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*HORROR* Another short story difficult to summarize.
One night to feel better ended up in different ways than expected.
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Any resemblance to another story might be coincidental, its all from my imagination.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




For anyone who may care.

I have been lying in this uncomfortable hospital bed for some time already, trying to deal with the pain, and I´ve used that time to try to remember what happened to me last night. Doctors have told me that I was found unconscious in the middle of a park close to the city´s limits, at about 8pm, with some strange burns around my body and in my face, mostly around my eyes. My face hurts every time I blink or try to speak, and doctors have only told me that some psycho might´ve drugged me and almost burned my eyes for some sadistically and irrational reason, which is the only apparent explanation they can come up with for such a strange…situation, considering the little information they have.

I had had some symptoms of fever all day, so I decided to run to the drug store and buy some medication. I came out of my house at 8:15 pm, the night was cold and windy, and that didn’t help with my condition, so I grabbed a coat and prayed for the night not to get worse; my decision was risky enough but I couldn’t handle feeling sick. The chilling wind was blowing fiercely on my face as I walked towards the store, but I finally felt safe and warm inside the well-lighted drugstore. While I grabbed some pills and cough syrup I took a quick look out of the drug store windows to see some people walking slowly in the sidewalks, talking to each other, using the phones, or simply taking a walk. One person walked rapidly past the doors of the drugstore; a man with old dark clothes, looking down at his feet with an indifferent and somewhat hateful attitude. I looked directly at the man as he passed quickly with an almost inhuman pace, something like in those black and white movies. I stared at him with a frowned look for some time, but he didn’t seem to care. I sighed and walked towards the counter to pay for the medicine as I tried to keep myself awake and well; I slowly felt how the sickness wanted to overwhelm me. After that, I covered my mouth, pushed open the doors, and walked out of the store, heading to my house. As I walked through the gloominess of the night I felt slightly worried and began to walk faster, wanting to be in the safety of my own home so I could take care of myself and get some good sleep. Hell, how much I wanted to sleep. I blinked, and suddenly all the light posts, lamps, signs on the stores, lights on houses, EVERYTHING, turned off; I could only see a couple of lights far down the street. I looked behind me but everything looked the same. My heart stopped and I got an awkward chill down my spine that seemed to want to make sure I felt it in every vertebrae on my back. Even though I could not see or feel any other person around me, I was certain that their voices were still there. I could hear them talking about other people, laughing, but with time these voices faded into the silence of the street. I was left completely alone in the seemingly endless darkness, feeling helpless and vulnerable to the dangers that could be lurking in the alleys. Far down the street a loud sound began to irritate my ears, something that sounded like a car drifting for long time, or a dog letting go of a high-pitch scream; the silence that haunted me in the darkness of the streets was only interrupted by that horrible sound, then everything came back to complete and utter silence. Then, I saw a woman holding a mask, standing still under a flickering light post meters away from me at the other side of the street. The woman´s skin was pale grey; she had small eyes with tiny pupils, and a small smile, wanting to hide the true intentions of the lady…if she even was a “person ”. Even though I saw her under the post, she did not look back at me; she just stood there looking towards my location, but it she didn’t seem to notice me. The woman´s smile grew gently as she began to move her head violently, then her arms began to disappear and re-appear accompanied by grievous and gloomy cries of pain and suffering. After some time the woman simply vanished, and the light coming from the light post faded after a few seconds of me standing still, hoping she didn’t come closer, wanting to cry.

Besides that disturbing situation, everything looked normal under the heartwarming light of the moon. I began to think everything through, trying to find a logical explanation to all this, but everything seemed so otherworldly that I simply thought I was having a terrible nightmare…I tried with all my heart to believe that it had been a nightmare…but after some walking I immediately thought that everything was too real, everything was too familiar, and dreams don’t usually have a beginning, this one did, a whole hour, a whole day, a whole life.

My hands were shaking and it was hard for me to hold on to the bag of medicine I forgot I was holding. Anyway, after the mysterious sounds and the creepy woman, I felt that I had to walk and try to get out of this situation. As I did so, my body began to feel tired and unwilling to move on…but I had to continue. Some heavy breathing coming from the alleys, which made me want to stare at them, hoping that nothing else like footsteps or growls came out of them. I had walked for about four blocks until I finally got to a park that I never realized it was there, like if it had been added there in the last few minutes. I looked behind me. A strange sound of a bed being broken came out from the darkness, though it sounded slightly vocal, like from a person who has its neck broken. I ran towards the park and got inside the many tall trees and threatening murk that made me regret that I had run from whatever was chasing me. Each tree wasn’t more than a meter and a half away from the next tree, so every step I took meant that I had to check with absolute caution every corner. The wind blew through the trees making sounds that forbid me from hearing any movement close to me. I walked for some meters until I got to an open place, with an immense bonfire in the middle. The fire burned brightly and I could hear the wood cracking. After some seconds of admiring the fire, sounds of cracking leaves and logs came from all around me, giving entrance to a dozen people dressed in the same old black clothes the man in front of the drugstore had, but these people had some dull steel-like masks with small holes for each eye and some strange symbol were their mouths should be. I began to walk backwards hoping that they hadn’t noticed my presence, but before I could head unto the woods again, a pair of sticky burning hands grabbed my shoulders tightly and carried me towards the bonfire. I had not noticed it, but behind the bonfire laid a big bloody table made of wood, were I was placed after noticing that the hands grabbing me belonged to the woman I had seen before in the street, now looking at me with the same petrifying look. My sickness probably took away the control I had over my body, and I began to feel how my life was being taken away without me being dead. The other people who were there near the bonfire with me disappeared, but I could hear them whispering and hissing in ancient languages…or at least that´s the only thing I could think they were. The fire burned brightly behind me as the woman leaned towards me, slowly making me smell her brimstone-like breath. Her eyes were now a few inches in front of me, she pressed her atrocious fingers over my face and began to close my eyes as if I were now dead, while singing “Here’s a lullaby to close your eyes” repeatedly in a deep demonic voice, something that my mother used to sing to me when I was very young. Even though her fingers burned my face, my attempt to resist the pain and run away was completely futile, and after a few seconds, I lost all conscience.

If what I just wrote is true or not, I know it is true. Many people shall not believe it, but I know what I went through and I know that not even the time makes sense. No one ever even saw me walk out of my house, so I wonder every second, why did I end up in those woods so far from my home? How is it that my doctors don’t find any sign of fever?

…How come they say I entered the hospital, before any of this even happened? I laugh; maybe I didn’t check the hour well.


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