Up in the Air

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A young college-aged student wants a sign not to do anything stupid.

Submitted: July 08, 2015

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Submitted: July 08, 2015



The blonde girl takes a deep breath. Jack Frost is obviously biting back tonight; the air is cold and it feels like the girl is in Antarctica. He’s a bit too trigger-happy with the weather in the past week here in Cincinnati. It feels like it’s the end of the world tonight because the city is empty and Earth feels like it’s freezing over.

The lights are still going off in the city below her. She is sitting on the sorority house’s roof and watching purple, blue, and yellow flashes on various buildings below her. It makes her feel infinite up here, like she’s an angel. She pulls up her open-shoulder shirt and stands up to sit on the chair beside her.

She takes a bottle of beer lying on the ground and holds it in her little hands. She presses her snub nose up against it, trying to see her reflection in the tawny-shaded bottle. She sees her blue eyes in the image and she gives a silly smile.

She stands up, and then chucks the bottle into the city below her. She watches the bottle fly into the city, and then shatters the second it hits the road. She half-smiles and sits back down, taking another deep breath.

The angel-like girl stares down at her lanky body. She secretly hates her appearance, but every time she mentions it, she gets shot down. It’s hard to think you’re pretty when people only tell you it when you’re calling yourself ugly. 

She starts to scratch herself with her long nails. Her face quickly turns red. She purses her lips and starts to pace around the roof.

She wants a sign not to continue on with this. She feels so very, very alone in this fight in the world. “Give me a sign!” She shouts, picking up another bottle from the ground and tossing it into the city. “Give me a sign!”

Suddenly, light snow starts to fall down. She starts to smile, dancing around the rooftop like she was a child on Christmas. She stops, and sits down. She lets the tiny snowflakes fall on her face and on her tongue. She blinks, and takes one last, relieved breath. 

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