Drowning in Fear

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Comparing Drowning........with our fears

Submitted: November 27, 2006

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Submitted: November 27, 2006



Slipping towards the waters.

Slowy and methodically like a snake slithers.

Theres a smell of blood in the air.

Filling me with hate and despair.

The water has a feeling of cold.

Shivers up my back as i rolled.

Fear the beast down below.

Resisting the waters might and flow.

Its got me in its grey murky grip.

Waves coming over me making me flip.

Deeper and deeper its getting real dark.

Thoughts of what im about to embark.

Life feels similar to these thoughts.

Only you watch while your body rotts.

Decay more everyday.

Anxiety makes you terrified in lots of ways.

Cover them up with passion and love.

Fear what you'll get up from above.

Its not there anymore.

All reflections of folklore.

So now understand why we stay so desparate.

And bleed from our cuts.

Our pain is giving us reasons to hate and cry.

Our thoughts filled with feelings that were gonna die.



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