Guacamole Dress

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When a group of long-time best friends decide to get back at the unbearable Olivia Allport, they create a master plan to ruin her night--And her outfit.

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012







Greg is a sweet teenage boy. He's tall, attractive, nice--the whole package. He's one of the most popular people in his grade, and all the girls are after him. But, this doesn't change him. He's still a sweet boy who cares about his friends and women.



Dillan is a really pretty and nice teenage girl. Although, she's not the most popular, she's close. She loves going out with her friends and enjoys a good time. She has a boyfriend named Chase who she cares about very much. Dillan doesn't let anyone take advantage of her, especially guys.



Matt is a funny teenage boy who everyone wants around. He's very popular and well-known as the bubbly, funny guy who can make anyone laugh. Underneath all the jokes, though, he has a sweet soul and genuinely cares about people.



Chase, Dillan's boyfriend, is another teenage boy. He's not as popular as Greg, Dillan, or Matt, but is still included in their group of best friends. He loves spending time with his friends, playing sports, clothes shopping, and making his girlfriend happy. He puts a lot of thought into everything he does and makes smart decisions.



Olivia, Liv for short, is a teenage girl with lots of friends. However, she also has a lot of enemies. Liv is manipulative, sly, and self-centered. But, of course, she plays it off most of the time, giving her many friends who don't know the real Liv. She has a boyfriend named Jay who she bosses around day and night, and she's not appreciative of the things she has around her. In other words, she takes everything for granted.



Jay, Liv's boyfriend, is a follower. He does whatever other people say is cool, even if he doesn't think so himself. Jay let's Liv boss him around all the time, and he doesn't care how much control she has over him. All he cares about is how hot she is. Jay is one of the few people that  Liv trusts to tell about her hidden life of the cruel person that she is. He goes along with whatever bad things she decides to do, helping her come up with her hurtful ideas.







The setting takes place at a high school homecoming dance where four friends, Greg, Dillan, Chase, and Matt dance together. The dance is in a large auditorium with dimmed lights, flashing bulbs, lots of tables filled with food, and a few hundred dressed-up teens dancing with their friends. Loud music is being played by the DJ and nearby, a voting table is sitting where elections for homecoming King and Queen can be voted on.




(Best friends GREG, DILLAN, MATT, and CHASE dance and talk together.)


MATT Junior year! Can you guys believe that we're in our second-to-last year of high school? Soon, we'll all have families and separate lives outside of school. It goes so fast!


DILLAN Right! It seems like just last year, it was our first year of middle school together and we were discovering the biggest bitch of all time together--Olivia Allport.


(The group laughs at the memories.)


GREG Oh my god, remember the time she started that fight between those two girls that used to be best friends, and then convinced everyone that she was never involved? What kind of person is she?


MATT I don't know, but that fight was pretty funny. There was pulled hair left in that hallway for a week.


CHASE Jeez, how can you even think like that?. . .Just kidding, it was hilarious.




CHASE Where is Olivia, anyway? I haven't heard about any heart-breaking stories yet tonight.


DILLAN I think I saw her and Jay by the voting table earlier. Probably plotting some way to make sure she wins homecoming Queen.


CHASE Probably. (Winks at Dillan.)


MATT You guys wanna go make a request for the DJ? I think it's time we hear our special song.


DILLAN Really? Oh my gosh, I haven't heard that song since, like, Freshman year! Remember how we all discovered it at our first middle school dance? Aww, those were the best times. We have to go play it!


(GREG, DILLAN, MATT, and CHASE make their way toward the DJ stand to fill out a request form. OLIVIA stands there with JAY as they also fill one out.)


GREG Well, well, look who it is. Speak of the devil.


DILLAN Shhh, she might hear us, we're too close.


CHASE (Grabs a form and a pen.) So, "The Night of Our Life", is it? Let me just write that down so that we can relive our younger days when we first became best friends.


MATT You're such an inspirational speaker.


LIV (Sarcastically.) Oh, how cute. You guys have a "best friend song". I only wish Jay and I had something as adorable as that. Oh, wait. We do. (Puts her form into the request box.)


GREG (Mimics LIV.) "Oh, wait. We do." (Rolls his eyes.)


LIV Ha. You guys have a nice homecoming.


MATT You and your boyfriend have a nice homecoming, too, Jay. I totally support the whole gay relationship you have here. And he even wore a dress! I love it. Respect.


JAY Watch it. You're just jealous that your nonexistent girlfriend isn't here.


MATT Mmhmm.


(LIV grabs JAY's arm and brings him to the dance floor.)


DILLAN What is their problem?


CHASE Who knows. Who cares. Let's just try to have fun.


GREG Right.


(CHASE slips his form into the box, and the group heads to the food table.)


MATT You know, for all the trouble Liv's caused us for the past few years, we've never done anything to get her back.


GREG Yeah. . .and?


MATT It just seems like. . .maybe we should do something. I mean, we only have one life. And I know that we would all love to see something bad finally happen to her for once, you know?


DILLAN Well, yeah, but we've always hated the way that she treats people, even her friends. Doing it back to her would just seem. . .I don't know.


MATT Yeah, I get that. But, Dillan, wouldn't it feel so great to see just one bad thing happen to her, after all she's done? Just one thing?


DILLAN Well, what do you guys think?


GREG What would we even do to her?


MATT I don't know. It's homecoming night. It's the perfect setting for everyone to see something great.


CHASE Well. . .If you guys are in, I guess I'm in.


MATT Great!


GREG I guess I'll go for it. . .Just this time. But not anything too hurtful.


MATT Yesss.


CHASE Dillan?


DILLAN (Thoughtful pause.) Okay. Let's get Liv Allport back. (She smiles big.)


MATT Yes! So, what do we come up with?


(The group silently thinks for a moment.)


CHASE We could go with the classic rumor spreading?


MATT Hmm, not bad, but we need something a little more. . .visible.


GREG Visible, as in, an "accidental" guacamole spill all over her shiny purple dress? That's pretty visible.


MATT My friend, you are a genius.


GREG I try, I try. But, I still kind of feel bad.


DILLAN Me too. . .


CHASE Maybe we shouldn't do this. I don't want you guys feeling guilty all night.


MATT No, no, no. We're doing this. Trust me, it'll be fine! And funny! And worth it.


DILLAN Okay. . .who's gonna do the deed?




MATT (Dramatically.) Me? I could never!


GREG (Laughs.) So, Matt, it is.


MATT So, this is the plan. They're bound to get hungry sometime soon. So when they go over to the food tables--the quarters--Greg, you come with me. We'll go "get some snacks" for the group, and as I'm innocently reaching for the chips, my elbow--the enabler--so carefully and precisely falls onto the edge of the guacamole bowl--the weapon of mass destruction. From there, the bowl flips over, flinging guacamole from the bowl, catapulting it directly at Liv's pretty purple dress--the target. She then will freak out, screaming about the silk masterpiece that I've ruined, making this the best homecoming ever. Eh?


CHASE Nice, dude. I've gotta give you props for that. (They high-five each other.)


GREG And what's my role in this?


MATT You, sir, are going to yell in panic, "Matt, watch out!" just as my arm hits the bowl. This way, it looks even more like an accident.


DILLAN This seems a little sketchy. . .


CHASE Don't worry. You'll laugh once you see it happen.


MATT In fact, someone should video tape.


GREG Chase, you take out your phone and make sure you're focused on the action when the time comes. Otherwise, it will just seem like you and Dillan are making a fun homecoming couple video.


CHASE Okay, dude. But, if anything goes wrong, I'm cutting the camera off.


MATT What could go wrong?




MATT Exacto! You've got nothing, bro. Greg, our target is moving toward the quarters. Let's move!


DILLAN Oh my god, I'm scared to look.


CHASE Wow, look at that. Liv and Jay went straight to the chip table. How lucky is that?


DILLAN Too lucky.


CHASE Babe, calm down. Just watch.


(DILLAN makes her focus on the tables as CHASE gets out his phone to video tape.)


CHASE Smile!


DILLAN (Smiles and waves to the camera.) Hi!


(Chase moves the camera's focus to the food tables.)


CHASE (Making video commentary.) There are our friends, Matt and Greg, getting us some food.


(MATT's elbow hits the guacamole bowl as he reaches for chips, and GREG yells his given line of "MATT, watch out!".)




DILLAN Oh my gosh. . .


(Guacamole flings out of the bowl and onto LIV and JAY's purple outfits, making LIV scream.)




(LIV's screaming begins to draw attention from bystanders.)


JAY Dude! Who do you think you are?!


MATT Just a guy trying to get some guacamole. They should really secure these food items next time.


LIV Shut up! SHUT UP! Jay, we're leaving! 


(The DJ quiets the music to see where the yelling is coming from.)


LIV And you two--(She points to GREG and MATT.) You guys are going to wish that you never even came to this dance! I swear! UGH! (She drags JAY by the arm and stomps out of the auditorium doors.)


(A few people from the crowd begin slow-clapping, which turns into a full applause by the entire auditorium. DILLAN and CHASE come running over.)


MATT Did you get it?


CHASE Oh, I got it, alright!


GREG Feel better, Dillan? I do!


DILLAN Are you kidding me? I've never been better.


(The group laughs as the music picks up again and they head over to the dance floor.)



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