Im In You

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How we are all of one mind ........seperated

Submitted: February 20, 2007

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Submitted: February 20, 2007



To feel is to make things right.

How they should be in the first place.

Thrown away and rapped up tight.

Left without a trace.

Now were in one being.

Another is just not real.

United visulization of what were really seeing.

Were all on the way to be satans meal.

Fates came together and its not organized.

Scattered and flying through the air.

Its hard to even figure how to realize.

Even harder to try to care.

Care enough to wright these letters.

But not enough to see through them.

Dreary day for a soul were she left hers.

But not important enough to even give a damn.

Or in a point of view of your own.

Im just like you so figure it out.

You already know how much ive known.

Im in your mind now without a doubt.

I know what you think before you think it.

I know where youll be before you get there.

You can do the same just wake up alittle bit.

And when you see me again dont give me that same old stare.

Obey your ensticts and youll find the only way.

Its down the road of depair and misery.

Where we all can stay.

Its all already up there for you to see.

I found it so easily.

And it wont let go of me.




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