Cold Day In The Country

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Sometimes it's hard to please a woman who you've been with for a while. But it's not the man's fault as much. Sometimes though, it's just time to say goodbye.

Submitted: March 08, 2007

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Submitted: March 08, 2007



Another cold day in the country

another glimpse of the sun bypassing

my woman left me outside and lonely

she thought this could never last

But she's been blinded by her own reflection

driven by her own perception

believing that it's right

but carried through her owns' deception

She sits down reading those fancy novels

and then waits for me to get her more flowers

and buy her these tasteless vowels


No I don't, so baby listen to me

I've given all my love

you just want more diamond rings

it's all just material things

I don't need to cater to fairy tale culture

I won't ride a horse to our home

in the middle of the night

while I've been gone for long

in the rain, to make little sense of how much

I love you, it'll only reflect my pain

And while you handcuff my subconscious

telling me I've got something to prove

You'll leave me out again

through another cold day in the country

You want too much

my touch

isn't good enough for you

Too bad,

cos' I'm through with you.

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