Over My Head (Angels Call)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short poem in memory of those who died and i loved. Ever felt aline when one leaves? Well i hope you see what i mean.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



Everyone I knew fell asleep

They left me stranded in this empty sea

They floated away to be

Angels of heavens almighty keep

I walk the earth roaming for company

The silence roams by my sideas i walk

I miss all the whisper that used to talk

While i cried without being with anybody

They are all on my mind

They went over my head

As they flew to vacation away from the dead

They left me here with infinite time

I always wished to be in silence and be visible

But now i live in darkness and solitude

As i climbed to reach their altitude

Heaven, no matter what, remained invisible

The sun comes thru the sky

Papers float as i roam

I never wished to be this alone

For i never asked for a goodbye

The rain drops on my black hair

I look up and feel the cries of them all

Can it be they might fall?

Or i will never go up there?

The light fades away

The goodbye move with the clouds

It felt like a cut from a blade

It felt like my heart shouted out loud

I blind myself with laughter

I need hope to realize

That i don't have the power to live forever after

That im living in the world of real lies.

I jump into chance

I loose myself in heavens trance

Today you are all gone

And i cry my way back home

Im falling apart

In this poem of half my heart

Ever is the same

Forever is thy name.

I shake as i am scared

Let me hold your hand my angel

Because i could never bear

To be stuck with the undesirable label

I cant ask for money or wealth

Beacuse those things killed my earth

I ask for love from all of you

As i beg for this dream no to come true.

Ever is the same as before

Forever writes destinies symbolical core

Can i be over my head for dreaming of the end?

Or is it just an angel that made me realize why i was sent?

© Copyright 2020 NellyNel. All rights reserved.

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