Between the Dead and the Dying

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*HORROR* The strange events happening to the people of Graustone.

I´ll be uploading 3-5 parts of this story.

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012




Rain has been falling over Graustone since the sun began to illuminate the faces of its early workers, about 15 hours ago. After a long and depressing fight with his wife, Michael Rommel decides to close the door behind him and walk away as he insults his wife with all the aggressiveness and hate he has gathered throughout the years. He repeats to himself that he made a terrible mistake by marrying her ungrateful insect of a wife, even though, deep within his corrupt and hypocritical self, he knows he is the real insect in the disaster that his life has become. He buys a bottle of whiskey for his delight, then continues his long walk through the streets of his soaked neighborhood while children and lovers listen to his pathetic complaints. He finally reaches a silent alley between a house and a hotel. He sits on the cold floor and looks up to the dark, endless sky, while seamlessly infinite drops of water continue to fall over him.

Some unknown force makes Michael get up on his hurting feet again, and as he stares sadly towards the floor he quickly notices half a cigarette lying on the cold, wet floor. He didn’t know the reason why the cigarette caught his eye so effectively, not until he began to remember the moment, three days earlier, when the cigarette made that spot on the floor its permanent home. After a small reunion with some of his old friends, he took another path towards his home, a path that would cover him with falling leaves from old trees and the bright light of the moon, a light he didn’t expect to see at the time. When he walked the same alley he was now standing in, he heard an inenarrable noise coming from the other side of the tall white wall that prevented him from getting a look at the house at the other side. As soon as the noise ended, and it ended swiftly, a disturbing sense of peace and quiet began to haunt the area all around Michael. He noticed a change in the cold air and the sounds of cars and quick steps softly faded away. Then, after a few seconds of mysterious silence, a burning cigarette suddenly came out flying from the other side of the wall and into the floor, leaving a small dark mark with its ashes in some nearby leaves. He didn’t care too much about it, but still walked with some worry towards the “warmth” of his home. After remembering this incident, he chooses to examine the cigarette for no apparent reason. He notices that the end of the cigarette is still burning red. With shock and uncertainty, he slowly tilts his head to the right and closes his eyes. He takes a forced breath and, out of nowhere, he starts to feel an itch in his chest. Michael touches his chest with chest and thinks of a reason why he would have such an unsettling feeling. This itch suddenly starts to change into an ever-growing pain coming from deep within his lungs. He tumbles and moans, then, on his knees, he tries to scream, but his vocal cords don’t seem to answer. He then falls to ground and starts to roll over his hurting body, hoping for a miracle, but the miracle does not arrive. After some time of unbearable pain, his will finally ceases to exist. The dead body Michael Rommel now lies alone and hopeless with its lungs as ashes.


About two miles away, young Christopher Redgrave has a similar experience; a memory he had forgotten with amazing ease was not staying like that for long. Christopher chose to stare out the window of his freezing room and unto the streets of his neighborhood. With his left hand covering half his face, he chose to curse his body for catching a fever in a day that also seemed to be sick, considering all the rain and thunder. Boringness had already overwhelmed him, but he needed to do something to avoid his math homework. He moved his eyes away from the rain drops that constantly fell and splashed on the streets, got up on his feet, and walked towards his tidy bed to grab his IPod. Something began to hurt inside him as it had happened all day long; he didn’t really rest or take care of himself, even though the pain and lack of energy were something he wanted to stop. By the time he sat again on his desk chair, his desire for music wasn’t there anymore; a strange behavior considering that he constantly used his IPod. He sighed and placed the IPod on his desk, next to some remedies and random drawings. “God how much I hate being sick! And the…”- He said, almost wanting to cry, but something interrupted his thoughts as soon as he had the desire to scream. What he saw seemed to be too strange for him to trust his own eyes; Not very logical or common, he thought. A tall blonde girl in foreign clothes stood in the middle of the street, staring directly at something that seemed to be the cause of her terrifying face, a face showing nothing more than pure awe and fear. The strength of the rain didn’t seem to affect her in any way, even though she looked as if she had been there for hours and hours Christopher began to feel concerned and scared at the same time; something inside of him told him to scream at her to find out what she was doing, but something else told him to run away as fast as he could. He chose to scream, but as soon as he got close to opening his window, a thunder fell a few blocks away and made him take his hand back. When he focused again on the streets, the girl was running away from whatever she had seen, and with every step she took, she looked back to check.

Christopher didn’t comprehend what had just happened to him, but he decided to forget. He looked around at other people in the street and other people´s houses, but everyone seemed completely oblivious of the sight he had just beheld. No sign of trouble anywhere made him think his bored mind was simply playing some bad trick on him, but it was not. Not long after having seen this girl, Christopher decided to play with his little sister for a while, even though her childish attitude tended to annoy him too much. Some moments later, he decided to waste time by eating and trying to find something interesting in the immensity of the Internet. All of this helped him to keep his mind away from the blonde girl.

He remembers what happened earlier as he witnesses the fate of his parents. The lights had gone out, his parents didn’t answer, a small disgusting creature came down the stairs and after following the creature, he found madness. His parents strapped to an immense dark rock, surrounded by bigger creatures than the one he had seen before. His parent´s bodies shake in an unnatural manner as their blood is drained from them. The creatures are simply otherworldly; limbs with unknown purposes, many eyes, their bodies covered in a strange material, not feathers, not hair, not skin, not scales. Each creature speaks in what could only be considered some sort of animalistic language. The heart of poor Christopher was about to stop since he couldn’t seem to stand this terror any longer. Right before he finally gives up and falls unconscious over the dark red wood that is now the floor he is lying in, he realizes what the blonde girl was looking at; the church.



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