Love letter to Life

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This is a poem about life.

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



I've finally got the nerve to write you a Love letter

Then I crumbled the paper

dropped the pen and said "FUCK IT!"

Just when I thought I loved you

you decided to throw a curved ball

it did not miss... not even an inch of my mind, body, or soul.

You've been by my side since i was a child

I hated you from the start

I wont lie, you made me smile at times

But mostly, you made me cry.

I hated you for who you are

you are mine.

I'm sure you didn't intend to hurt me

People around me made you the way you are.

sometimes I feel as though i'm lying to myself,

I'm pretty sure I play a part in who you are.

Lately you haven't been so bad,

things are looking up

but deep down I fear another curved ball,

I wonder what it will hit this time...

I have no room for pain, so give me your best shot.

I'm taking control now,

So here i go one last time

uncrumbling the paper,

Pen in my hand

Maybe I sould continue the Love letter I started

Or maybe a lettter of appreciation...

I appreciate the hard times,

The heartaches,

The loneliness,

The abuse,

And all the hate i've received from every angle.

I appreciate the laughter

The love

The happiness I now feel.

I have yet to mention who you are,

maybe this is the time

because i can no longer blame you for who you are...

You are mine,

I allowed others to make you who you are,

so i blame me.

You belong to me,

And this is why you are called Life..

My life!

No one ever promised you'd be easy

But I was strong.

You see, this is why i couldn't bare to write you a Love letter.

I don't hate you

But I have no room to love you... yet.

So for now, this letter of appreciation will just have to do.

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