Beneath the Skin

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Submitted: April 10, 2016

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Submitted: April 10, 2016



Shivering, as the frozen ground lay cold beneath her bare feet, she aggressively shoveled heaps of dirt into the hole. The cool night’s moon danced along her skin, deepening the shadows of her figure. Her fair skin beneath the dim moonlight looked angelic, yet the look in her eyes and the dirt under her nails betrayed her demons buried deep inside. 

Her hair stuck to her face. The mesh of dirt and grime mixed with sweat formed a thin layer of glue on her skin. Her salty tears stung her flesh where they fell. Her heavy breathing pierced the silence of the night like a dagger. Yet she did not -could not- sense any of it; her breathing, the shovel penetrating the earth, the sound of dirt hitting the bag deep in the ground now shamelessly hiding their dirty secret, their sin – no, not theirs...hers… 

She was there for hours, brutishly digging. She gained her strength from a deep, dark corner in her mind, a place where everyone’s monsters and demons dwell, yet none ever surface. Hers were out now, out for the entire world to see...

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