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This short story is about a boy named Luke, who has been hiding with his friends (The last humans on earth). Luke somehow got trapped in the evil robots' headquarters (Find out how he got trapped) and the the girl, Alyssa wants to take him back to his friends. Find out what happens at the end because I can tell you right now that it is shocking.

Submitted: October 08, 2011

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Submitted: October 08, 2011





They were built the save the human race, not destroy it. They are strong, they are fast, they are quite good looking but that is not the point, they are mean, they are smart, they are evil and above all, they are out to get us.

It all started when I was kid, about 7 years old, my dad who worked for the government had the idea of building robots who could do whatever we programmed them to do, something wrong happened and the robots started killing every human instead of helping humans with our world.

Ever since then they started killing every human, moving from country to country, we stayed here, hiding. They kept killing people until it came down to only six of us. The six of us are every bit as smart as they are, but the thing is that they are fast and hard for us to stop them from knowing where we are all the time. Right now we are in Texas Houston, hiding of course. The six of us are me, David, Kevin, Julia, Alexandra and last but definitely not the least, Elizabeth, she may be short but one punch from on the face and your out cold for the rest of the day, trust me, I know.

I should probably describe our little “team” of hiding. My name is Luke, my friends describe me as funny (Not true, I’m super boring) Smart, (I don’t wear glasses if that’s what your thinking.) and generous.

“Guys, they’ve found us, we’ve got to go” Elizabeth said, seeming to come out of nowhere. We started packing our things, again and headed on our way to who knows where. As usual Elizabeth is leading the way. I hear giggling behind me and I look back to see what’s going on and I see David and Julia holding hands. “Hey love birds, I didn’t even know you two were dating” When they saw me and heard me they quickly let go of each others hands and acted as if nothing had happened. “What are you talking about dude, her hand was just…” He softly elbowed her for help in explaining. “Uhhh we were just, you know, checking each other’s hand for ummm, oh just keep walking would you?” She yells. I turn back around and keep on walking.


“What’s the hold up? Keep moving!” Elizabeth yelled, all the way in front of the group. I kept on walking and noticed that Alexandra’s ear was turning a bluish color, as if she was really cold, but that didn’t make any sense because we are in the middle of July. “Hey Alexandra, what’s up with your ear” I asked as I reached to touch it. “Oh uh, nothing, I was born with it” She said. She never had it before but I decided to keep my mouth shut to avoid any argument.


“So Uhhh, when we destroy these robots, it’s going to be up to us to repopulate the earth, if you know what I mean” Kevin said as he started to go toward Alexandra, giving her a perverted look. “Ugh, in your dreams, Kevin” She said with a disgusted look in her eyes. “I’ll keep dreaming” He said. “They’re here” we head Elizabeth yell all the way in front of us now.


We got our weapons out and we are ready to fight. They came faster than they were last time. There were at least five hundred of them, but they are really easy to kill. They look like we do, except that all of their eyes are a very bright red. One insanely pretty robot chick came at me with a knife in hand, or should I say that the knife is her hand. She swung her hand or knife at me and I ducked to dodge it. As I was on the floor I saw her foot coming towards my face and in less than a second I felt great agony on my face, especially my nose. She broke it. “All right that’s it. No more Mr. Nice Guy.” I ran towards her with my Layin (It’s a gun that completely disintegrate a human, or an object, but you only get one shot) and pointed at her forehead and I shot it. Now I’m stepping under a pile of wet sand (Mud, yes they turn into mud).


I saw Julia having some trouble with the one she was fighting so I made my way to help her. Before I got there, I was knocked out cold, blood coming out of my back but somehow I don’t feel the pain, I’m not aware of what is around me, even though my eyes are close, I can see what is happening…I could tell we were losing and we always manage to escape, but I don’t think there is escaping this time.


I wish I would have waked up after three or four hours after being hit in the back but I was out cold for five weeks. The room I was in was very bright, when my eyes finally adjusted to the light and I saw my friends in a line. David being tortured and I realized we were in a line, being obligated to wait our turn for torture, I was the last one. Elizabeth was sitting down in front of me. She looked back and I saw a look of relief in her eyes. “They finally got us, and now we are waiting to be tortured” She said. I didn’t have any comment for that. I watched in horror as they opened David’s mouth and were about to put a volcanic rock in there.


Before I looked away, I saw Julia get up and rip silver chain that was holding her. With unbelievable she picked up one of the robots torturing David and she slammed against the floor, leaving a large crack on the floor. “Leave” She punches on the robot in the face as she said leave, “My” She punched the robot again “Boyfriend” She punched it again and with all her strength she slammed the robot against the nearest wall and as loud as she can, she screamed, “Alone!” All the other robots started running for back up but it was no use because Julia pulled out her Layin and shot all four of them. She picked up David and gave him a huge hug, “Oh my god David are you okay?” She hugged him and he started to struggle for air. “Yea” He said just above a whisper. “Please let me go” He said, in pain. “Oh sorry” She said, suddenly looking embarrassed. To be honest I was very jealous, first of all I always had feelings for Julia, second of all, she is stronger than the rest of us mixed, and third of all, she called him her boyfriend right in front of everyone. My heart was shattered, but I was also relief that we could finally escape.


“Come on, no time to waste, let’s go” Elizabeth said. We all started running towards the exit and congratulating Julia for her work with the robots. As we got close to the exit a large door started to come down to keep us trapped inside. We started running faster. David and Julia made it out and were encouraging the rest of us to run faster. Elizabeth made it and Kevin made it, I was still behind the whole group, the pain still in my back, Alexandra made it. “Come on Luke, you can do it buddy” Kevin yelled. I know that I couldn’t do it; I was in too much pain. “Go on without me guys, I’ll catch up, I promise” I yelled before the door finally closed down.


Since I was going to be stuck there for a while, despite the pain, I decided to give my self a tour. I knew the guys were going to try to rescue me but I also knew that it was all up to me to escape on my own. I started walking down the hall carefully, making sure not to make any noise. I walked passed where were going to be tortured and entered a room.  The room was dark and the light would not work when you try to switch it on. There was a bedroom and a dresser next to it and a T.V, computer, and an alarm clock, basically just like your room would be. I closed the door and entered the room next to it. This room had a foul smell. When I switched the light on I saw the room filled with dead bodies, some of the bodies seemed to have died only a few hours ago. Most of them looked like they were starved to death because they were literally skin and bones.


“Gross” I said, covering my mouth. I heard a movement in the right side of the room and when I looked I saw a very, very thin little girl, she only seemed to be about six years old. She was too thin to even be alive, her skin was dark and wrinkly, all you could see was her bones, it seemed like she has not eaten in weeks. I walked over to her with my hands over my nose and mouth. “Hey little girl, how long have you been here? You need help” I said, my hands still over my nose and mouth. “I don’t want to leave Mommy and Daddy” She said. She gestured for me to look to her left and there lied two skeletons of her Mother and Father, dead. “Poor little girl, let’s get you out of here” I said. Her eyes began to glow and I knew what that meant, this was not a little girl, it was one of the robots.


I got up and tried to hurry to the door. “Where do you think you’re going” She said, approaching me. “You tricked me!” I said with Anger in my voice. Then in my exact same voice, she said “You tricked me!” I opened the door as fast as I could and tried to run, but due to the pain in my back, I could only jog very slowly. By the time I was a few feet away from the door, the little robotic girl appeared right in front of me. “Maybe you didn’t hear me before, but I said ‘where do you think your going?’” I swung but she ducked. “I just want to talk” She said. I thought she was lying, but somehow she seemed different from the other ones. Before I could swing again we heard footsteps coming towards us. “Come on” She said. She took my hand and led me into another hallway.


“I just want to talk, please, I don’t want to hurt you” She said. What have I got to lose, at this point, I didn’t care if I died or not. “First of all, where did you come from and why were you dumb enough to walk down the hallways of the robots?” She asked. I began to reply by saying “Well…” Before I finished my sentence she said “Hold on” Then she removed something from her neck and she started to transform into a teenage girl around my age. She noticed that I was staring at her awkwardly, but she smiled and said “I’ll explain everything later, but for now can you please tell me what you are doing here” I know I should not trust her but I thought I was going to die no matter what. So I decided to tell her, “My team and I were captured by the robots and we were going to get tortured, but one of my friends Julia stopped them when they were about to hurt her…” I knew it would hurt me a lot to say this but I told myself that I can do it. “Boyfriend, they were about to hurt her boyfriend. When we were trying to escape, all of them made it except for me, I’m trapped in here and I guess I’m waiting to get found and killed” She looked worried…about me. “What about you? What are you doing here?” I asked. She made me sit down and she sat down too. “My name is Alyssa, I’ve been hiding here since I was twelve, I accidently walked in one of their traps and found myself in here, trying to escape. I found this chip that sticks to your neck and it transform you into anything you tell it to” She said, and to prove her point, she stuck it to her neck and said “Dog” And just like that she turned into a dog.


“I made myself a little robot girl and they fell for it and I’ve been here ever since, trying to escape” She did look like she has been here for a while. When I saw her as a little robotic girl she looked too skinny and thin but now in her normal formal she has a very nice body, or in shape I should I say, not fat, not skinny, not chubby, but a little muscular, not disgustingly muscular but muscular for a normal regular girl. “How do we get out of here?” I asked. She looked me like I was an idiot. “Weren’t you listening, there is no way out, if there was I would have been found it” She said. “Right, sorry.” I said.


“So…what do we do now?” She asked. Before I could answer, she pushed me aside. I thought she was going to attack me but then I realized why she pushed me. There was a long side that would have cut me in half if she had not pushed me aside. The guy with the long sword turned his attention towards me and brings the long sword down. But before the sword could reach to me, Alyssa, got on top of me and they knife went straight through her back, blood dropping on me. Then the robotic guy tossed her aside like a piece of trash, but before he could attack me again, he turned into mud. It was then that I realized what she has done. Before she saved me for the second time, she had planted a tiny explosive gum on the back of the robots’ head. I quickly walked over to her. She was turning very pale very fast. “Alyssa” I said, with tears in my eyes. “Why did you…” Before I finish my sentence, she got up as if nothing had happened. “Stop being such a little girl” She said. Then I noticed that the wound started to heal by itself. “What the... what are you?” I asked. She rolled her eyes and showed me her healing bracelet, I’ve only seen one of them once before. “With this on me I can’t die” She says. “You made me waste my tears for nothing” I said, playfully.  She smiled and grabbed my hand and said “Let’s go, more will be coming.”


We reached the room where I had found her, once again the smell punching me in the face, “We have got to do something about these bodies and the smell if we’re going to be coming here all the time” I said. “You get use to it” She said. We waited until all of the robots passed by and got out of the room. She led me to a large room with nothing in it, nothing at all. “You know what this place is?” She asked. “No, what is it?” I asked in reply. “I don’t know, I thought you would know that’s why I asked you” She said. She laughed and I couldn’t help not too laugh along. It felt good to laugh, it seemed like I haven’t laughed in years.


She then led me to another room. She calls it “The nasty one” and I could see why. I thought the ones with the dead bodies were nasty but this one was far dirtier.


Next she took me back to the stinky room. “Hey, Uhhh why were you acting creepy, like when you said ‘where do you think you’re going?’ It made me think you were one of them” I said. She sighed, and then took both of my hands. “ I am one of them, but I was the first made, and I came out right, the others came out mean” I was shocked. “That still doesn’t answer my question, why were you acting creepy?” I asked. “Oh, they were watching, I had to get you out of there so we could talk, if I didn’t then they would lock me up, forever”

I still had more questions, but I decided it would be best not to ask. She opened the door and peeked out, “Okay, I think the coast is clear, let’s get out of here” She said.


“I thought you said there was no way out” I said, completely baffled.

“Oh” She said, “I lied.” I followed her pass the torture place, up a few stairs, and then we turned right then climbed a few other stairs. I was getting tired but before I could tell her, we came to a stop. “We’re here” She said. I gave her a thumbs’ up as if to say “Good job”, in respond she smiled at me.


We stopped in front of a large and tall light blue wall, she told me to get one her back so she could carry me. Before I could protest she picked me up, touched the wall with her palm and that section of the wall opened as if it was a secret door. Once it was open, we saw a forest below, still on her back I said “Whoa, first put me down, and second…”Before I could finish my sentence she jumped off, we were free falling into the large forest below.


I felt a little embarrassed, she was calm and I was screaming my butt off. “Stop whining” She said. I tighten my grip around her. Before we could fall to our death she started to float slowly down, “Is that better, my lady?” She asked playfully. “Shut up” I said. “Okay, lets never do that again” I said, not able to feel my feet. “Now that we’ve escaped, let’s help you find the others shall we?” She said with confidence in her eyes. “Right, yes, yes, lets find the others, which way do we go?” I asked. “I don’t know” She said, acting as if it didn’t matter which way to go.


I was in a forest with a girl I barely knew. I lost my friends, well actually they lost me but you get the point. I had no idea where they were or how to find them.



“Just stay close to me” Alyssa said. We started walking left of the forest, walking by all kind of strange animals. In fact, some weird slimy looking animal was swallowing a frog and a small fish at the same time, never in my life have I ever seen that before.


“Where are we going?” I asked, staying close to her. “I really don’t know, just wherever I guess” She picked up a stick and picked up a snake with it. “Hold this” She said. I looked at her wondering if she was trying to kill me. “Are you crazy? That thing is probably poisonous” I said. She moved it closer to me, “Stop it!” I screamed. “Stop being such a baby and just hold it” She said.


“I’ll be right back and don’t let that snake go” She left me standing in the middle of the forest all alone…with a snake on a stick that I have to hold. I looked at the snake, lifting its head, looking around. “Hey buddy” I said. “Hey” The snake said back, I quickly dropped it and started slapping my face, thinking I was crazy, “Please don’t tell me that snake just talked, oh god please don’t tell me that snake can talk” I looked at the snake and it seemed to smile. “I remember a very, very, very long time ago, before your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Cane was born, I talked to his mom to eat an apple, and she though she was crazy too” The snake said.


“Oh my god, you can talk!” I yelled. “Alyssa, please don’t do this to me, wherever you are please come back!” I screamed. No more than fifteen seconds later she came back and said “What do you want?” I backed away from the snake and said “It talked to me, it talked to me!” She rolled her eyes. “Of course he can talk, he’ll be traveling with us” She bent down and picked up and put it around her neck. “Yea kid, get use to me talking, how do you think I felt when I found out humans could talk” It said, “And by the way my name is Thesarusforkettraulanior” It moved around Alyssa’s neck to get more comfortable. “You can call me Thesarus for short” Thesarus said. “This is getting a little too weird for me” I said. “You’ll get use to it” Alyssa said, as she led the way…again.


“Where are we going?” I asked again. She turned around and gave me a stare that told me not to ask her anymore questions. “That question is really starting to get on my nerves” She said. As we kept on walking we somehow got out of the forest into the dessert. “This doesn’t make sense” I said, “We were just in the forest and now we’re in the dessert?” The snake, I mean Thesarus got off Alyssa’s neck and said “Ah, yes, one of my favorite places, let me explain the whole thing to you, its quite simple actually, we were in a forest and now we’re in a dessert” Thesarus said. “Wow, thanks, that helps me understand so much” I said sarcastically. “You’re welcome kid” Thesarus said. “My name is Luke, call me Luke okay Thesarus?” I said, with annoyance in my voice. “You got it, kid” he said, I knew he called me kid on purpose just to annoy me.


“We’re almost there” Alyssa said. “Where are we almost there?” I asked. “Where did you want to go? To your friend’s right?” She asked. That completely slipped my mind. “Yea, of course, to my friends” I said. “Actually I think I’m going to stay here for a while” Thesarus said. Alyssa frowned, “Thesarus, your promised you’d help me after what I did for you” Thesarus suddenly started to frown, “Oh all right” He said.


She led us out of the dessert, which again seemed weird because you can’t just get out the dessert like that. After we left the dessert, we found ourselves in the city.


“What are we doing here?” I asked. “I don’t know how we got here but I’m sure your friends are close, we’re almost there” She said. The snake had a disgusted look on his face. “I hate the city” He said.


We were about to find my friends until we heard behind us “There he is!” I turned around and saw David running towards me with the rest of my friends. They all came to give me hugs. I turned to Alyssa, she had a sad look on her face, “Thank Alyssa, and please come with us” I said. She shook her head, “You don’t understand Luke, this was all a trap, I’m so sorry, but you guys are about to die, I had no choice” All my friends looked at me as if this was my fault.


“This whole thing was a trap to get us killed?!” I screamed. “I’m so, so sorry Luke, I wish I could do something but I really had no choice” She said. Elizabeth looked more worried than the rest of us. “Let’s go before they come!” She yelled. Before we could take a step, we were surrounded by thousands and thousands of robots.  The snake also turned into one. I looked at Alyssa as the robot took her aside patting on her on the back as if to say good job. She looked at me one last time then turned away. All the robots pulled out their guns, one shot would turn us to dust. What was the point of fighting all of them? We had no weapons, nothing to fight with but our fists. I watched in horror as they killed my friends one by one, tears streaming out of my eyes, and there was nothing I could do about it. We were…outnumbered.











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