Burning Away Like a Hot Ember

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About reality........lieing to ourselves to stay sane and more......

Submitted: August 22, 2007

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Submitted: August 22, 2007



Defy my logic, so you think you have control.

Reactive project, stitching this hole in your soul.

Think of your wrongs, so you learn from me.

Sing all my songs, understanding through what I see.

Things we already know, yet willing to hear again.

Testing how far we can go, and what there is to depend.

Now i might not be making sense, but you can feel my meaning.

Bloody sins we have to rinse,  not to look back at what were leaving.

Understanding is not the key, it only confuses with complex.

Were not supposed to be, and it contributes to all your painful side effects.

All the emptyness inside, leads us to oblivion.

Thinking of all who has died, no matter for a good or bad desicion.

Its gonna be the same, hollowness unchanges.

Simplicity that cant be tame, firing squads on suicidal gun ranges.

And your minds whispering, it cant get worse.

While your bodies whithering, into truly a curse.

You may have a happier idea about it all, but deep down you cry.

In the present you can never fall, inside you know its a natural lie.

Ive just accepted it without the thought, just pure emotion.

A desiese we have caught, unchanged corrosion.

Atleast we know now, even if we wont remember.

Absent knowledge of how, burning away like a hot ember.






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