Little Penguin Learns To Ski

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Illustrated and inspired by my niece Lucie (age 6)

Little Penguin stood on top of the hill looking very scared. The top of his skis hung over the hill, dangling in the air. 


“Go!” shouted his brother. 


But Little Penguin would not move. 


His brother pushed him. All of a sudden Little Penguin went skiing down the hill. Faster and faster. 


He whizzed between the pine trees.... straight to the river! 


He closed his eyes, thinking he was going to fall in the water. But the river was frozen and he skidded across the top. The ice sparkled in the sun. Now he felt excited! He whooshed around the river bend. 


A strong breeze lifted him off the ice. He felt like he was flying.


He landed on a snow covered housetop, and bounced to the next housetop.


This roof wasn’t covered with snow. It was white frosting! It was a big gingerbread house!


He slid down the side of the roof, bending down to scoop up some frosting.


Landing back on the hill, he went down the slope.


At the bottom of the hill, the ground was flat. Slowly his skis came to a stop. 



“Wow! I did it!”


Submitted: December 09, 2021

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Delightful! You should consider a part-time literary gig.

Fri, August 12th, 2022 5:32pm

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