The Job Interview

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Eternal Life Corporation holds a job interview from two people with opposing beliefs.

Submitted: May 31, 2010

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Submitted: May 31, 2010



The Job Interview
Once, at a job interview in Eternal Life Corporation
Two people were aiming for the same position
One was excited since it’s his dream occupation
While the other was just there for the lack of option
Chris Chan dedicated his life to the corporate world
It’s the right path as he says, and there isn’t any other
While Norelli Jone does not believe in higher power
He searches for his own truth, never just a follower
Then, the company’s Head opened the door
To let the two enter the company’s core
He introduced himself as the President
Then let the two men sit to start the event
“How do you feel about my company?”
Was the President’s first question
Then Mr. Chan stood up without any hesitation
And declared to the Head his love and fascination
“I’ve always believed in Your company’s principles
I even apply them without thinking at all
I once killed someone defending it in a brawl
I’d love this company even if it causes my fall”
“Very well” the President replied
Then He asked Mr. Jone for his side
“I’m the opposite of the man who just spoke
I’ve always thought that this company’s a big joke”
“Then why do you think you deserve this profession?”
The President asked in speculation
“Because unlike him, I’m not a brainwashed man
I could offer my logic, though I’m not Your biggest fan”
Then the President sat down silently
Thinking of His next move wordlessly
And as the two waited in anticipation
The President finally made His decision
“Mr. Chan, I appreciate your love for My corporation
But what you’re doing is clearly adulation
You wasted too much time to meet the job description
That you became ignorant just for this position”
“And Mr. Jone, it’s an advantage to have an open mind
But your use of logic is not the good kind
You search for proof and over-analyze everything
That you ended up missing its true meaning”
“The two of you may not think alike, but you’re not so different either
You’re both rotten, so change or you’ll soon wither
Go back outside, and be better persons
So that one day, I may accept you in My corporation

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