Can you See My Love

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A poem about Love

Submitted: August 07, 2011

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Submitted: August 07, 2011




Boy you don’t understand how happy you make me.

You make me wanna drop everyone else, cant you see.

You keep a grin upon my face.

I pray at night you’re my saving grace.

I cant help but love each moment spent with you.

These feelings are something different something new.

I didn’t think I would fall for you not this way.

Its like I wanna spend my time with only you each day.

I sit sometimes and wonder if you feel the same.

Or am I just getting caught up and another persons game.

I can’t lie if it doesn’t work out I don’t know what Ima do.

I just got, too caught up in my feelings for you.

Now I sit at home and pray things work out.

Not trying to be selfish, just don’t wanna have doubt.

I could spend hours just sitting and talking to you.

Something no other would ever be able to do.

Only we sit up all night, sometimes get a glipse of the morning light.

One night, 7 hours we spent together.

And I just want you to know ima hold on to that day forever.

Can you tell me how you feel, so I can at least have a clue.

Man boy you just don’t know what you do.

I love to hear you laugh, see you smile.

Oh my.. My feeling for you could go for miles.

A page long of feelings that are waiting to be printed.

But I hold them in because im scared to send them.

Rejection is hard enough, but harder when you put your all into this.

Now I just have to sit back and hope like hell he doesn’t dis.

Why couldn’t I just have an app, that showed me how you felt or cared.

I know you have to feel something from the moments we shared.

I could kiss you all day.

But instead we talked the whole night away.

You lips are so soft, best kisser ive met.

With you my worries are gone and my life is set.

Younger you are but my feelings wont change.

Cuz our thinkings the same and were so alike its strange.

Never once did I think id have such a great guy.

Now I cant lose you, I aint gonna lie.

I try too hide the fact that I like you so much.

But its just hard cuz I never know if im doing enough.

I don’t know if this is love.

But I pray everynight to the man above.

Hoping your that guy that’s sent to be with me.

I just hope my feelings aren’t wrong and that you see.

I know im in love with you but are you in love with me?

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