Operation Warp: Chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

(I would like to sit back and appreciate the small amount of people who actually clicked on the link to volume 1. 50 or 60 people isn't a lot, but it is a nice start)

This is volume 2 of Operation Warp. Here we find our group of friends: David, Isaiah, Brandon, and Marco, adventuring through the land of Lordran. What dangerous monsters will they find here? What had Nova done that would make life in this world difficult as it already is? Find out now.

“Hoppers, set a course for the land of Lordran.” The excitement instant surged through Marco’s body. As for Isaiah, he was fearing for his life. David and Brandon on the other hand, were a bit confused.


“No way!” Marco exclaimed. “ No way! I can’t believe this is happening!”


“What is Lordran exactly?” asked Brandon.


“I think you all will have a great time there.” said Doc. “Have a great time in Dark Souls.” The Hoppers emitted a blinding light. A portal above the four friends opened up and began to pull them in like a vacuum would when cleaning crumbs off a floor. The four were pulled in, and the portal shut, nearly cutting off a piece of Isaiah’s school uniform.


There was nothing but darkness. Complete silence, except for everyone’s heavy breathing. After a few moments, another portal opened up and pulled them in. As they were exiting the portal, they realized that below were trees almost as tall as the popular shopping centers back home in Pertin. Marco, David, and Brandon fell and managed to grab onto a tree before they could possibly fall and break every bone in their bodies. Isaiah on the other hand, could not grab onto a tree. Instead he grabbed onto Brandon’s foot.


“Hey you black kid, get your filthy hands off of me.” Brandon began to try to force Isaiah off.  Isaiah was trying to fight back. In doing so, they both fell. Luckily, and somehow questionably, no bones broken. Assuming that he would be fine from a fall since Isaiah and Brandon were, Marco hopped off of the tree. He ended up knocking out every existing bit of oxygen in his body and nearly passed out. David however, safely climbed down.


“No fair,” said Marco who was trying to get back his breath. “Why do you get to come down safe?” Marco, Isaiah, and Brandon stood up and observed their surroundings. “Well gentlemen, it appears as though the knowledge provided for us can’t tell us where we are.”


“Well what about over there?” David pointed towards a clearing.


“You see guys,” said Marco. “David knows what’s up. He knows how to do the do.” The four walked to the clearing. They were hoping to come across some ground with no trees. Instead, they came across a large cliff. The drop definitely looked like it would kill someone if they fell.


“Oh great job David, now look.” Brandon pointed to the other side of the forest full of the tall trees. “We’re stuck and it’s your fault.”


“How is it my fault?” Just then, a mysterious yet annoying-sounding voice emerged from the edge of the cliff.


“Woah, hey guys.” It was a man dressed in sturdy-looking elite knight armor. “Welcome to E-” Before the man could finish his sentence, David, overcome with frustration and annoyance, pushed him off. But before the knight could fall out of their reach, he grabbed David by the ankle, and pulled him off, only for both of them to fall to their death.


“I just wanted to experience high tides!” Yelled the man as he fell. David could only look at his three friend with fear as he fell to his death. Isaiah, and Brandon, were both panicking. Marco however, was looking down at the cliff with a face of disappointment.


“Poor David.” said Marco. “It’s really a shame, the poor guy already died. Oh well, we’ll just have to find him.”


“Marco are you a dumbass?!” Exclaimed Brandon. “David just died and you don’t care?!”


“Well of course I don’t. It sucks really, cause now we just got to find the nearest bonfire. And by the time we get there, David will have probably already been pooped out of the bonfire. Isaiah, you should know, this is Dark Souls, unlimited amounts of lives.”


“Yeah I guess,” Isaiah was still a little bummed that David died. “Let’s just take that ladder over by that wall.” He points to a ladder that is attached to the large rock wall just a few feet away from them. They slowly climb up the ladder since they are all still out of breath from falling off the trees. As they reach the top, they see a bonfire which is in front of an old broken down shack. As they approach the bonfire, they notice that there are fresh footprints that lead to the shack. Isaiah looks at Brandon and Marco.


“You think David’s in there?” He asked. Isaiah slowly walked to the door. He moves his hand towards the door and opens it. The door sounded like it creaked so loud that even old man Jenkins could hear it. “Hello?” Isaiah asked. He took one step in before jumping at the sight of a few rats run across the floor. He finds a counter that looks to be one belonging to a shopkeeper.


Still no sign of David. Marco and Brandon get tired of waiting and decide to enter the shack as well. But right as they entered, they saw a shadow of a man coming from the back.


“Isaiah, do you see that?” Whispered Marco. He pointed at the shadow.


“You know, I can hear you and I can see you pointing at me.” The figure emerged from the shadows to reveal a man with first impression looks that could make Brandon want to punch him in the nose. The man looked around the same age as the four, but looks are always decieving. He had an average height. He had short black hair that was pinned to his head with some sort of gel He had on metallic armor that had a fine leaf-green color. On top of his armor was a green cloak looking like it was freshly made with cotton. Around his waist was a holster that was concealing a mysterious blade.


“So uh,” Isaiah still observing his surroundings tries to spit out a question. “Did you see a guy come in here recently. He probably came from that bonfire outside.”


“I sure did.” He replied. “He walked in here and passed out on my clean floors.”


“Why did he pass out?” Marco asked while trying to piece together the situation.


“It was the bonfire obviously. You must be pretty stupid if you don’t know what the bonfire does to you.” Isaiah, Brandon, and Marco could only stand there with confused looks. “You look like you don’t know so I’ll just say it. When the bonfire spits you out like the piece of trash you are, your body is only left with little amount of blood and stamina. And I’m sure you know what happens when you don’t have a lot of blood so you can figure out the rest.”

It was all making sense to them. After David died, he woke up next to the bonfire. And little survival instincts kicked in, and he entered the nearby shack using the small amount of energy he was given. There, he passed out. But the question is, where’s David?


“Where IS David though?” Brandon asked the man finally, it was about time since this man was already suspicious. The man pointed towards a door in the back of the room.


“He’s in there.” He said calmly. The three walked over to the door, with all of them going in one at a time. Inside the room was a bed with a worn out mattress, it had weak-looking wood support beams to go with it. And on top of the bed was David. He was fast asleep. His school uniform was a bit torn up from the fall but still intact. There was dried blood from his nose, which could just be a late side effect from entering the world. But there was something that was slightly noticeable on his left arm: a cut. The cut looked extremely dark and black. Although it looking severe, there was no blood exiting the wound on David’s arm. On top of that, David looked to be in no sort of pain.


“Psst,” Marco whispered. “David. Are you alive?”


“Yes,” he whispered back. “But can you take a few steps away please.”


“Why’s that?” Marco Asked.


“I can’t stand your disgusting face.” There was a short few seconds of silence before the four laughed.


“Understandable.” Said Brandon. The laughter comes to an end as the mysterious man walks into the room.


“Here David I fixed up your glasses.” He hands the pair of shining glasses to David.


“Say, we never got your name.” Said Isaiah. The man stands there looking like he is trying to collect his thoughts.

“...” He stands there in silence for a few seconds. “It’s...um….” a few more seconds pass by as now the whole group waits for him to speak his name. The man lets out a small bit of laughter before uttering the words, “E.B. games guy.”


“You’re joking, right?” Asked Marco.


“Obviously I am. My name is Oscar.”


“Damn it.” said Marco followed by a sigh of disappointment. “I thought you were, that way I would’ve finally been able to get an autograph from the E.B. games guy.”


“You can still get an autograph from me.” Said Oscar.


“No you’re disgusting.” Said Marco. “But anyways, why are YOU here Oscar?”


“Well I work here.” The four look at him strangely. “You see, I run a wonderful business. I go around all worlds collecting weapons of all sorts. Then I find random young boys and girls around town and ask them if they want to take a peek inside my shack.”


“Dude that’s freaking pedophile status right there.” Said Brandon. “Besides that, what types of weapons do you have? AND, can we get any?”


“Well, right now I don’t have anything AMAZING. All I can give you guys are these tiny-ass daggers. They’re slightly dull, but I think you can manage.” Oscar handed them daggers that were about the size of your average no.2 pencil. There were dull, however worse than what Oscar had said. They were dull to the point where it almost needed to be sharpened. Marco closely examines it.


“Well,” he said a bit hesitantly. “I can’t really complain. Thank you Oscar.”


“Don’t mention it, buddy.” Now the group had reunited after a short parting, and they have “starting gear”. Now only problem was, what issues were occurring in this world? Other than the fact that this was the world of Dark Souls, there didn’t seem like anything was out of the ordinary.


“You know,” David said. “Why are we here anyways? That Doc person sent us here with no clues or instructions on where we should be going.”


“Don’t worry I’ll tell you.” Doc said. Brandon and David were confused, and Marco and Isaiah jumped out of fright. The voice was coming from the Hoppers on their wrists.


“Doc how are you talking to us?” Asked Isaiah.


“Simple,” he said. “The Hoppers are capable of a couple things. Like right now, I’m using the center’s computers to speak to you as you all travel through the worlds. They of course take you to worlds as long as you four are within at least 1 foot of each other. And best of all, they carry all of your collected equipment for you without having it weigh you down.”


“Very interesting,” Said Oscar. “So when do I get one?”


“You don’t,” Said Brandon. “And I thought you can already travel to different worlds on your own.”


“Yeah,” Oscar said with a mildly sad tone. “I just want one because they look like cool friendship bracelets.”


“Well too bad.” Said David.


“So are we getting out of here or what?” Asked Marco who was feeling a bit impatient. The other three agreed and left the shack.


“I’ll let you guys know if I find anything good.” Said Oscar as the four were leaving. It doesn’t take long for the four to catch some speed just from walking.


“Make sure I get the first thing you find!” Yelled Marco as they were getting further and further from the shack with each passing second. “So lads, where are we headed?” The four stopped in their tracks after what he had just said. “Oh yeah…. Hey Doc!” Marco yelled out trying to call Doc.


“I can hear you fine,” He said. “I almost forgot to tell you guys where to go.”


“I think you did forget, dumbass.” Said Brandon who was frustrated.


“Okay, okay,” He said while sounding apologetic. “I did forget. But no worries friends, for I am here and ready to tell you what to do.” Just then a loud shriek could be heard nearby. “Guess I don’t actually have to tell you.” He said under his breath.


David, Brandon, Isaiah, and Marco all ran towards the voice quickly with their daggers in one hand ready to strike anything that moves, which is a bit strange since they could care less if someone was in danger. However, being taken to into O.W. might have forced them to change a little. They run past trees upon trees to find a young woman cornered by three Undead, also known as Hollow in the Dark Souls world, ready to kill.


“Oh great, typical fantasy scenario,” Said Marco who was a bit disappointed. “We have ourselves a damsel in distress gentlemen! Only this time, there’s four heroes instead of one.” What Marco didn’t realize was that as he started speaking, the other three were already fighting the Hollow. These Hollow were once men, they have merely lost the will to continue to live. They have red, dark-like skin shriveled up, due to what is most likely extreme dehydration, and so thin that it could be teared apart just by gently grasping it with a hand. They look weak, however they are able to kill a man if they attack in groups. The only thing that protects their fragile skin is a torn up cloth.


Brandon is the first to attack the small group of Undead. He took a large first step and sprinted towards one. He stook his dagger out in front of him, and pierced through the Undead’s head with ease.


“Wow,” Brandon was amazed at how much “power” the dagger had. Little did he know that it was mostly the skin’s doing. “Oscar said these things were dull but they know how to do their job.” David was next, running to the second enemy and thrusting his arm so fiercely that his whole arm had met with the Undead’s non-beating heart. He takes his arm out quickly out of disgust and throws the heart at Isaiah. Poor Isaiah, he rushed to the last Undead and was ready to plunge his dagger in its head. But that was stopped since the heart that David had thrown hit him in the face, stopping him in his tracks. But by the time Isaiah stopped moving, the Undead was in front of him, and it slapped him with such force that he fell to the ground.


“I got you Isaiah!” Yelled Marco. He ran to the Undead and pushed it out his way. The Undead stumbled and it’s body fell to the floor. Marco then took his dagger and stook it in the Undead’s chest. “Well that was easier than expected, right Isaiah?”

“You’re the one to talk Marco.” He said angrily. Isaiah unfortunately did not take part in the three kill streak, however he did get to loot all the dead foes. The only downside for Isaiah was that there was only a rock that he got from looting them. Isaiah looked over at the woman that was over where she was almost attacked, looking extremely traumatized from both the attack from the Undead and the attack on the Undead. The woman looked around the same age as David, Brandon, and Isaiah. She had eyes as blue as something that probably looks blue. She had mildly short violet, with her bangs covering her left eye due to its length, and on the left side of her hair was a black and purple hairbow. She wore what looked like a cobalt and sky blue school uniform with a teal tie. On her left arm was a blue metallic wristband that looked extremely similar to the Hoppers that the four wear. “So what’s your name?” Asked Isaiah.


“Don’t pay attention to the black kid,” said Brandon. “He’s only doing that ‘cause he wants to date you.”


“That is not true Brandon.” said Isaiah with a quick and a defensive-sounding reply. The young woman looked up at them and gave a small smile.


“It’s Melanie.” She said. “My name is Melanie.”

“Well it’s good to meet you Melanie, my name’s Brandon. Those losers over there are Marco, David, and Isaiah.”


Oh he’s definitely gonna try to get with her. Thought Marco. “Well let’s get straight to the point. Why were you attacked and what is that on your left arm?” It isn’t very often that you hear Marco ask questions so straight forward, especially with people he’s never met.


“Well,” said Melanie. She paused for a few seconds, possibly trying to collect her thoughts. “I got separated from my friends and I was trying to find them. Then I stumbled across these Hollows. And the wristband is just something that’s been in my family for years.”


“Makes sense.” Said Marco.


“Maybe we should help you find your friends then.” Said David.


“I think that’d be helpful since you four look like you can handle yourselves in a fight.” Said Melanie. The four then walk with Melanie through the woods. Fortunately, there happened to be only two or three hollow that they had to fight along the way. As they all walk through the woods looking for Melanie’s friends, Marco continues to examine her wristband.


Something feels a bit off, he thought. That thing looks too much like our Hoppers. Man, I wish I could say something to Brandon, but we’re all together in these really quiet woods that she would easily hear even if I had some kind of telepathic powers. The woods were quiet. A bit too quiet actually, Marco was getting the feeling that something was about to happen. Then again, he did have the tendency to have occasional paranoia. He always thought of the worst possible outcome of anything, of course someone had to just in case.


Isaiah was only ranting on and on inside his mind about what Brandon had said. That is not true, I do not like her. He only tried to create excuses to not like her. She ain’t even my type. Then again, her hair… Nope. Can’t have myself think of anything nice about her. Brandon wasn’t really thinking about anything, he was just looking around for any other humans. And David….


What was that? It kinda freaked me out though. But I only saw it for a second before I died. Was that Nova? No… It can’t be him.


The group walked around for about 30 minutes, and there was still no sign of any other people. Until of course they passed by a large tree stump. It was the size of one classroom and was as tall as a pine tree. As they were passing by the stump they heard the sound of leaves rustling, as if they were created by people jumping from tree to tree. David, Brandon, Isaiah, and Marco, all take out their daggers and attempt to create some sort of ready stance.


Without warning, a figure swooped down and whacked Marco in the stomach with a large weapon. The attack was strong enough that it sent him flying into a tree and nearly knocking him out. Another person came down and kicked David and Brandon onto the cold dirt ground face first. Two more dashed over to Isaiah, one slapped him causing him to spin about, and the other pushed him into a spider web which made him freak out and run into a tree.


The three mysterious figures ran off, with Melanie following them.


“Should’ve ignored me when you had the chance you idiots,” she said with a cocky attitude. Within seconds Melanie and the mysterious people were already out of the four’s line of sight. Unfortunately, they were not able to catch a glimpse of the attackers since they were so quick on their feet, making it difficult to find them if it was deemed necessary. However this was not the time to go on a manhunt, or so they had thought. The four’s Hoppers were emitting Doc’s voice shortly after the attack.


“So did you guys enjoy your test?” He said excitedly.


“Test?” Said Brandon. “What do you mean test? I swear you better not have set us up cause if you did them I’m gonna beat you into the ground next time I see you.”


“Well, yes, but no.” Doc said. “You see I heard from that group’s manager that they would be in Lordran, so I decided to send you there to get a taste of your new rival team.” Doc’s tone then changed into a competitively angry one. “Also known as MY enemy rival team.”


“Doc you asshole.” Said Marco while he was trying to catch a breath from the calm winds.


“Not quite,” Doc continued. “You probably would’ve been encountering this team anyways. I would assume that Melanie saw you guys from a distance and devised a plan to beat you four up. It doesn’t make sense, I know. But in O.W,  there are pairs of teams which are ‘destined’ to be enemies.”


“Can we just go home then?” Asked Isaiah as he was laying in a grass patch.


“Fine, fine,” Said Doc. “Just get together and tell the Hoppers to-” Doc instantaneously stopped speaking and let out a short gasp. “Oh man. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”


“Doc, what do you mean?” Asked David who was sounding a bit panicky.


“The Hoppers’ scanners are picking up Nova tracks nearby. Which means that something made by Nova is close, and is intent on killing you four.” David, Brandon, Marco, and Isaiah all stood up quickly and picked up their daggers and planted their feet into the ground, standing back to back to make sure no part of them was unguarded.


“I really don’t want to die again.” Said David who was beyond worried.


“Don’t you worry good sir,” said Marco. “If it comes down to it, then one of us can just use our little ‘timey wimey’ powers and try again without even realizing that it happened. Well of course, except for the one who uses it.” Right after Marco spoke the sound of metal armor clinking and clanking closed in. The sound got louder and louder as a visible black and purple-like aura could be seen radiating from something, and that something was about to be revealed. Out from the shadows came a man in a suit of armor. It looked like the armor that belonged to the man that David had pushed off the cliff when the group first arrived in Lordran. But when the four took a close look at the armor, they noticed that in the helmet, there was no visible head. In fact there wasn’t even a body in the armor, not even a headless man. This is exactly what Doc was talking about: Nova had sent a phantom of himself to possess the armor. And behind the suit of armor were five undead Hollows, each holding a short broken sword. This was not looking like it would be an easy fight.


The enemies stop in their tracks as everyone hears the sound of intense battle music beginning to play from a distance.


“Where’s that music coming from?” Yelled Isaiah.


“Don’t mind me,” A voice hollered. “I’m just here to play good music for when you four fight a tough enemy of some sort.”


“Makes sense.” Said Marco. They all just thought of it as some sort of jester who would follow them around as they traveled. Focusing back over on the battle, the armor lifts up its arm and points one finger at Isaiah, two at Brandon, one at David, and another at Marco. Immediately after pointing his finger at the four, all five of the Hollows charge towards them, singling them out as they do so. One towards Isaiah, two towards Brandon, one towards David, and the other at Marco. Assuming at how they all reacted to the armor’s finger-pointing, it must have used some sort of command, and that command came with a rather smart plan. Isaiah, being the weakest of the group, wouldn’t be able to hold out for long against even a single Hollow. David and Marco on the other hand, they could defeat the Hollows, however they were merely used as a distraction. Brandon being the strongest of the group, could easily take on one, but two at a time would make it quite difficult, especially since the Hollows were wielding weapons. Even despite the Hollows’ swords being broken, they still looked sharp to the touch.


The first Hollow horizontally swings it blade at Isaiah. He falls to the ground to avoid the attack. Isaiah then grabs the Hollow by the ankle and pulls with all his strength, which in doing so rips off the Hollow’s foot and forces it to fall the ground. Noticing that its plan isn’t working too well, the armor slowly walks over to Isaiah, and punches him in the gut. Isaiah let out a grunt as he balled up on the floor in excruciating pain.


Brandon can only dodge and block with his dagger since he was unable to fight two at once. From there, the armor walks to Brandon, unsheathing its sharp steel longsword, and prepares to attack. David and Marco see Brandon in trouble and run over to help him, but of course not without killing the two Hollows, so they first easily stab their daggers the heads of the enemies and rush over to help their friend. Marco first rams the Hollow into a tree then he plunges his dagger into its head, David follows up and the does the same to the other Hollow.


Brandon, David, and Marco stand together, ready to face the suit of armor in combat, waiting for it to make the first move, which it didn’t. Instead, the Hollow that lost its foot grabbed Marco’s foot and pulled him to the ground. Marco kicks off the Hollow’s arm and stomps on its head. As David and Brandon were distracted by Marco’s attack, the suit of armor kicks David to the ground with such force that it looked almost as if the ground where he landed had sunk in a bit.


It was now Brandon and the armor. A 1 versus 1. But it didn’t last long since the armor grabbed Brandon’s arm, nearly breaking it, and took his dagger, the armor broke the dagger in half as if it were a twig. The armor kicked Brandon to the ground. It took its longsword and raised it up, with the end of the blade pointing down directly at Brandon’s heart. Things were looking bad for the four, that is until something miraculous occurred. A bolt of lightning flew through the trees and struck the armor, causing it to explode into black smoke.


“What was that?” Said Isaiah as he was coughing from the smoke.


“That was me you idiots.” The same voice that had spoken just before the fight had spoke again. A large ray of light had shone upon the tall tree stump, and under that light was a man. From a distance, he looked like he was an outfit from the 80s but the design wasn’t clear from such a far distance, but it was “stylish” and purple. He was wearing a purple top hat with a feather on the side of it. He wore star-shaped purple shades. To the four, this looked like an outfit that was straight from the 80s. Some things were noticeable about this man, like his perfect brown handlebar mustache and his long hair. But the one thing that caught their eye was his massive cape with a galaxy design that could cover an entire acre.


“Who are you?” Asked David.


“My name is Caleb,” he said. “Caleb, the Guitar Lord.”


“That name sounds gay.” Said Brandon.


“It’s not as gay as your name.” Said Caleb.


“OOOOO!” Yelled Isaiah. “Caleb’s a savage!”


“You could say that,” Said Caleb. “Anyways I’m going to leave now, I’ll see you guys sometime later maybe. And if we do meet again, then you can expect some good music.” Caleb then begins to hover off the ground and fly away.


“Caleb’s awesome.” Said Oscar. Behind the four was Oscar standing with a large duffle bag.


“Oscar, what are you doing here?” Asked Marco.


“Well I’m always here on Double Weenie Wednesdays.” Said Oscar. “That and,” He drops the duffle bag on the ground and starts to open. “I said I would let you know when I found something. And you,” He looks over to Marco. “You DID say that you want the first thing that I find. Well, here you go.” He reaches into the bag and takes out a giant sword.


“Woah,” Said Marco in amazement. “Is that…” This was no ordinary sword. It had a beautiful black color to it, occasionally giving off a blue radiant glow. It’s blade sharper and stronger than any weapon in Lordran could pierce through even the bodies of ghosts. This was the Greatsword of Artorias. “How did you get this?” He asked.


“I have many ways.” Said Oscar. He hands Marco the sword. But as soon as it’s in his hands, it falls to the floor due to its massive weight.


“How much does that thing weigh? I could’ve hurt my arms if I held that any longer!” Marco grasps his arm as if it were bleeding out or seriously injured.


“I’d say it weighs around 300 pounds.” Said Oscar.


“300?” Yelled Marco. “Hey Doc! How do I get this sword into the Hopper?” The sound of static could be heard before actually hearing Doc’s voice.


“You pretty much just have to have whatever you’re going to do in your mind. In other words, think it up and it’ll happen.”

“Think it up, huh?” Marco closed his eyes and thought of wanting the sword put away in the Hopper. A good ten seconds had passed and the Hopper began to glow bright. It shot out a ray-like light that connected the sword to the Hopper. The sword then brightly glowed and shrunk down to the size of a pebble. It turned into a small ball of light and the Hopper reeled it in. The sword merged with the Hopper and stopped glowing. The sword now gone off the ground, is in the Hopper, which of course will cause no more trouble unless Marco decides to wield it again. “So what now?” He asked.


“Well I kind of want to get cleaned up and get new clothes.” Said David.


“And I’m hungry, do they have a buffet at O.W?” Asked Brandon.


“Yeah, I could go for some food too.” Said Isaiah.


“Yes, yes.” Said Doc. “Why don’t we take you four back to O.W. and we’ll get you guys some fresh clothes and something to eat. Sounds like a plan to me right?” He asked.


“I guess it does.” Said Marco.

“Hoppers,” Said Doc. “Set a course for O.W.” A portal opens up above the four and pulls them in. Marco takes one last look at the forest of Lordran. And a split second after the portal closed, he could see out of the corner of his eye a giant wolf running about, looking as though it had lost something that belonged to it.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

© Copyright 2022 neo2058. All rights reserved.

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