My name is Christopher

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The story of a mysterious book and its relation to the death of Benson´s friend.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Two weeks ago, on Monday, just before literature class, my good friend Christopher greeted me with joy, telling me about a book he downloaded from the Internet called “My name is Christopher”. At first I felt pretty certain that it was some sort of joke, after all i have heard many jokes based on word play, but we sat down and he continued to tell me that the book was some sort of diary from the point of view of an adopted child with mental issues, living in the filthy basement of a Russian family. I felt
awkwardly intrigued at first and I allowed him to continue the tale; he had not read too much, but he constantly came back to the fact that the points of view and opinions of the child made him re-think some of his ideas about life and reality. I was somehow glad when i heard him say that; his philosophy was always all over the place. The next few days, until thursday, things went on fairly similar. He came to school to tell me something new about the child in the story, about how he would try to talk to his parents, or about some strange habit of his. I have to admit I felt a little worried about his interest in the book; I wanted to ask him about it but the thought slipped away, its like if he hadn’t realized that his name is also Christopher.

On friday, Christopher came to school with a different attitude about the book, he talked of it as if the book suddenly went all boring, or as if he had finished the story and felt like it should´ve ended differently. Unfortunately, when i asked him, he didn’t answer,then we didn’t hear nothing about him until next wednesday. Apparently he went away with some other friends on friday and he never came back to his parents. I instantly blamed the book for that, and as soon as I had the opportunity to go on the Internet I searched everywhere i could for the book, but i could not find anything related to what Christopher had told me. I remember that he didn’t mention the author, or anything clear about the story; i had nothing to search the book for, only a now unnerving story. Also, when i asked people about his attitude or about what he had told them, everyone seemed to be oblivious of what changes he had gone through. Then, seven days after his disappearance, Christopher suddenly showed up dead on his bed, with no clue of why or when. The police only confirmed he had been in a place full of dirt, and that he had died of a heart attack.

On sunday, we all went to his cold home to mourn his death. I can remember bits of what went on that day, but i can remember very clearly what his mother mentioned and how she mentioned it. Things on his house were different since the monday when he supposedly downloaded the book; he began to have constant nightmares and acted as if he had fever when he thought he was alone. When i mentioned the book she seemed confused; Christopher had never mentioned any book and they all share a computer…they never saw any new file. Apparently a book would explain his behavior but it was kept a mystery from everyone, everyone except me. Her eyes began to fill with tears and she changed the subject to tell me about when she found Christopher's body. She could barely speak without constantly interrupting herself to breath, but what i understood from what she told me was that his face and body were perfectly still and cold, his face had changed slightly, and he had an awkward smile showing only his upper row of teeth. After hearing her sad story, i felt the need to find out what the book really was. I excused myself and asked them for permission to use their computer. The computer stood alone on top of a desk next to Christopher's room; I was too afraid to enter. After turning on the computer, I instantly searched on Christopher's documents. Apparently, the folder was empty, but I did change the settings so it would show hidden folders and files. Only one file showed up, an unnamed sound file. Did no one really investigate this? Or was it only my imagination? I opened the file, and i could only hear on a very soft yet unnerving voice, saying ” My name is Benson”. That is my name. I quickly closed the window, and then what really shocked me was that on the same Christopher folder, a new file showed up, an almost complety dark image with a smiling face hidden in the dark. I immediately unplugged the computer and ran, not caring about all the noise I made as i ran franticly towards the front door.

I'm scared. I know something will happen to me but no one believes me. I'm supposedly shocked by Christopher's death. I still wonder if the book was real or not, i guess ill found out soon enough…i did find something new on my computer.

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