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*HORROR* It takes two days in school for him to reveal a terrible secret.
Not the best story I´ve written, but still something I wanted to write.
Song at the beginning: Amaranthine-Amaranthe
Credit for the image: Santiago Múnera

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012




-“Time, is the reason why we fight to stay alive”- I sing in my head, not paying much attention to the teacher. He keeps talking about evolution, a “theory” I´ve known and understood for long; no need for me to listen to the same information one more time. I’ve been in this school for two days and I feel strangely disgusted by everything when I look around; hundreds of cliché, selfish, hateful, and stupid teenagers. Many mentally blind teachers without any care whatsoever of anyone´s life. Thousands of corridors full of lockers that God knows what secrets these people keep in them. I´m interrupted when some girl whose name I don’t remember, looks back at me, giving me a smile, insinuating something. I smile back, but making sure that I show respect and a lack of interest. I try not to care, so I look down at my notebook and then, with much care, I look to my right, hoping to get a good glance of Ariadne, this girl I’ve been fond of these days. She seems to be distant of everyone. I don’t see her too much and when I do I see her studying on her desk or walking alone through the park. I haven’t been able to talk to her. She seems different somehow. I examine her for a while. I find her cute; fairly tall, old fashioned clothes, collars and bracelets, long black hair, blue eyes, snow-white skin, a soft and natural blush on her cheeks. This sight gives me a small smile on my face, so I look up at the ceiling and closes my eyes; maybe like this I will think of a way to talk to her. While I do this I hear some soft whispering on my ear. I try not to pay attention to it; I have had these kinds of problems before. Every sound form the classroom fades slowly.

The bell rings. I had no idea the class would end so quickly. I sigh and look around the class like if I had just woken up from a long nap. While the teacher explains some homework he chose to leave us right when the class ends, I look at my right and notice that Ariadne´s desk is empty. –What…- I moan. I stare for some moments at her desk, asking myself if I had actually seen her in this class, and then the teacher tells us to leave the classroom. Everyone goes out of the classroom quickly, anxious for some free time. In my case I feel somewhat confused, so I snap my neck and then walk out slowly while trying to figure out where she was, and then I headed towards the bathroom. In my trajectory I look at every person that passes by, but I do not see her anywhere. It doesn’t matter. When I enter the bathroom I see a couple of boys and I hear someone in the toilet, but I do not pay much attention to any of them. I turn on the faucet and gather some water in my hands so I can splash it on my face to wake up from such a tiring class.

When I remove my hands from my face, I see in the mirror a shadowy figure standing behind me. It looks like a woman, but with no eyes and a mouth with disturbing fangs that seem to change size and location with every second that passes. She also has some strange clothes and hair that looks burned and filthy. I turn around quickly just to see that there is no one in the bathroom with me, not even the boys that I had seen before. I start to think if this is possible, but I quickly conclude that it is not possible for people to disappear like that. –Am I imagining people?-I ask myself with a whisper. I swallow some saliva and head to the bathroom door with my hands still wet, but at the moment when I intended to open the door, I notice that I can no longer hear the loud chatting and screaming of the people inhabiting the school. I slowly open the door to confirm my fears. Everyone disappeared.

What is most impressive about this phenomenon is that the school is now perfectly disordered, impressively deserted, claustrophobically obscure, and insanely quiet. I start to breath heavily and look around in an insane way. My breathing echoes through the infinite corridors that now look hostile and eerie. There is no possible way that night could come so quickly. The school doesn’t have many windows, and the existing ones don’t help me with the little moonlight they let in. I do not want to walk through the many corridors my school has, not alone, not in so much gloominess. My body is completely frozen, but before I decide that it’s all over for me, I hear some sobbing coming from a classroom close to where I´m standing. I can be horrified of what has happened, but if there´s someone else in this place, I would rather suffer all this with some unknown person. I head towards the classroom, but with each step I take a peculiar sound seems to come from the contact of my feet with the floor, a sound that scares me even more because I start to I feel like if I were the prey, and the predator is waiting for me somewhere, stalking me, waiting to silence the steps. I´m now standing in front of the room I heard the cries from, but I cannot open the door. The doorknob won’t turn, and when I hit the door it doesn’t make a single sound, confusing me even more. I look through the small window in the door. I can see the one who´s crying, the girl that smiled at me earlier. I now remember that her name is Misty, if I’m not mistaken. She is lying face down on the floor, crawling towards me. I think she wants to scream that I should try and save her, but she still cries without any pause. I feel so miserable and worthless, watching this girl continuously drop more and more tears on the floor, and there is nothing I can do about it. Seconds before she could get to the door, a swift figure appears from deep inside the classroom and grabs her from the ankles. It’s the same shadowy figure I had seen in the bathroom, this time looking slightly more human. The figure now has eyes, or what I think that are eyes. Blurry balls of white light seem to be stuck to the figure´s sockets, with a strange inclination to the color blue. Misty screams so loudly that’ she almost shatters the glass in front of my face, and then disappears into a red haze.

I fall on my knees and try to get some air. My hands are shaking and they hurt badly for hitting the door so desperately. I think about how the figure reminds me of Ariadne; her height, her blue eyes, her hair. It sickens me to think that someone who once looked so beautiful is now such a monster. I now hear turmoil coming from the pitch black shadows at the end of the seemingly endless hall; ancient talk and screams of a thousand voices making me wince. I stare directly at the shadows waiting for something to happen, and then I start to see some strange symbols on the ceiling and on the walls. Each and every one of these symbols are painted in blood, and each seem to be painted quickly as I look everywhere. I begin to crawl backwards just to enter a room that wasn’t there before. The door closes slowly in front of me as I move backwards into the back of the classroom. The turmoil inside the school stops as soon as I stop moving. –Go to hell!-I shout.

I start to look around the classroom. It’s my classroom. Some things aren’t as I remember; the desks do not look as old as before, the many books and backpacks are no longer the ones my other classmates had. I get up and begin to walk through the classroom, making sure that nothing is waiting for me around any corner. I stop for a moment to look out the window, just to see that the figure I assume is Ariadne is now standing next to the one I think is Misty, alone on the darkness of the night, and with faces that suggested immense sorrow. I begin to hear voices inside the classroom. The voices are too many and I can only identify some few words; “Freak!”, “Witch!”, “Ugly!”, “Out!” .The many desks and books start to rumble and float all around me. I tumble backwards, amazed by the madness around me.

I open my eyes and notice that I´m back in my original classroom. The bell rings and, as the teacher explains the homework, I look around the room, thinking that all that I had gone through was just some strange nightmare I came up with during the seconds I spent with my eyes closed. I look at my right to notice that Ariadne´s desk is empty, but then I look in front of me to see that she´s sitting in the desk that Misty was using before. I’m sitting still, confused by what has happened. Did Misty actually die? - I ask myself. As soon as everyone is dismissed, I walk towards Ariadne´s original desk and feel an absurd need to look under the desk. Drawn in pencil, I can see the many symbols I had seen before in my nightmare. I stand up with my heart beating quickly, and then I walk quickly out of the classroom that now terrifies me so much.

The class ended half an hour ago. I begin to ask some of my classmates for information about Ariadne. –Who´s Ariadne?-They ask me. I begin to look confused and they quickly notice my reaction. I shake it off and continue talking.

-Ariadne! That girl in our class! Kind of tall, black hair, blue eyes!-

-I think you´re talking about Misty. The strange one right?-

-I…yes. I…suppose.-

I begin to feel embarrassed and bemused. Did I really confuse their names?-I ask myself. Apparently a teacher I don’t know was listening and chooses to interrupt our conversation to take me away. He begins to talk as soon as we make sure that no one´s near. –I´m going to say this quick-He said.-I don’t know how you know about Ariadne, but we have gone through too much to make people forget about this- . I get a chill down my spine.

-Ariadne is…was, Misty´s sister. Ariadne disappeared many years ago when her sister, Misty, the girl in your class, was very young. Here in the school people never liked her and, after school ended, no one heard of her again. I do not know why you thought that Misty was Ariadne. –

I think about what he said for a moment. - I had seen her in the classroom right in front of me! Both Ariadne and Misty were there in the classroom!-I remember. What terrifies me the most is that I cannot recall who told me their names. I try to think about the nightmare. I remember the symbols. I had never seen them before until the nightmare, and later under her desk. After having seen those symbols in the desk I can assume that it had something to do with Ariadne being some kind of a witch like the voices said. I think about magic. Is it all really how we all think it is? Some sort of powers that a person is born with, or could it is something darker? My mind races to figure out how I could go through such a nightmare for some revelations. As I think about all this the teacher looks at me waiting for me to understand my dilemma. I look slightly to my right to see that Misty is standing far down the hall, smiling and staring at me directly in the eye, then walks away as I begin to hear whispers in my ear again.

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