feeling of love being loose
But in the end all we had to say
Has to be i will never take my love away.

When a father gives to his son both laugh; when a son gives to his father both cry-William Shakespeare

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