The Story In a Dream

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In the past I did not live to see such time, but I once dreamnt the pain of your hand. I never knew your pity and i died of sorrows and mutulation. I woke up but ketp dreaming, and the roles didnt changed, but i had pity for your soul and praid for your undrestanding, but in the end only those who are BRAVE can be worthy of heavens admission. Imagine this as the times of slavery.

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



Heavens doors open for the brave

not for anybody like me, a humble slave.

I was raised to believe that God only love thee

A man whose intentions where blinded with grieve.

I could sustain pain

and never eally remeber my name;

But the will to figh never dies

And no matter the pain, there is hope in my eyes.

You see trees grow old as my spirit

Your hatred blossoms with thy in it.

It never occoured to me the simple way

of how deadly it was to see the first light of theday.

I die with no hatred towards you

and above all, your heart is true.

We are not different like many state

we live in the same place with the same fate.

Death to me is death to you

AndI hope, some day everything comes thru.

I hope to see a world were my children can be safe

and where yours trust mine, in that have faith.

Angels sing so high in heaven

but you still are blinded like the black raven.

The way of love can't set you free

but let thy have pity likeI would give to thee

I am old and these words are old

but in the great memories of mine they shall be told.

Not a single death will haunt my soul

not even you will be haunted by my ghoul.

Have the tendency to see

a place were we all are free.

Be able to stay in a world so beautifull as this

And to heaven we can all fly, if God lets us, if he can please

Can you be ready for the tormentor of your trial?

Can you sustain the darkness and fire?

Let my soul in heaven rest

let me not be a stubborn, let me not be a pest.

I am a humble slave

and heaves gate will open only to the brave.

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