Before Bloodless Episode 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
In this short piece of bonus content from Bloodless, we explore the final days of Sheffield's and Kelly's High School journey, where they both have relationship problems to contend with, of different sorts.

Submitted: July 08, 2019

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Submitted: July 08, 2019










“You can’t start a fire. You can’t start a fire without a spark. This gun’s for hire. Even if we’re just dancing in the dark”

  • Bruce Springsteen


(We open up on an 18-year old John Sheffield, bearing no stubble, sitting in the Lincoln Park High School library, reading Jean Paul Sartre’s Nausea. He turns the page and finds an annotation written on the side- reading “This part is my fave à”. John looks up as a dirty blonde girl wearing a white sweater, torn jeans and a lip ring walks over)


HEATHER: You like it so far?




(Heather sits down)


HEATHER: I stole it from this library.


SHEFFIELD: You might not want to say that out loud.


HEATHER: We’re graduating in a week, what are they gonna do?


(Sheffield smirks)


SHEFFIELD: Fair point.


HEATHER: So, John…where are you taking that book?


SHEFFIELD: Not far. Got accepted into Northwest.


HEATHER: Holy shit. That’s fucking awesome.


SHEFFIELD: Yeah, I guess it’s alright.


HEATHER: That’s a really good school, John, for real.


SHEFFIELD: As far as institutions enforcing the status quo go, I guess it’s adequate.


(Heather shakes her head and scoffs)


HEATHER: You’re gonna kill it.


SHEFFIELD: What about you, Heather?


(Heather nervously laughs)


HEATHER: I got accepted into UW Oshkosh.


(Sheffield does a double-take)




HEATHER: I know it’s far, but there’s the summer, and there’s Skype, and we’ll be fine-


SHEFFIELD: You chose UW Oshkosh over Northwest?


HEATHER: I didn’t get into Northwest! Okay?! I’m not as smart as you are.


SHEFFIELD: Okay, stop. Stop right where you are. You assigned me essential existentialist text. Your problem isn’t not being smart, your problem is being a dumbass.


HEATHER: Okay, sounds like-


SHEFFIELD: You know what I mean. You didn’t try. And you ruined us. (Sheffield stands up) Two people can’t connect over hundreds of miles. Heather- (Sheffield takes out his shattered iPhone) I shattered my iPhone this morning because I value connection over distance so much.


HEATHER: John, please don’t-


SHEFFIELD: No, you DON’T. I have to go get this fixed.


(Sheffield walks away as Heather begins crying. Cut to 17-year old Kelly Calvert walking past the library as Sheffield storms out. She winces for a second, but then just keeps walking. She’s even mousier at this point in her life, and by the time she reaches the end of the hallway, she sees a group of boys outside laughing as one of them pisses into a cup)


KELLY: …What the hell.


(A greasy-haired girl with her hair tied up sidles up to Kelly)


HENRIETTA: Their senior prank is going to be super highbrow.


KELLY: Let’s get out of here before they try it out.


(Henrietta and Kelly start walking down the hallway)


HENRIETTA: You almost done with exams?


KELLY: I just have one day after next. Science. Shouldn’t be a problem.


HENRIETTA: You’re insane. Science is absolutely a problem. We should go back to using elemental magic.


(Kelly scoffs)


KELLY: You’re a weirdo.


HENRIETTA: Has any senior asked you to prom?


KELLY: No senior has been so bold.


HENRIETTA: You know who I always thought was cute?




HENRIETTA: John Sheffield. The kid from Mrs. Isakson’s art class.


KELLY: I have Rubel.


HENRIETTA: I know, but you should see some of his stuff, it’s awesome. But unfortunately, he’s dating Heather Gatz.


(Kelly and Henrietta walk outside and see Sheffield sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette)


HENRIETTA: There he is! Right there!


KELLY: Ugh. He smokes? No thanks.


(Henrietta and Kelly sit at a bench a few columns away from him)


HENRIETTA: I think he’s cute. Very mysterious.


KELLY: Why even date a senior? They’re all moving a million miles away, so they can get a bunch of douchebags to accept them by blowing a camel or whatever.


HENRIETTA: You’re class of 2016, what are you gonna do for your last year of High School? Refuse to date because your boyfriend might move away?


KELLY: Luckily, I won’t have to make that difficult decision. Staying single isn’t really a choice for me.


HENRIETTA: Oh, shut up.


(Sheffield stands up and throws the cigarette butt on the ground in front of them)


KELLY: See? This asshole littered- (Sheffield picks up the butt and disposes it in a nearby trash can and walks off) or…


HENRIETTA: You’re saying if he asked you out, you wouldn’t say “yes”?


KELLY: Yes! That’s what I’m saying.


(Henrietta laughs and shakes her head. Cut to Sheffield in his car sobbing quietly in his front seat as a cigarette smolders in his ashtray. Cut to Kelly walking past Sheffield’s car with her backpack, completely oblivious to him. She approaches her own car, when suddenly, a handsome student with innocent eyes, a coif and a set of deep dimples walks over with a tiny gift bag)


XAVIER: Hey, Kelly- I’m glad I caught you!

KELLY: Oh…hi, Xavier.


XAVIER: I was wondering if you maybe wanted, to…go to prom with me?


KELLY: …What?


XAVIER: I know it’s sort of out-of-the-blue, but my first date dropped out, and I always thought you were cool, so I said “why not”?


KELLY: What is going on?




KELLY: What’s the angle? Are you gonna kill me, then rape me, or rape me, then kill me first?


XAVIER: Jesus, no! I just wanted to ask you out!


(Kelly blinks in disbelief)


KELLY: …Okay…


XAVIER: Awesome! Let’s celebrate! You want some bubbly?


KELLY: What?


(Xavier takes a bottle of his own piss out of the bag and throws it to her)



(Xavier speeds off as Kelly quickly drops the cup of urine, spilling urine all over the ground. She backs away in disgust as Xavier’s friends run out of some nearby bushes, laughing their asses off. Kelly screams and gets in her car and speeds off with a loud screech. Nearby, Sheffield takes a break from crying to look up and see her screech away. He takes a deep breath, starts his car and drives away as well. Cut to black)



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