One Kiss means War

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Can war begin with a kiss? Can a whisper in the dark hold the the truth of ones life? Read this girls story, and feel free to experience it trhu her own eyes.

Submitted: June 08, 2012

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Submitted: June 08, 2012



For this story feel free to listen to the song Breathe by Breaking Benjamin and Adelitas Way Invincible, and Awake and Alive by Skillet. For the last seven lines, listen to 

Whispers in the dark by Skillet. Please enjoy.





It came to Alixe in a dream.


In mid October, where the nights where chill, the nights were long, and hours where slow, lived the heart of a young woman. Her heartbeats were like the beating of the war drums, her soul was broken, mutilated almost, she had no hope to live. Alixe was always on the look, she was trained for that in the army. She was young and depressed, she was strong and she was broken, she was unloved and alone... 

One night she had to go to the police station. She was applying for a job that had to do with guns and bringing justice to the poorly faired. Her life was always revolved by others, and never it was once to herself. Can she be happy with the way sh elived? Well she did survive the three army battles, but can she survive another life of mere unwanted deaths and fallen soldiers whose family wait for their arrivals. Alixe used death as an excuse for her hatred for life. 

When she went to police station, the neglected her attendacne as a police officer. They say she could be the type of workin of officer that citys dislike, and that they wouldnt aprove her for being one who faced death almost everyday. 

Alixe was pissed, not at the officers but at herself. As she would walk home she would mutter to herself. Passing an abandon park, she could swear she heard a man talking in thin air. She coulkndt see him, feel his presence nor tell if she was hearing a man.

"The people are trying to corrupt the system. They fear soldiers are uncapable of procesing this new form of life."

"Who are you?! Show yourself!"

 "I'm not a he nor a she. I' neither living, nor dead. I kill the living, I haunt them. The dead.... Well they rest in my hands, whether or not,  it all depends on the hand they were killed off first."

Alixe was looking around to see if there was actually anybody hiding, but there was nothing that any living thing can use to hide. She takes out her gun and points it to left,no right, no north, no south!

"Your a mere puppet Alixe, they have used you all your life and have mutilated who you are. You could be fillinfg up on cheerfull laughs of your fmaily. HAve the simpleness of the hug of your home. But no, society uses you as a whore in need of money, or should  I say. Death...." The echoes of the voice haunted her mind. She felt her knees growing weaker by the second, and she fells to the ground. She was suffering from the words. She wanted to put the gun in her head and pull the trigger. 

She stands up and runs for her home. In a fast pace, her knees hurting. And she arrives to soothing loneliness that is her home. 

Her knees didnt hurt anymore. She walks deeper into the houe. Its dark, the powers out. Right now, she couldve sweared she smelled the roots of the Amazonian forest, the water rushing thru the cold caverns. She heard her heartbeats go on faster than usual. Her heart was beating faster. "Pubump, pubump,pubump" She held her gun, tightly. A shadow passed behind her in a very fast pace. She stans up and shoots before it moves again. There was nothing there.

The gun kept on going.  She walked to the living room, hands on both guns. Silence, dead silence. Alixe was for the very first time, afraid.

The power comes back up. Grabbing her shotun, Alixe heads out  to her front porch. It felt like a zombie apocalypse, there wasnt a living creature in distance. The neighbors where fast asleep and she was the only one awake at two am. 

The power goes back out.

"Shit!" Alixe sits down on her chair and smokes her cigarrete. As she turns on her smoke, there is a crash in the interior of her house. She stands up with great speed, and enters her house with fully loaded up badass shotgun. 

Shadows pass around her. She shoot at her chandaleir and covers her head. Big ass cristal pieces crash down. It felt in one of the shadows she was trying so hard to kill. The shadow tries to escape but the cristals went trhu it with mighty force.

"You got three seconds to tell me what the fuck you are!" Alixe aims her gun at it, the other shadows just stand there watching 

"Do it Alixe..." She recognized the voice of the creature lurking in the dark, hiding as a shadow. "It is what you are good at."


"You have served the wrong side all of your life and now you still aren't able to see it."


"No matter, what you do you wil lalways be dead in the end..."


Alixe pulls the trigger and in that very moment, she saw the face of the man she loved the most in his face. She opens her eyes widely "Jonh..."

Before the bullets cross his face, it ddissapears into thin air. Leaving Alixe with the remaing shadows getting closer to her. Alixe grabs a M4 hidden in the back of her pants. And starts firing at the deathly ghouls.Bullets serve the ground as the gun they were shot off. The shadows where gone. 

Alixe grabs what she cans in a mighty pace, and her chest tightens up fast. She pukes blood on the floor and coughes it all up. Alixe grabbed her things as slowly and as possible as she could. She planted C4s all over the house. She ws ready to blow up the home of her past parents. Alixe grabs it all and heads out the door. 

The shadows pin her to the door before she can even head out. Six shadows alld grabbing some part of her body. 

"I told you Alixe... the only way out of here... Is if you are dead... Because you can never change your past, never revive those you killed. Youahve lived a life of death, and this was bound to happen. "

"Thats when you are wrong...." Alixe said being choked."All my life I had something worth fighting for... JOnh was my brother and friend... I loved him and  I would always fight for him and by his side, so he could see the light...."

The shadow chokes her harder."In the end, I dide taking you and all your little bitches to hell with me..."  

Alize shows it the detonator. The other shadows stop her hand form pressing the button. 

The detonator falls off of her hand. Alixe grabs her gun and shoto the face o the talking creature. 

She escapes from her house and finds herslef sorround with people. They were under a pell or something. They were walkig in lines, with guns, swords, knifes, anything that could kill.  Alixe looks at her house shuts the door. Grabs two mini UZIs from her back and shoots the hipnotized beings. 

Leaving space as she ran in this multitude of maybe 200 hundred people. She climbs a tree and the UZIs are left without ammo. She grabbs her Dessert Eagle and shoots at everybody else. She throws a grenade at the the gas tube of her house and two more to the crowd of humans. 

"Rot in hell, Satan..."

A mighty explosion covers the whole tewnty yards, killing everything in that distance. Alixe fell of, and her head was bleeding, She could walk and as she passed the humans, she saw not the faces of unknow people, but the faces of every soilder and man or woman she killed in the hell of war. 

She kneels on the floor and and carices the ground. 

"All I ever wanted was something worth fighting for..." Alixe stands up, and leaves the fiery chasm of what was once her home. As she walked to God knows where, she fetl she was being watched. She turns around, nothing.... 

As she turns back to her walking pace she gets stabbed by the shadow who had Jonhs face. Alixe spits blood and looks at the shadows. Her vision becomes blurry and she hits the ground. 

"I told you Alixe... No matter what.. .In the end... You will always die..." He kisses her blood filled lips and laughed.

It was a nightmare of living cautions. 

"Alixe! Alixe wake up!" Jonh screams at her. They where in a helicopter. Alixe was hrut. A mine had sent her flying almost fifty feet away. Jonh had carried her to chopper but she already had broken legs and her insides were corrupted. 

"Youre going to be okay" Alixes opens her eyes and finds her love. "Dont die Alixe..." 

Alixe grabs Jonhs face and kisses his lips as if it was going to be their last. She carices his face and cries softly. She couldnt speak. "I love you Alixe... DOnt die..."

Jonh cries with her, Alixes carices his face and stares at his eyes. She coguhes blood on her chin and that final tear in her eyes meant goodbye. "Alixe?..." Jonh closes her eyes. 

And cries next to his beloved body.  As he cried, he laughed. "Alixe! I will never forget you!"


It came to Alixe in a dream. Her death was meant for the safety of John. It all began in hello and ended in a silent goodbye. May you Rest in Peace Alixe.


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