Brave Hearts

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Skye and her friends go on an exiting adventure beyond their homes. But, when Blood is spread through out the forest, hope is lost, and can be saved by one brave heart alone. Where new enimies, friends, and love are discovered.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



"AND DONT COME BACK!" Yelled the cook.

My name's Skye, a useless, homeless cat within a small city somewhere in the world. I was abandoned a few months after birth, and  that's that i s'pose. I grabbed the chicken I managed to steal and padded my way through the ally.  Another day come and gone, it's like life goes in circles, repeating itself over and over. Beyond the city is a forest, but no one really goes there except in the summer. I don't plan to visit any time soon, maybe not at all. I can feel I don't belong here, but leaving the city and entering a place full of bad smelling animals and plants, I think i'll pass.

I stopped at where four buildings met, where their corners divided into small paths large enough for a cat to stroll in. I took a left, where a large brick wall blocked the path to the other side. I leaped, barly setting my forpaws onto the hard, blood-red rock. Maybe I should stop with the resturaunt meals for a while, I'm getting a bit plump I admit. I pulled myself up and jumped back down onto the other side, which was a wide patch of dirt and a small tree in the middle, on the other side of the tree was another wall. This was where Strays met, even dogs. I know what your thinking, is it a good idea to mix cats with large dogs? Well, that was a problem, but with a new rule among the streets, no dog bared a tooth on us since.

Two dogs and a cat where here. not including me. One of the dogs was a dalmation, the other was a lhapso ahpso. The one cat was a  brown tabby tom.

"Hello, Skye" Welcomed the tom.

"Greetings, Oak." I mewed back.

"I see you brought dinner."

"Ya, MY dinner"

He tilted his head slightly, "You know what they say, it's always nice to share."

"Nobody ever says that anymore" Laughed the lhapso ahpso.

"Oh, Blizzard, stuff your mouth with coal!" retorted Oak.

"Hey you two play it nice," barked the dalmation.

"I wouldn't be talking,Speck," I purred. "Your not exactly Mr. Nice-Guy yourself."

"So are you sharing your chicken?" Oak asked, his eyes widen like a newborn kitten. His eyes glittered as if they had the stars inside them.

"You wish" I said. " Find your own."

"That's not fair!" He complained. "The resteraunt will be on a close watchout after You invaded the kitchen."

"Well we all leard something everyday," barked Speck. " We have learned that we must get our meals before Skye lays paw inside the kitchen." 

"That is a VERY reasonable thing to learn" I rolled my eyes.

"Hey you owe me!" Oak's fur bristled. "I still need payment after you ate my meatballs I found in the kitchen."

"Ooooh, Busted" Laughed Blizzard, she stretches her legs out, and started scratching her left ear.

I pulled my ears back, annoyed. "Oh fine!"

"Leason we learn number two; Make sure that Skye owes you something so you get free food." said Speck.

"Well it's not FREE if the food is owed, right?" purred Oak.

I watched closely as Oak ate the cooked bird. If he steals one extra peice that wasn't owed, I will make sure that mistake will haunt him long enough.

"mmmmmm" He said with a mouthful. "I guess some rich guy ordered it. This is better than usual"

"Exactly" I purred. "So hurry so I can eat what I found."

"You found?" Blizzard laughed. " I think the word your looking for is STOLE."

"I FOUND it because it was lying around on a plate, as lonely as a flower in the snow."

"Say what you want, Skye." said Blizzard, "You cant always hide from the truth."

"Whatever you say, wise one." I said sarcasticly as Oak passed my half eated chicken to me. After finishing it, Speck started to yawn.

"I guess we should all go to sleep." Barked Blizzard.

"'Night, Skye" said Blizzard and Speck. "you too, Oak"

"Sleep well" I mewed back.

Oak and I lived close to eachother so we don't have to say good night until we reach the divided allys a block away from the resteruant.

"Oak, have you ever been to the forest?" I asked.

"No," he said. "But it's not like im scared of it like you are.

"I'm not scared!" I hissed at him.

"Then how come you never went before?"

" I can say the same thing about you." I spat back. "So shut your muzzle and let's get a move on."

"She-cats" He murmered sarcasticly to himself.

It wasnt long before they reached the two divided allys.

"Goodnight, Skye" Yawned Oak.

"Night, Oak." I mewed back.

I padded my way into the ally where a knocked over trash can was hidden by worn out blankets. I curled myself into a ball inside and closed my eyes.




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