Inspiration where have you gone

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I need an idea an maybe you can help

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



Roses are red violets are blue 

i need and idea anything its alright. 

No need to post bad things about life

let us be one cause i have nothing to write

I want the impossible right now

but i simpl\\y dont know how

confidence is what i need

to write some decent poetry

 i would shout a name so it echoes

or play with my little cousin and his legos

I need something i dont have 

but i rather die with who i love 

then to beat my mind to what i never had. 

I hate this song im listening to

i thinks its bad like simple poo

but its singer is so dreamy to you 

that i have decided to kill him in my mind,\\please dont sue. 

Im lying in my bed 

clock is ticking 

my eyes are almost red

and im herer almost freaking. 

Sometimes i picture a moment of what i need 

i small paintbrush to what i plee

but in my mind only i only sing 

like rickymartin and all h \\e has to bring.


OHHHH i got it 



If you fall i\\and you need me ill be there in my room

not giving a simple joy of who you are 

My dad will be at the bar 

my mom in the bathrrom

my brothers fing in california 

and i will be here wishing i was with you (insert name here) but since this is a poem ill call you georgia!~=) 

Ahhh!!! what do i wriute! 


plz comment any ideas 

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