Jonas Love (so far not done yet)

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My dream i had that i turned into a script i haven't finished it yet

Submitted: December 24, 2009

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Submitted: December 24, 2009



Vanessa- (rings Kayleigh)
Kayleigh- (answers phone) Hey
Vanessa- Hey I heard you were in Newcastle, do you want to meet up some time i haven’t seen you in a while
 Kayleigh- Sure you can come here and help me prepare for the Newcastle concert its hard work
Vanessa- Sure, so have you met the Jonas Brothers yet?
Kayleigh- No, there always so busy and there is alot of people helping on tour, so there not going to notice a poor person like me
Vanessa- Yeah i guessed, don’t talk like that they were poor once and look at them now
Kayleigh- Yeah i guess, you always know how to cheer me up
Vanessa- That’s what friends are for, at least someone’s happy
Kayleigh- What’s happened?
Vanessa- Well college sucks i’m falling English and my photography course and my stalker ex-boyfriend is getting worse it’s like my own personal paparazzi
 Kayleigh- Don’t worry i might have a photography job for you, and have you told the police
Vanessa- Really!?! Like what? Yeah they said they can’t do anything unless he physical hurts me
Kayleigh- Well the Jonas Brothers need a new band photographer that means you’ll be on tour with me and you’ll be able to get away from your stalker ex-boyfriend for a while
Vanessa- Wow that sounds cool but they wouldn’t use me i’m failing photography
Kayleigh- Don’t worry I’ll sneak into the Jonas Brothers dressing rooms and put your portfolio in there if you bring it today, and if you become friends with them tell them about your stalker and i’m sure big rob will take care of it
Vanessa- Really you would do that for me, and if i became friends with them so would you, and yeah that’s a really good idea
Kayleigh- That’s what friends are for, aww thanks, and yeah i know
Vanessa- I’ll be there in about an hour I will text you when i get off the train, and I’ll meet you outside the metro arena
Kayleigh- Okay see you then
Vanessa- Bye
They hang up, with Kayleigh
Kayleigh-(to her self) I can’t wait for Vanessa to get here
Nick- So you talk to your self
Kayleigh- (jumps) Erm not normally but i’m excited
Joe- Who where you talking on the phone to?
Kayleigh-my best friend she coming to help me i haven’t seen her since the tour started
Nick- I thought I’d seen you around here before, what’s your name?
Kayleigh- It’s Kayleigh
Nick- I’m guessing you already know our names
Kayleigh- Yeah i do
Joe- So, who’s your friend? What does she do? And how old is she?
Kayleigh- Her names Vanessa she’s at new college for now, and she’s 17
Joe- Oh so is she leaving new college soon then, oh she’s five years younger then me
Kayleigh- She still has another year but i think she’s going to drop out, yeah she is
Joe- Why?
Kayleigh- Well she just told me that she’s failing English and she’s also failing her photography course, oh and there’s her stalker ex-boyfriend which is really scaring her that’s why she’s helping me today just to get away from him for a little while
Joe- Hey, i have an idea
Nick & Kevin- Oh no that’s never good
Joe- You and Vanessa are best friends right?
Kayleigh- Yeah we’re like sisters, why?
Joe- Well we need a photographer and by the looks of it you need a friend, no offence
Kayleigh- That’s a great idea and none taken i do need her right now
Joe- Cool well we’ll make it happen but we need her portfolio
Kayleigh- Don’t worry she’s bringing it i was going to sneak into your dressing rooms and leave it there
Joe- Oh fair enough
Nick- Dude best idea you’ve ever had, i hate seeing people sad
Kevin- Yeah Joe, me to Nick
Nick- We have to go we have sound check, what time is your friend coming?
Kayleigh- She’s on the train now and she’s going to text me when she’s off the train and i’m going to meet her outside the arena
Nick- Well let me know when you get the text and we’ll pick her up from the train station
Kayleigh- Are you sure?
Nick- Yeah we don’t want you walking all that way by yourself
Kevin- Sure Nick (to Kayleigh) it’s more then that
Kayleigh- (laughs) I’ll find you guys when i get the text, and thanks
Nick- Okay you’ll need this (puts a pass around her neck) access all areas
Kayleigh- Thanks Nick
Joe- Quick questions, who’s her favourite Jonas?
Kayleigh- (laughs) you’ll find out soon Joe
Nick- Okay now we do really have to go bye Kayleigh, It was nice meeting you
Kayleigh- Nice meeting you to
Kevin & Joe- See you later Kayleigh
Kayleigh- Bye
50 minutes later
Vanessa- (texts Kayleigh) Getting off the train in 5 minutes
Kayleigh- (texts back) okay stay at the train station, i have a surprise you’ll love it trust me
Vanessa- (texts back) Okay i trust you see you soon
Kayleigh- (texts back) bye
With Kayleigh
Kayleigh- (to her self) Need to find Jonas’s
Walks to the stages see’s the Jonas Brothers, takes a deep breathe
Kayleigh- Hey Nick
Nick- Yeah
Kayleigh- Vanessa just text me she’s getting of the train in 4 minutes
Nick- Okay
Nick- (to everyone) Hey guys me and my brothers have to go do something we’ll be back soon
They all get in the car and go to the train station, at the train station
Kayleigh and Vanessa run to each other and hug
Vanessa- I missed you so much
Kayleigh- I’ve only been gone for 3 weeks
Vanessa- Yeah that’s along time
Kayleigh- Your right i missed you to, i have two surprises for you but one of them I’ll save until were alone
Vanessa- Oh cool, you know when someone says that it’s creepy?
Kayleigh- Yeah i know, let’s go your first surprise is waiting in that car (points to a black car)
Vanessa- Okay I’m so excited
They walk to the car and get in
Vanessa- Oh...My....Gosh
Nick- Wow you were right
Kayleigh- Yeah i knew she would react like this at least she didn’t faint
Vanessa- Wait when we were on the phone before you said you hadn’t met the Jonas Brothers
Kayleigh-  Yeah well when we got off the phone to each other i was kinda talking to my self when they walked past so we started talking about me and you and how were like sisters and you and new college and your stalker ex-boyfriend
Vanessa- Okay, that’s not weird at all, yeah it is
Joe- So you have a stalker ex-boyfriend
Vanessa- Yeah it’s getting beyond creepy
Joe- How come
Vanessa- Well he tried to follow me here so i had to get on a train get off then get on the right train but I’m not sure weather he figured out that i wasn’t on that train or not
Joe- Don’t worry I’ll look after you
Nick & Kevin & Kayleigh give Joe a look
Joe- I’m just trying to be nice
Kevin- If you say so Joe
Joe- Yeah well what about Nick offering to take Kayleigh to pick Vanessa up
Kevin- Nick Joe has a point, never thought I’d say that
Nick- We should get back the concert starts in a few hours
Kevin- Of course Nick
They drive to the concert
Joe- (to Vanessa) so is that your portfolio?
Vanessa- Erm...
Kayleigh- Don’t worry I told them my plan
Vanessa- Okay, yeah it is
Joe- Cool, can i take a look at it?
Vanessa- Sure
Joe & Nick & Kevin look at it
Kayleigh- (to Vanessa) so what’s going on with college?
Vanessa- Well I’m failing English I don’t have the right sentence structure or something like that and then there’s photography, It’s harder then i thought it would be, I really enjoy it but I’m not getting anywhere with it plus my stalker ex-boyfriend’s in that class as well
Kayleigh- Vanessa I’ve read what you’ve written it’s really good I still have some of your story’s with me I took them on the road with me so I didn’t get bored when we were travelling from place to place and...
Joe interrupts
Joe- Don’t worry you don’t need to go back to photography class these are amazing
Nick & Kevin- Joe’s right again he’s been right about alot of things today but this is the most important thing
Nick- are you guys thinking what I’m thinking
Kevin- That Vanessa’s going to be our photographer
Joe- And come on tour with us so she can do her own photography course and so her and Kayleigh can spend more time together
Nick- exactly
Vanessa- Really
Joe- Yeah your hired
Vanessa- Thank you guys so much, it means alot to me and thanks Kayleigh for talking to your self without you i wouldn’t be sat in this car and i wouldn’t be the Jonas Brothers photographer
Jonas Brothers- Your welcome
Kayleigh- It’s what best friends do
Vanessa & Kayleigh hug
At the concert venue
Joe- Why don’t you girls go to our dressing room and catch up for a little while
Nick- Yeah girls we’ll call you when we need you
Kevin- Have fun
Vanessa & Kayleigh- Okay thanks guys, we will you to, Bye guys
Jonas Brothers- We will, bye
Vanessa & Kayleigh walk to the Jonas dressing room
Vanessa- So what did you want to tell me that you couldn’t before?
Kayleigh- Okay no judging, but i have a boyfriend..... Online
Vanessa- Okay not judging.... what do you mean online?
Kayleigh- on MySpace I’ve been talking to someone for a while on there but I’ve only been dating him for 2 weeks
Vanessa- Okay what’s his name?
Kayleigh- His name is Nate
Vanessa- I like that name, tell me everything about him
Kayleigh- Well he’s 18 and he’s a musician, and he’s not online alot because he’s busy with his music
Vanessa- Cool, so are you going to meet up with him
Kayleigh- He said in a few months because he’s busy doing something to do with music at the moment
Vanessa- Okay when you do I’ll come with you but I’ll hide
Kayleigh- Spy Vanessa, you’ve always wanted to do that
Vanessa- Yeah i know
 Kayleigh- Let me guess when i meet up with him were going on a shopping trip for something nice for me and spy clothes for you
Vanessa- You got it on one
Joe- Spy clothes??
Nick- Boyfriend?? Online??
Kevin- What they said (points to Joe & Nick)
Vanessa- Yeah she’s going to meet up with her online boyfriend in a few months because he’s busy with music stuff and I’m going to spy on them so i need spy clothes
Joe- Okay that makes sense
Nick- Boyfriend?? Online?? (Repeats it 10 times)
Kayleigh- Okay Nick you can stop repeating it, yeah i have a boyfriend online it’s the only way i can
Kevin- Wait Nick don’t you...
 Nick- (covers Kevin’s mouth) Kevin can i talk to you outside (pulls him outside)
Kayleigh & Vanessa look at Joe
Joe- I should go find out what that’s about shouldn’t I?
Vanessa- Yeah you should
Joe- Okay I’m going
Joe leaves
Kayleigh- Okay that was beyond weird
Vanessa- Yeah it was
Joe pops his head in
Joe- (To Kayleigh) I’m not aloud to tell you yet
Vanessa- What about me
Joe- Oh yeah I’m not aloud to tell you ever sorry
Vanessa- Joseph Adam Jonas get here now
Joe- Bye (runs away)
Vanessa- (to Kayleigh) this should be fun I’ll be back soon (runs after Joe)
Kayleigh- Okay have fun (sits down on the computer)
Kayleigh- (to Nate) hey I might not be on as much my best friend is coming on the tour with me
Nate- (to Kayleigh) okay that’s fine i understand, and what’s your friend doing on tour, is she helping you backstage?
Kayleigh- No she’s the Jonas Brothers new photographer
Nate- Oh i have to go one last thing, we’ve met before
Kayleigh- What when?
Nate goes offline
With Joe and Vanessa
Vanessa- (chasing Joe) Tell me please she’s my best friend I’m going to find out anyway
Joe- (running in front of her) exactly (turns around) where’d she go?
Vanessa- (jumps on Joe’s back) gotcha (laughs)
Joe-(laughs) you could so be a spy
Vanessa- Yeah i know
Joe- But i still can’t tell you you’ll find out soon enough
Vanessa- Fine i guess I’ll have to wait, (get’s off Joe’s back)
Joe- Yeah you will, come on hop on my back and I’ll take you back to Kayleigh
Vanessa- Are you sure?
Joe- Yeah it’ll be fun
Vanessa- Okay just don’t drop me
Joe- I won’t I promise
Vanessa- Okay let’s go
Vanessa gets on his back and they go to the dressing room
Joe- (to Kayleigh) were back
Kayleigh- I guessed that
Vanessa- (jumps off Joe’s back) Thanks for the lift Joe
Joe- Anytime anyway I best go find Nick and Kevin
Vanessa- Okay bye Joe
Kayleigh- Bye
Joe- Bye girls
Kayleigh- So did you find out what happened between Nick and Kevin
Vanessa- No but I still had fun did you find anything out?
Kayleigh- Kinda i was talking to Nate and he said that we’ve met
Vanessa- So it’s someone you’ve met
Kayleigh- Yeah
Vanessa- Wow when someone says that it’s really creepy
Kayleigh- Yeah it is
Nick Joe Kevin comes running in
Vanessa & Kayleigh- What’s that all about?
Nick- Erm well (to Kayleigh) you know how you’ve been working backstage for 3 weeks
Joe- (to Vanessa) and how you’ve been at college
Kevin- Well we thought it would be nice if we got you front row seats for the rest of the tour
Kayleigh- Are you serious?
Nick- Yeah of course we are
Vanessa- Front row like right in front of the stage
Joe- Yeah very front row and you get to go back stage afterwards as well
Kayleigh & Vanessa- Awesome
Kevin- You’ll be sat with Danielle
Vanessa- Cool, wait can i go home and change into something different because i only put these clothes on because of my stalker ex-boyfriend
Kayleigh- Yeah me to i want to get changed as well
Vanessa- You’ve still got clothes at mine
Kayleigh- Cool
Joe- Okay we’ll get a car ready for you and a security guard i don’t your stalker ex-boyfriend to come anywhere near you
Vanessa- Aww that’s really sweet Joe thanks
Kayleigh- Yeah thanks Joe
Kayleigh & Vanessa get into the car and go to Vanessa’s house
At Vanessa’s house
Kayleigh- I’m so excited
Vanessa- Yeah me to
Kayleigh- It look’s like you and Joe are getting along really well
Vanessa- Yeah we are, it helps that were both really childish
Kayleigh- Yeah it does
Vanessa- So you’re dating Nate do you still like Nick?
Kayleigh- Yeah but i realised i will never get a chance to date Nick
Vanessa- Well by the way he was looking at you i thought you might have
Kayleigh- Really!?!?
 Vanessa- Yeah
Kayleigh- Well it’s to late I’m dating Nate
Vanessa-(thinks Nate, didn’t...) I just figured it out
Kayleigh- Figured what out?
Vanessa- Oh nothing, are you ready yet?
Kayleigh- Yeah are you?
Vanessa- Yeah lets go
They get back in the car and go to the concert after the concert
Vanessa- Joe can i talk to you for a second
Joe- Sure what about?
Vanessa- (to Kayleigh) I’ll meet you back at the dressing room in a few minutes
Kayleigh- Okay have fun 
Vanessa- I figured it out
Joe- Figured what out?
Vanessa- Nick played a character called Nate on camp rock and now Kayleigh’s dating someone called Nate and by Kevin’s reaction yesterday he figured it out to
Joe- Wow you are truly clever but you can’t tell Kayleigh Nick wants to tell her
Vanessa- Ok, but when is he going to tell her?
Joe- Soon
Vanessa- Okay
Joe shouts Kevin and Nick over
Joe- Okay Vanessa figured it out
Nick- Oh, was it that easy to figure it out
Vanessa- For me yeah but don’t worry Kayleigh won’t figure it out she doesn’t put things together like that but the name was kinda obvious Nate
Nick- (covers her month)
Joe- Promise you won’t tell her?
Vanessa- Don’t worry i promise
Nick- What did you tell Kayleigh when you asked if you could talk to Joe?
Vanessa- Nothing, I gotta go (runs off)
Kevin- Joe she totally likes you
Joe- You think so?
Nick- Yeah dude it’s obvious
Joe- Do you think i should ask her out?
Kevin- Yeah if you don’t someone else will
Nick- Yeah Kevin’s right
Joe- Okay I’ll do it tomorrow
With Vanessa & Kayleigh
Kayleigh- Okay what was that all about?
Vanessa- Nothing i just wanted to talk to Joe
Kayleigh- What about?
Vanessa- I wanted to see if he would tell me about before
Kayleigh- Did he?
Vanessa- No
Kayleigh- Okay, but he totally likes you and you like him
Vanessa- You think, and yeah always have
Kayleigh- The way you to were messing around before yeah, and yeah just try and make it a little less obvious about it
Vanessa- Okay I’ll try
Jonas brothers come running in
Kayleigh- What’s up?
Kevin- Would you girls like to join us for dinner tonight
Kayleigh & Vanessa- look at each other- (Nervously) sure
Nick- You have nothing to be nervous about
Joe- Yeah its just pizza on our tour bus
Vanessa- mmm Pizza
Kayleigh- Yeah sounds nice
Kevin- So you both like pizza
Kayleigh- Yeah, Vanessa would live on it if she could
Vanessa- No i wouldn’t, okay maybe i would
Joe- Same here
Vanessa- Coolio
Joe- I like that word Coolio
Kayleigh- Yeah she made it up when she was like 15
Nick- Really?!?!
Kayleigh- Yeah
They go to the tour bus
Kayleigh- Wow this is awesome
Vanessa- It’s prettyful
Joe- Another word that you made up?
Vanessa- Yeah
Kayleigh- She has a book full of words we’ve made up
Nick- Really?!?!
Vanessa- Yeah, i also have about 10 boxes of photos of me and Kayleigh but mainly Kayleigh
Vanessa- Yeah
Kayleigh- So you’ve packed ready?
Vanessa- Yeah just got to pack some clothes
Kayleigh- Coolio
Joe- Packed for what?
Vanessa- Oh Kayleigh has an uncle that lives in L.A so he bought Kayleigh a house there and I’m going to move in with her once this tour’s finished i was going to after college but i quit college so I’m going to move in sooner then i thought.
Kevin- We’re here
Kayleigh- Where??
Kevin- Vanessa’s house
Vanessa- Why?
Kevin- So you can get your camera and clothes for the tour
Kayleigh- We may be a while then
Vanessa- Yeah
Kevin- Don’t worry your mum’s already packed it
Vanessa-Oh no
Kevin- What?
Vanessa- My mum is no good with picking out clothes
Mrs. Jonas- Don’t worry if she packs the wrong clothes we have the morning off tomorrow we’ll take you to girls shopping and you can buy what ever you want
Vanessa- Really?!?! You would do that for us
Mr. Jonas- Off course we would girls
Vanessa- & Kayleigh- Shopping!!!!!!!!!!
Nick- I’m guessing you like shopping
Kayleigh- Yeah
Vanessa- Come on Kayleigh you can help me get my stuff
Kayleigh- I’m coming
They go into Vanessa’s house, back on the bus
Mrs & Mr Jonas- They are really nice girls
Joe- Yeah they are
Mrs. Jonas- Joseph why don’t you just ask Vanessa out?
Joe- I’m going to tomorrow how did you know i liked her like that?
Mrs. Jonas- It’s a mother thing, and Nick tell Kayleigh about the whole Nate thing
Nick- I will mum, tomorrow
The girls come back
Mrs. Jonas- You girls will be sleeping were Nick & Joe normally sleep and they’ll be on the couch
Vanessa & Kayleigh- Thanks
Mr & Mrs Jonas- Night everyone
Everyone- Night
Kayleigh- I can’t believe your mum packed the worse pyjamas ever
Vanessa- I know I’ll just sleep in the clothes I’m wearing
Joe- No way, (walks off and comes back) here (hands her one of his shirts and his boxers)
Vanessa- I like this shirt and boxers (goes to the bathroom and puts them on, comes out) okay that’s a very small bathroom
Joe- Wow you look good in my clothes
Vanessa- Thanks
Kayleigh- You should wear dudes clothes more often
Vanessa- What are you trying to say?
Kayleigh- You look better as a dude
Vanessa- That’s mean but thanks
Nick- I bet you look good in dude clothes
Kayleigh- No I’m fine in my clothes
Kevin- Danielle looks good in my clothes
All look at Kevin
Joe & Vanessa- Awkward
Everyone laughs
Vanessa- Shut up
Joe- Well we should go to sleep we have a long night and tomorrow we’ll be in London
Vanessa- I love London
Kayleigh- I’ve never been to London before
Vanessa- It’s really good for shopping
Kayleigh- Coolio
Vanessa- Yeah, night Kayleigh
Kayleigh- Night
Vanessa- Night Kevin, (whispers) night Nate, i mean Nick
Nick- Shhh I’m telling her tomorrow okay?
Vanessa- Okay night Joe
Joe- Night Nessa
They all go to bed
Next Morning
Mrs. Jonas- Girls time to get up were in London
Kayleigh- Wow i can’t believe it I’m finally in London
Vanessa- Huh what?
Joe- She said were in London
Vanessa- Okay cool
Joe- You don’t seem to excited
Kayleigh- She’s not a morning person
Vanessa- Yeah i hate mornings
Kayleigh- Even though you go jogging every Sunday morning
Joe- You go jogging every Sunday!?!?!?!?!
Vanessa- Yeah Joe you don’t have to sound so shocked
Joe- Sorry but cool well maybe we can go jogging together on Sunday’s
Vanessa- Yeah I’d like that
Joe- Yeah me to
Kevin- Come on girls get ready were going shopping in 1 hour
They walk to the hotel Vanessa & Kayleigh go to there room and get ready (knock on there door)
Vanessa- (shouts) Come in
Nick- Are you girls ready?
Kayleigh- Yeah (comes out in a pink dress)
Nick- Wow
Vanessa- Comes back out (in a pair of purple skinny jeans and a black top
Joe- Double wow
Kevin- You girls really know how to dress
Danielle- Wow i love that dress, and i don’t think I’ve ever met a girl that would actually wear purple skinny jeans
Mr & Mrs Jonas–(walk in) wow you girls look really pretty ready to go guys?
Everyone- Yeah
They all walk to Oxford Street
Vanessa & Kayleigh- Primark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonas brothers- I’m guessing you like Primark
Vanessa- Yeah my favourite shop
Kayleigh- Yeah they have really nice clothes in here
Mr & Mrs Jonas- well were going to go off and let you kids shop alone now Jonas whatever the girls want by it for them im assigning you people
Nick- Assigning us people?
Mrs Jonas. Yes Nicholas, okay so obviously Kevin and Danielle can go together, and Joseph and Vanessa because they seem to get on really well which leave Nicholas and Kayleigh
Joe- Coolio
Vanessa- What he said
Vanessa & Joe run in
Nicholas- Thanks mum
Kayleigh- Let’s go Nick I love shopping
They all go shopping in Primark for 4 hours and go back to the hotel
Vanessa & Kayleigh- I shopped till i dropped
Jonas Brothers- That was fun, well we best get to sound check
Nick- Yeah and Kayleigh you need to go help out back stage
Joe- and Vanessa you need to get shots of us doing
Vanessa- Sound check i know Joe
Kevin- Yeah Joe she knows
Joe- Dude shut up
Vanessa- (laughs)
Joe- Oh so you thinks it’s funny
Vanessa- Yeah
Joe- Lets see if you think this is funny (starts chasing her around the hotel room)
Vanessa- (runs while laughing)
Joe- (grabs her around the waist and spins her around so she’s facing him)
Vanessa- (nervously) hi
Joe- (nervously) hi
Kevin, Nick, Danielle, Kayleigh- (cough)
Joe- (let’s go of Vanessa) – we should get to sound check
Jonas Brothers leave
Kayleigh- Okay you and Joe were about to kiss
Vanessa- I know but you had to ruin it couldn’t you have just left
Kayleigh- No, it was fun watching you
Kevin- There’s a car outside for you girls and hoodies because there’ll be alot of pap’s outside and ifs it’s okay with you we’d like to keep your identity hidden we don’t want your stalker ex-boyfriend to find out were you are
Vanessa- Okay cool thanks Kevin
Kayleigh- Do i have to wear the hoodies I don’t have a stalker ex-boyfriend
Kevin- Yeah but if he see’s you then he might think you know where Vanessa is and you know how it ends
Kayleigh- Okay we’ll put the hoodies on
Kevin- Come on then
At Wembley stadium
Vanessa- Wow it’s huge
Kayleigh- Yeah it is
Joe- Okay now im slightly scared
Vanessa- (hugs Joe) don’t worry you’ll do great as usual
Joe- (hugs back) thanks Nessa
Kayleigh- Yeah she’s right theres nothing to worry about
Nick- Erm Kayleigh can i talk to you for a second?
Kayleigh- Sure 
 They go to the dressing room
Joe- Do you think...
Vanessa- He’s going to tell her he’s Nate, yeah I do
Joe- Can you read my mind or something
Vanessa- Nope i just know what you’re going to say (walks away)
Joe- Coolio (follows Nessa)
Kevin- Okay everyone just seems to disappear
Danielle- Where is everyone?
Kevin- Well Nick’s gone to tell Kayleigh that he’s Nate that she’s been dating for a few weeks but they’ve been talking longer then that, and Joe just followed Vanessa
Danielle- Do you think Joe’s going to ask her out?
Kevin- I hope so they almost kissed before
Danielle- Yeah that was so cute
Kevin- Yeah it was
With Nick & Kayleigh
Kayleigh- So what’s up Nick?
Nick- Well you know that guy Nate you’ve been talking to
Kayleigh- Yeah what about him
Nick- I’m Nate
Kayleigh- What?
Nick- I’m Nate i thought if you knew i was Nick Jonas you would act different but i didn’t realise you were on our tour or that you were so pretty then Kevin figured it out then Vanessa did but we made her not tell you she really wanted to
Kayleigh- I’m really glad you told me and to be honest i was going to break up with Nate for you I think I’ve fallen for you Nick, and yeah i had a feeling Vanessa figured it out she’s good at things like that
Nick- So you don’t hate me or Vanessa for not telling you sooner, and does this mean were officially dating
Kayleigh- No of course I don’t hate you and Vanessa, and yeah let’s go fins the others and tell them
Nick- Okay
They go and find the others
With Kevin & Danielle
Nick- Have you guys seen Vanessa & Joe?
Kevin- No they walked off a little while ago and we haven’t seen them since
Kayleigh- Okay well we’ll find them later but first we have something to tell you guys
Kevin & Danielle- What?
Nick- Well i told Kayleigh i was Nate now were officially dating
Kevin- Dude that’s awesome
Danielle- Aww that’s so sweet I’m so happy for you to
Kayleigh & Nick- Thanks; let’s go find Joe & Vanessa
They all go and look for Joe & Vanessa, on stage
Joe- So what does it feel like standing on stage next to a Jonas
Vanessa- Amazing I love it (points the camera at Joe) smile for he camera

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