Pest Control fail

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danna goes about doing her chore when she finds something interesting...

Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012



As much as Danna hated having to clean out any dead bugs or creatures from the house, it had been her turn to do it. Wanting to get it overwith, she grabbed a lage bucket and searched the house high and low.

When she had finally found the trail of killed bugs, it surprised her that it hadn't led to the roof or basement, but outside. She knew that her mother was cleaning the kitchen, mopping and sweeping. which had blocked the exit to the back yard.

Danna decided to just climb out the window.

She followed the trail curiously as it led into the underground abandoned storage. she lifted the door and walked around. So much cobwebs! She couldnt see right so she went inside to grab a flashlight. Only this time when she landed, she stepped on layers of piled wood. almost about to ignore it, she realized that the killed bug trail followed underneath the wood.

Carfully, Danna lifted each peice of wood to find a large gap inside the floor. She gazed up, wondering if she should go inside it. Well, she thought, if i find where they are coming from and destroy it, maybe it would end this chore!

She climbed down the hole, turnng on her flashlight. Suddenly, the gap from where she came from got closed off. Using the end of the flashlight, she stabbed at the wood, hoping that the wood would have moved and she would have a way out. no, it was not working. danna was trapped. she followed where leaky pipes had been conected. she stopped to see a large beetle and she gave a scream. embarrased by screaming at a large beetle, she moved on.

the deeper inside the cave, the more bugs seemed to be crawling or flying. especially mosquitos. The cave got bigger, then she reached small pools of water, covered in white spots. she noticed that every pool had the white spots. she realized that the closer she had gotten to a pool, mosquitos would bite her like crazy.

When she had reached a large body of water, her eyes widened. These white spots look more like basketballs!(other than they were white of course.) Sudenly, she heard lous buzz-like noises and she turned around. screaming.

a mosquito, bigger than her own house, was behind her. It's buzzing sounded more like a terrifying roar. pain filled her body and she felt the mosquitos straw-like mouth hit her stomach, entering her body. she felt all the blodd inside her being taken away. until all she was was a dried colored human shape figure with no life. her eyes were open, her pupils were not black and cold. dannas face turne completly pale. danna was dead.

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