The Robbers' Mistake

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Jack has a normal life until a group of bad men were watching him. They were planing to take everything from him, but there was a twist.

Submitted: July 04, 2015

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Submitted: July 04, 2015



In the winter of '15, Brooklyn, New York, Jack Dickson is walking down the street, wearing his brand new suit made of pure cotton. He usually spends his days walking the street just to see the culture in Brooklyn. Some days, bloods and crips always makes fun of Jack because of his suit, but he doesn't care.


John: "Man, I love this city! With it's fantastic hip-hop, graffiti, and friendship."


However, today will change when a black van was spotted behind Jack. Soon, the van stopped a block away from him.


Dimitri: "So, are we going to rob him?"

Victor: "Yes you little shit. Why else will he be wearing a white suit in the middle of winter? You do know that's one way you can get run over in winter?"
Michael: "I don't know. Maybe for fashion"

John: "All of you, shut the hell up! Look, the man we are going to rob is Jack Dickson. That’s all the info I got from him. Just keep an eye on him.".

Victor: "Look, he's getting into a taxi."

John: "Follow him Dima."

Dimitri: "What do you think I'm doing?!"

John: "What was that?! I will shoot your pride and then your brains if you ever talked back to me!"

Michael: "Wow. That’s low"

John: "Just follow him Dimitri."


Later at night, Jack left the taxi and went into a small shack.

Jack: "Ah, home at last. Now to put my suit into it's box. Now let's see what's inside the fridge."

Jack open the fridge and grab a can of beans

Jack: "Beans. Yummy!"


Later, the gang parked near the shack.

Dimitri: "Is this where he's living? It looks small and poor."

John: "I guess so. Maybe he's getting something."

Victor: "I'm bloody tired of waiting! Let's rob and kill the bastard!"

John: "I agree. But no bloodshed. Remember, we are still in the heat of what we did last week."

Michael said "Alright let's go."


Soon the gang put on their masks and grabbed their guns from the trunk. John and Michael was in front of the door while Victor was breaking into the window. The door was busted down and Victor broke in from the window and then, they surrounded Jack.

Victor: "Get your ass in the f*#@ing ground now!"

Jack: "W-w-what do you want from me?!".

John: "What we want?! What we want is… what the hell is this?".

Michael: "Man, this place is a dump. Do you live in welfare?"

Victor: "I thought you said he's filthy rich from his suit?"

John:  "I didn't say jack shit, you c*#@!"

Michael: "Did you just made a pun?"
John: "Shut the f*#@ up!"

Dimitri: (calling from the radio) "Guys, are you guys alright?"

John: "Yeah we are alright. We just have a small problem, but we got it."

Michael: "Now, Jack, why the f*#@ do you wear your suit all the time?!"

Jack: B-because that's the only clothes I have to wear! I have nothing!"

Victor: "Can we kill him now J? He has nothing to live anyway."

John: "No V. Just leave him be. C'mon, we are leaving."

All: "Alright"

Michael: "Give me that can of beans! I'm f*#@ing hungry now."

Jack: "P-please take it! Just don't kill me!"
Michael: "I won't."

The gang entered the van and left the scene.

John: "Well that was a waste of time. No money, no nothing! F*#@!"

Dimitri: Next time, we are just going to rob banks instead of people.

All: "Agreed"


Meanwhile at the shack…

Jack: "Idiots. Thank god they didn't check behind my fridge."

Jack moved the fridge and pressed a red button. It was a switch to operate the elevator where Jack is standing. It stopped at the 5th floor, where it was just a room full of money and gold. It even has a counter of how much money is inside of the room. It was $6.5 hundred million!


Jack: "Damn, now I want to eat my can of beans. Oh well, Jason. Can you make me the usual, clam chowder and lobster?

Jason: "Of course, sir. And Master Dickson, did a group of robbers did it again as usual?"
Jack: "Yes Jason. But don't worry. All of them don't come back once they see the shack. Still, they always steal my can of beans. Oh well."

Jason: "Your food will be ready momentarily sir. Just relax until it's ready."

Jack: "Thank you Jason. After you're done with my food, take the day off. And take my keys as well. You deserve it."

Jason: "Thank you sir."

Jack: "Man, it's the 12th time this month. That's a record."



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