A journey worth remembering

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This is a sweet experince I had with a lady when I am travelling. Infact its a memorable moment in my life.

Submitted: September 17, 2013

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Submitted: September 17, 2013



Like many other countless uninteresting mornings, I woke up at 8am after snoozing up my unintentional alarm five times. I managed to get ready for office within half an hour.  I prayed to GOD for a less traffic today and my year end appraisal though I knew both are impossible. I started my day trying hard not to lose faith in GOD.

I came out of my home and kick started my new bike. It started at the first kick, trying to obey me. It’s been six months in Chennai. I hate this. During my college years, I kicked around various subjects. But nothing really stuck. Everything was mildly interesting and nothing really jumped out. So as a result, like many others I ended up as a software engineer. ‘It’s like a programmed schedule.  Nothing ever changes’. I pitied myself. I am longing for a change desperately. If you ask me the worst thing about Chennai, I would say it is ‘Traffic and Pollution’ without taking a second. A heavily populated city bus crossed me leaving a layer of smoke and sand on my face. I was not surprised and I was not irritated either. By the time, I was used to it. I knew it’s a part of Chennai life.

‘Today could be a heroic day for you’. My calendar had suggested me before my day started.  I never take it serious though. But deep inside my mind, I wish something could happen really; something could change my life. I saw number of scootys and peps and chose one. I accelerated trying to equal the speed of a young red-colored scooty.  I tried to look through her covered face. She has a good skin tone. Her eyes were beautiful. I could not stop thinking myself as a hero like in most of our Tamil movies.  I just wanted to let her know that I am seeing her. I slowed down. She saw me through the mirror and gave a sarcastic smile and flew away. Nothing seems to be working for the day. ‘When are you going to find your girl?’, I cursed myself for being single.

After few minutes of ride, I just met a pair of eyes in the left side of the road which badly wanted me to stop. I slowed down a bit. I could realize that those eyes were already ignored by other gentlemen. Some situations pump your generosity out no matter how selfish you are. One should make use of those situations to feel good about them. I slowed down a bit. She gave me a thanking smile. I just signaled her to sit behind. She found herself hard to step forward. I could see a big relief on her face.

In all my life, there was only one theory I found. If I tend to help someone, I get into trouble. May be it’s the theory behind all the selfish people. It was all running on my mind. But I don’t know why I stopped when I happened to meet her eyes. Strange.

After ten minutes of ride, she wanted me to stop at the place where was standing a traffic police. He was in his late 40; brisk and he seems to be waiting for someone to get caught. I didn’t have my insurance paper renewed. The last date to renew was a month ago. I wished my theory should not work atleast today. I was taken aback. I just waited for that lady to get down, trying not to look at the police and trying hard to be casual. I felt nervous.  Suddenly the lady, who stood by my side, planted a kiss on my cheek in-front of everyone. Her eyes were wet. I had no idea what was happening around me. My mind went blank for a moment. The traffic police smiled at me and started controlling the traffic as if he didn’t see anything.  I thanked her and left the place. She must be around 70. I never thought she would look beautiful at the end of the journey. I could edit my theory now. In fact I strongly hoped, my tomorrows will be different.  The lady lasted very few minutes in my life and made me feel like I am selfless .It’s indeed a heroic day for me.  I should soon pay my insurance though!!! J

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