The Rise of The King

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The entire world is in turmoil- not that anyone really cares. In this world each citadel is confined to care only for themselves. Monsters of every kind roam, and they are the majority. The pitiful humans are the minority. In order to struggle for survival each citadel has taken drastic measures to survive. This includes force breeding humans with the very monsters they fight against. The result is a "mage". For years this method has work securing a fighting chance, but anyone can be pushed too far.

Submitted: February 21, 2012

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Submitted: February 21, 2012



Note: I would really appreciate any comments for this script :) even really simple ones just to know that at least one person likes it!

[Enter Narrators]

Have you ever heard of the human overlord?

Who in a single moment cut his human cord.

The heart and soul full of light

Lost its will and power to fight

That none could reverse

But a daringly evil curse

To serve unconditionally, time.

Stage Setting:

[The entire area is a fortress. Soldiers march all around and their guard heightens as the sky darkens. Outside the citadel is a dark ominous forest. An occasional sound is echoed out but other than that is completely silent. Within the citadel there are clusters of small conglomerations that consist of stone houses which are weathered and tired. The lighting is dimmed and dull reflecting the stress behind each individual's life. Citizens bustle like a colony of ants rushing to and fro from their destinations. Even though on the surface everything seems rather normal, there is an air of unease as if everyone is waiting for a disaster to happen. Near the very center of this citadel is the only well-maintained building. It is a monumental sight as it overlooks every other structure in the area-excluding the protective walls and watch towers at the fine line between what is considered "safe" and what is considered "dangerous". If the building with large stain-glass windows of numerous hues is impressive, the inner parts are breath-taking. The walls glimmer and shine with every shade of color imagined. The reason for this is the vast amount of precious stones carefully and skillfully embedded into the walls.However, they serve a deeper meaning other then beauty. They are runes carved out to protect all those inside if ever attacked. Not that it has ever been tested out before; it could all be a hoax. Further in, there are classes for soldiersand training grounds for severe practice and training. In a certain room where the "gifted"receive the harshest training of all, watching every student's move is a statue reaching to the ceiling. It is far from beautiful compared to the rest of the building. Rather, it is damaged, it is in pain, and it is knowing. Years of previous water damage from once when the statue was situated outdoors still shows. Ironically, the water damage has created and illusion of tears. The statue is of a woman with an uncountable amount of arms. Some are large, some are small but they all serve a purpose. The smallest hands cradles a baby, the middle ones hold an array of weaponry, the largest hand outstretches in a didactic way. It points a single finger downwards as if saying "I have chosen you". There are several corridors connecting each section like an intricate spider web. It is in one of these corridors where our story begins.]

Scene 1

[Enter Sir Bithe and Ethereal Faine

Sir Bithe is a tall but stocky man, he has dark unkept hair and intimidating grey eyes. His walk is usually full of confidence and authority but at the moment he shakes with fury. Ethereal has dark blonde hair and possesses abnormal green flourescent hued eyes. It is easy to tell that he doesn't care much about listening to authority and neglects his duties quite frequently. ]

[The two stomp heavily down the corridors. The older of the two points his finger angrily and the rebellious youth obviously infuriated. He shakes his hand in frustration as he is disobeyed several times]

Sir Bithe: By my authority, I command you to stop!

Ethereal: Oh! You command, how flattering!

[He holds up his hands in feigned fear and proceeds to throw his hands into the air as an emphasis. He does not bother to stop walking or to face his leader.]

Sir Bithe: Do not take another step away from me!

[Ethereal finally stops walking and turns to his leader.]

Ethereal: What do you want!? Would you like me to dance? Would you like me to cook dinner at the same time too?

Sir Bithe: You haven’t shown up for any of your training courses! As of now you are the only mage in the premises. It is vital you show up and be ready for an attack! Not to mention –

Ethereal: Whatever

[Ethereal turns once again and begins walking]

Sir Bithe: Come back right now! Hey! You know you can’t leave the building at night!

[Exit Ethereal]

Sir Bithe: What am I going to do?! This disobedient cretin! Interrogating his friend seems like a good choice.

[Sir Bithe calls for a guard and murmurs orders quickly. Enter Siti Roawix

Siti is far from impressive, everything about him is ordinary. Ordinary black hair, ordinary brown eyes, and ordinary status. ]

Siti: What is it sir? What happened that you summoned me at such a late hour?

[Siti tries his best to hide his annoyance but it is so clear on his face that it is disrespectful to even try to hide it.]

Sir Bithe: It’s about Ethereal.

[Siti visibly wakes up, slightly frantic]

Siti: Ah-! Is there a grave danger, what happened?

Sir Bithe: There is no danger at the moment, but there will be if one more of my orders are disobeyed! My patience is wearing thin! Get your friend under control because mage or not a sentence of grave punishment will be put in order!

Siti: Please give me time and have some mercy! I will see what I can do! Where is he? I should talk to him now!

Sir Bithe: Don’t bother, wait to sun rise he already has left the citadel.

Siti: Left!? Monsters are roaming, why is he out there?

Sir Bithe: It doesn’t matter to me, either way the problem will be solved by tomorrow. Do I make myself clear, am I correct?

Siti: Yes sir!

[Exit Siti and Sir Bithe]

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