Many Ways

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The way of the warrior is a journey of dedication. There are many ways for the humans to go in this lifeline, but we choose the only one that suits us: the easy way. But I show you the way of pain of those who actually fight to believe in something.

Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012




Three days ago i saw my father

Riding the white horse of destiny

And I followed, i climbed the highest ladder

And followed the song, that beautiful melody.

As i climbed the sacred ladder, I saw heavens gates

I felt so close to the deepest hole, the underworld,

People with swords stuck thru their body, steaks.

Such pity i felt, such sadness i hold

And as I climbed I heard the woman’s cry.

I looked up, and saw the tears coming down

Tears of a mother who weeps like a cloud n the sky

And i cried such unbearable sound.

I kept climbing and i saw death

Hunting down my loved ones, my family, my wife

Such pain I felt in my heart, and I fell.

I cried, wept, bled, and took my last breath.

As I kept dropping i saw a light

a light shining so bright, it filled me with might

I grabbed the ladder again and I climbed.

I didn’t give up

Didn’t pay attention to the deadly drop.

Heaven felt so close,

Death was so far out of reach

I climbed and I climbed to the sky

and there I saw the night

And I kept going, didn’t rest my feet.

I couldn’t give up, had to keep trying

Couldn’t stop, never stop fighting.

And there it was...

So beautiful, so peaceful, but why so far?...

This was my journey, my destiny...


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