Meet me, The Dirty Liar

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to my ex

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



I never wanna see your face again
Or kiss your lips or hold your hand
I can deal with having just a friend
I dont want you as my man

The time we kissed and laughed and played
I wish they never came to be
I with they would all fade
I wish you never came to me

In the darkness and gloom
Is where you will not find me
Because im happy here without you
Im lying through my teeth you see

Meet me, the dirty liar
Putting on a mask
My tears i burn with this fire
I will heal without a cast

Meet me, the dirty liar
Pushing you away
Of my kiss you grew tired
It was ment to happen this way

Meet me, the dirty liar
Wishing for some peace
I flee to the top of some dark spire
After my service you relased

Go fuck around with other girls
And i will do the same
You tossed away a string of pearls
Never again will i say your name

This doesnt hurt at all
It'll be better this way
We are now in free for all
Any ties washed away

Go find someone better
They'll never be as good as me
Theyre love will someday falter
But im moving on you see

Meet me, the dirty liar
A crying bleeding mess
I burnt myself on your fire
I couldnt pass your test

Meet me, the broken empty shell
Of what you left behind
My cuts and bruises swell
But will heal with time

Im gone now, that girl you met
On the bus that afternoon
The game is over, match and set
Though it ended far to soon

I will never cry over you again
Or wish to have you back
Im lying through my teeth again
The truth i somehow lack

Meet me, the dirty liar's voice
I want to say i never loved you
Because you've made your choice
With these lies, i shield myself from you

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