Something and Nothing

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sick of it all

Submitted: February 08, 2007

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Submitted: February 08, 2007



Touch somthing when nothings there.

Feeling up with its blank stare.

Come save me if you can.

All ive done is ran.

Misery to my right.

Sorrow is around my neck tight.

Harder everyday of life.

Failed to take it with a knife.

Attepted to fall into the sun.

Seemed only right thinking of all ive done.

Im here still and thats good.

Glad i didnt and strong i stood.

Funny though i feel the same as that day.

The day i siad i didnt want to stay.

Holding on for my family is my only power.

A dark room and all its vibes i devour.

Despairs all i have anymore.

Dreams that drugs made me ignore.

I wanna hit the goddamn ceiling.

Left there not noticed.

And forget how to be focused.

Not worrying about anything on this planet.

Im sick of it and cant stand it.



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