Max and Tyler

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two guys are in a house running away from the police. However, Max doesn't know what's going on, but Tyler does. But there is a twist into this story.

Submitted: July 04, 2015

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Submitted: July 04, 2015



?: "Hey, wake up. Wake up. Wake up Max. I think you're in deep trouble."

Max: "What? What's going on? Who are you?"

Tyler: "Name's Tyler. And you're in some serious shit right now."

Max: "Deep trouble? What the hell are you talking about? Wait… where am I?"

Tyler: "Well, this is our house, but not anymore because… well just look at your arm. I mean you went ballistic."

Max looks at his arm and has a broken handcuff, the ace of spades, and open cuts

Max: "WHAT THE F*#@?!"

Tyler: "Keep your voice down. You do not want to get us both arrested."

Max looks at Tyler's arm and has the same thing, but more blood.

Tyler: "What? Anyway, the cops are outside of our house. Scratch that… it's the CIA, SWAT force, and two soldiers."

Outside: "Max Tyson! Come on out and put your hands up! Or we will use force!"
Tyler: "See? They want us both. We have to leave now."
Max: "He only said my name. You can escape."

Tyler: "I can't leave my best buddy surrounded by the police. Plus, you're smarter than me."

As soon Tyler was packing his and Max's stuff, Max checked his mirror and only saw his reflection

Max: "Tyler? What's going on?"

Tyler: "You just have to snoop around. Didn't you?"

Then both of them pull out a gun and aimed at each other

Max: "Tell me what the hell is going on?"

Tyler: You really have no idea. We are both the same. Your last name is Tyson, kinda similar to my name and my last name is Mason, also kinda similar to your name. You made me."

A gun shot was fired. The bullet hit Tyler's chest, but there weren't any wounds.

Tyson: "See? I'm in your mind. You can't kill me. Hell, you're the only one that can see me."

Max: "Why would I made you?"
Tyler: "Cause I'm your conscious. Duh. You can't hurt me, but I can."

He punches Max and his nose was broken and bleeding.

Max: "Shit! My nose! Why would you do that?!"
Tyler: "To prove a point, dumbass."

After that, Tyler's nose was bleeding

Max: "That's it! If I can't hit you and you can hit me, then I can beat myself up so you can be beaten up as well!"

Tyler: "You clever little shit."

Max started beating himself up but later, he got tired.

Tyler: "Really? You hit like a little girl."

Max: "Oh no, that's not my plan."

Tyler was started to get tired and couldn't move

Max: "Now the grand finale."

Max puts the gun in his mouth

Tyler: "NOOOO-!"

Max shot himself. Then Tyler disappeared from existence.

?: "Max suffers from multiple personality disorder. Tyler was one of them. Just thank god Max is dead."

?: "How can you be so sure?"
?: "Let just say that I was there."

?: "Sir?"


The End

© Copyright 2020 NelMejia. All rights reserved.

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