The Suicide Rules

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I wrote this when I was missing someone I really wanted to talk to. Once again I am open to titles.

Submitted: April 30, 2011

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Submitted: April 30, 2011



Write out your angers, your sins, your burdens
and burn the paper
the weight of all the things that you wrote will be will rise with the smoke
then write out your blessings, your cares, your joys
and type it, blow it up to font 72 print it out and post it all around your room
so you can remember them look at them and enjoy them
Third, write out your wants, your needs, your goals
and frame that and put it under your pillow
so you can dream about them all night long
for what you dream will one day come true
next write out the name that every person that has every wronged
you and put it through the shredder and remember them no more,
for hate is just like poison
Now write out every name of every person that has ever helped you lifted you up or even cared about you
and put it into a box labeled
things that make you laugh when you are sad
And finally go outside and thank God for every person that he has ever sent your
way for without them you would not be
the person you are today.

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