Dynasty: Origins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young Acrolyte named Lane has his world ripped to shreds at the death of his parents. He is taken in by a military private school, but learns much later on that the military within his country of Mortion is corrupt. Witnessing something that makes him finally desert the said military, he finds himself turning to a criminal organization in order to stay protected from the pursuing lethal forces. From what he learns, the two organizations might not be that different. He has to gather his own rebels and has to deal with both sides now taking him on. Can he survive? Will he be the savior Mortion and possibly Krater needs?

Table of Contents

The Prologue

Taking place prior to the events of Dynasty: Origins, follow a young Lane as he lives with his family who are in hiding, but on one fateful day, everything is taken from him. Read Chapter

Cryptic Illusions

Cryptic Illusions Ever since that day, my life hasn’t been stable enough to sit still. I wanted nothing to do with the area that wa... Read Chapter

Colored Crimson

Colored Crimson It felt like I was running for hours. I quickly had become tired, but I had urged myself not to stop. It would allow ... Read Chapter

Judgment Awaits

Judgment Awaits The next morning was dreadful. I reluctantly opened my eyes, finding myself in the same room as the night before. My ... Read Chapter