Volcanic Erruption

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This is one of my good poems

Submitted: February 28, 2007

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Submitted: February 28, 2007



The valcano went off, pouring down death on everyone.

Screaming running and horrified, there skin burned as if there were a million suns.

Now the land is renewed, and all life wiped out.

Natures recycling process, turning you into dust again i wouldnt doubt.

Mayhem and carnage, dripping from the beastly mountain.

A death shower, a mad fiery fountain.

Its here to take away, like everything else we know.

Enriching our soil, again these seeds we sow.

Living until its ready again, or somthing else might pull death forward.

Like these people, who im always pointing toward.

The ones who would take my place, just so they could say they did.

But im not willing to fight back, i feel like just a kid.

A cruel world spinning us around, in this eternal black pit.

Some fall astray, while others fit.

Im long gone, left alone and sad.

Wondering if it was different, what i couldve had.


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