Play: Meeting Him

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This is the play version of the short story, Meeting Him.

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016




Adrian Parks: She is finding her father because she doesn’t want to go to a foster home.

Features: black hair, blue (sea color) eyes and she is 15.

Dylan Redd: the father Adrian is trying to find.

Features: shaggy black hair, green eye and he is 30.

(This is the play version of Meeting him and I hope you like it)


Act 1- Scene 1: Face to Face

(fade in)


(A girl is standing in front of two steps that lead to a faded blue door. She is pacing back and forth.)


Adrian(nervous)- Oh my, what if he doesn’t like me or doesn’t remember my mom? My food is not staying my stomach, oh god, I hope I do not puke on him that wouldn’t make the best first impression. (Wiping the sweat off her forehead then putting her hand over her mouth)


(After a couple of minutes, she removes her hand from her mouth and lets out a deep breath. Starts up the first step then go back then goes up again, she goes up the second step and slowly makes her way to the faded blue door.)


Adrian(nervous and mumbling)- I can do this! I can do this! I need to… I have to do this! (She slowly reached her shaking finger to the doorbell)


(Her finger reached it and a DING DONG DING was heard going off inside)

(fade out)


Scene 2:

(fade in)

(The music of the doorbell ended and a BOOM BOOM was heard from the inside of the house.)


The person behind the door (yelling)- I’ll be right there.


(The noise from earlier stopped and the door opened to reveal a 30-year-old man with shaggy black hair and emerald green eyes.)


Adrian(smile on her face with tears in the corner of her eyes)- Are you, Dylan Redd? (Looking into his green eyes with her teary blue ones.)


(He nodded and Adrian started crying. Dylan panicked asking her what’s wrong but she ran to him and gave him a hug.)


Dylan(worried and confused)- Hey, are you alright? (He gently pushed her away so he could look at her.)


(She nodded and wiped her tears. She looked up to see his green eyes, filled with worry and bewilderment, staring into her blue eyes.)


Adrian(smiling)- I don’t know if you remember my mother or if you know who I am but my name is Adrian Parks and I am your daughter.


(Dylan’s eyes grew wide and his mouth hung open.)


Adrian- I know this is a lot to process. May I come in to explain everything?


(Dylan nodded and stepped aside and Adrian walked in.)

(fade out)


Scene 3

(fade in)

(Adrian walked in and Dylan shut the door behind her. She walked over to the red couch and sat down. She looked up at Dylan, who was still at the door with a confused face, and smiled at him.)


Dylan (confused)- So you’re saying that you’re my daughter?


Adrian(smiling)- Yes, I am.


Dylan (still confused)- How old are you?


(Dylan stumbled over to the green recliner that was in front of the couch and sat down then looked over to Adrian.)


Adrian(smiling)- Oh, I’m 15.


(Dylan was shocked at how young she was.)


Dylan (serious)- Who’s the mother? Why isn’t she here with you?


Adrian (sighing) - My mother’s name is Taylor Parks. (Dylan’s eyes widen.) My mother died a year ago because of cancer. I’ve been living on my own since then, but 4 months ago social services found out about my mom from a neighbor so they’ve been coming to my house saying they’ll take me to a better place, but I know they’re lying. (Tears slid down her face as she looks over to Dylan.) Please, let me stay, I don’t want to go with them. (She starts sobbing louder, she puts her hands on her face.)


(Dylan was shocked and is still looking at the crying girl, who has her face in her hands.)


Dylan (hopeful)- Did you say your mother was Taylor Parks?


(Adrian looked up, removing her hands from her face, and nodded. Dylan jumped up and ran to the closet that was on his left. He pulled out a large box and began rummaging through it.)


Adrian(confused with a few tears)- Um, Sir, what are you doing?


(Dylan pulled out a yearbook, covered in dust, and started to flip through the pages as he walked over to where he was sitting before. When he found the page he showed it to Adrian.)


Dylan (hopeful)- Is this her? (He pointed to a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.)


Adrian (smiling slightly) Mom… (She nodded as she wiped the new tears in her eyes.)


(Dylan looked at Adrian, shocked, with tears in his eyes. He pulled Adrian into a hug, at first she was stunned but then hugged back.)


Dylan (smiling and crying)- Looks I really am your father. (Tears sliding  down his face as he squeezed her tighter.)


(Adrian bursts into tears with a big smile covering her face.)


Adrian (Laughing)- Please take good care of me, Daddy!


(The lights fade out as they continue hugging.)



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