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This was inspired by Leonard Cohen's song, "everybody knows". I heard it a few times and liked it. It's one of the songs when you hear it you don't get the lyrics if your not paying attention but when you go back and read it on a lyric sheet it makes you think. This could be considered a sequel to my essay "I think about stuff" as it talks about similar stuff. The lyrics in the song helped me better organize what I wanted to say. Even though it's based on a song most of it is my own opinions that I put in, mostly used the lyrics to the song as a guideline. Something i've been thinking for too long I guess.

Much credit goes to Leonard Cohen.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



Sometimes people jump into situations without thinking. They cross their fingers and hope for the best. You see, people want to do something but they don't always think about it especially the consequences so when they do something and if it doesn't turn out how they hoped they are like "didn't see that happen" puzzled by the outcome. Though people have the right to do whatever they want to, especially after twenty one, maybe that's not always best. One thing is war, people believe that if they start wars over something they can get their points out in a physical manner and everything will be fine as they think to themselves 'yeah I sure showed them, I beat them up, shot them up, killed them up a something fierce. Now you see I was right because I killed you so good'. Course this is the thing, alot of people believe that two wrongs make a right, when in reality all two wrongs does is add to the conflict. If people are such a civilized race as they believe they are, then why do they do uncivilized things such as violence and wars to get what they want, for selfish reaons or at that moment they weren't thinking clearly and though if they caused pain of some kind (sometimes it's verbal but im mostly talking physical) they will get what they want. Sometimes it's a fixed fight, you know sometimes no matter what you do even if it seems that you are the winner in an arguement, in reality there is no winner, maybesomeone who get's further in the conflict but doesn't really succeed, I mean does making someone look bad make you seem like a bigger person. Sometimes others start the trouble but the bigger person is someone who finishes it...the right way.

What a useless government, well if you live in america you probably already know that. All it does is dictate over people's lives. Maybe that's why there are so many criminals, they are tired of living under control and doing what the government says but in return the government doesn't help anyone, just keeps secrets and does things behind the scenes to make everything "seem" normal. Those people just want their freedom and go rebelious, doing acts against what the law permits. Well, that's not the only reason for people like that but you know, it's one reason. The government, yeah the government, you do all you can to be a good civilian and pay money for things like morgages, taxes, bills and such, but when you are down and out and need a hand to help you. You turn to the government which was built to help people and make decisions that people can't make by themselves (well that's what they say), but it doesn't help. They turn you away when your at your lowest. So they won't help you, but they don't hesitate to take more from you though now do they. In fact if you don't give them enough of what they want they even lock you away for it. Well, that's your goverment. It's got like an anti-robin hood thing going on, steal from the poor and give to the rich. Have you noticed that these days, about how poor people who work hard are still poor and richer people get even more money. People ask who are you going to vote for president and I say "I don't care", no matter what happens things stay the same no matter who's in office. To me it's one of those things, you know, you see something/someone useless who doesn't contribute to making good decisions and you think to yourself 'why are you even here?'.

No honest people, not one person pure of heat anywhere. I have always wondered years ago, are there any people on earth that are pure good? Well, I eventually found out that answer. The answer is no, there's none. Well for the other way around, there are plenty of pure evil people, but those people are the ones who are mentally sick, however for the most part most people are pretty evil deep in heart, they won't say it out loud but it's true none the less. You see someone who you think is honest and caring and you are like 'they're alright', you see how they present themselves when in the public eye. If you think they are good people, check out what they do when they're by themselves. See how many good decisions they make when no one's watching, bet they won't be playing with puppies or kissing babies if they got on that person's nerves bad enough and if they're by themselves too and no one's watching to see how they deal with what irritates them. You see, everybody's normal and good...until you get to know them.

"Yay, I finally fell in love and I know this is the right person for me, yay!!!", I tell you I heard that so many times lately it begins to drive you crazy, "I know completely that this IS THE ONE", people say that now. Nine times out of ten a few years from now you know what happens, you see that person you ask them about the person they fell in love with and they are like "we ditched each other awhile ago, I hope I never see that scumbag again", everytime. People like to rush into relationships all early barely wanting to get to know the person, people fall in what they call love but as soon as things being to not look right they say "didnt' see this one coming". See here's the thing, people always say what they want is love, however truth be told they want other things. Men, they see it as like keeping a score board, who can score the most points by sleeping with the most good looking women as possible, high fiving each other afterwards. Women are just as bad, they think after marriage it's 'happily ever after, riding into the sunset' not thinking about what happens afterwards. Anyway what happens in relationships that begin to go sour you say. Let's say you have to people, they say vows when they get married. The vows are like "I only commit to you, a hundred percent completely and fully". And it works, well for a day or two. Anyway eventually if your a man, your wife is hot...until she's your wife, then she's just a woman who nags you after work, if your a woman, your husband is awesome until he stops taking you out and stops buying you fancy jewelry and clothes, god forbid if nothing's going on in the bed. So they go out separately, hanging with the boys at the bar, out with the girlfriends to the club. You see a hot sexy person and you speak to them. You begin to like them more and more. You eventually want to get to know them better, without your clothes if you know what I mean. So you break away with the person that you claimed you loved, despite the vows and dedication which actually turns out to be made up since you broke your vows to split from them. You leave the person you were so "I feel in love, this IS THE ONE", for some random person you meet while out one day. So what was the purpose of getting married then if you weren't going to stay with that individual, why did you lie? Anyway, let's say the person you loved had eighty percent of what you want and the person you liked while you went out one day has the other twenty percent, what to do when you leave the first person and go with the second, realizing they don't have as much as your first person, you can't go back to them now that you've left them. And you can't lie and say you'll change, that's what they all say, eventually going back to their old ways when the tension dies down. What happens after all of this, the person you said you love, you dumped them for someone better and yet that new person goes as you eventually find that they lack what the other had, well...guess you have no one.

Selfish people eh, yeah, there's plenty of that in the world. There are people who will do whatever they have to in order to get what they want regardless of who get's hurt, from random people, to friends, to close friends and even to family. "Who cares who get's hurt as long as I get what I want" is what alot of people say to themselves, course they won't say it in a group of people out in the open. For that, with seven billion people currently on earth (give or take) guess there's not enough opprotunty to go around for everyone. It's first come first serve when it comes to getting something, and all that "be kind to your fellow man" saying goes right out the window. But then if you do something like that, only look out for yourself, the people around you will be like "your selfish, your a bad person, your greed will be your downfall, no one is going to help your selfishness" along with dirty looks from people who would do the same thing if they were you.

Earlier about relationships and such, you know what alot of people want is to just get in the bed with someone, and im not talking just to lie down and wait for the sun to come up, they want to do alittle more then that. So people like that sex (along with money and drugs but that's another story). The thing is, they don't like the stuff that comes afterwards. STDs and AIDS, they don't think about that while having it, but get all upset afterwards when they learn they have it, basically they weren't upset when having sex but now with STDs and AIDS now all of a sudden they want to get upset. 'Who cares about the person', they say, 'as long as they give me what I want from them, that's the only thing'. Then when the woman gets pregnant, both people are like "I won't planning to have a kid like this, I don't want this stupid kid, why do I have to deal with this", regardless of the two other people's bad decisions. Now the world is becoming overpopulated by young people who just want to have sex regardless of the consequences. See what I mean about how people don't think. Sexual diseases and unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, all because some stranger felt right in bed, what people have to realise is what feels right isn't what's always right. Next thing you know your on 'the maury show', DNA test, getting laughed at by studio audiences, humiliated in front of people all around the country.

Bible stuff, well maybe I should say religous material? (whichever you prefer) Years ago, people were alot more religious and believed in spiritual stuff. Today, with all the technology and science people are like "everything can be explained with science and if it doesn't then that means whatever it can't explain doesn't exist". In philosophy, it shows you that there can be ten different answers, none are right but they still have some connection with the question that's asked. Im not a god, I don't have all the answers (wish I did, but I don't). Maybe spiritual stuff is right, maybe it's all made up. Maybe there can be evidence right in your face, but how do you know if that evidence is truly legit if you weren't there when it was obtained? For the most part it seems no one is completely sure of anything, they have oppinions but no one really knows. Actually I hear when it comes to preachers, even they when they're alone they look at what they believe and teach but at some point or another say to themself "am I an idiot". Personally for me, I don't know and I just want to say im on who's ever telling the truth. Regardless one thing I found is that both scientifically and religiously, every single person in some way, shape or form are related to one another. That's right if your reading this then you are my cousin in one way or another. This is one thing I found people REALLY hate talking about, haha. I think it's funny but everyone seems to hate this. In fact I guarantee your thinking about someone you hate saying 'no way, im not related to that **** person I hate at the work place/school'. I don't know, maybe it's time to move on from what religion teaches you about how people lived thousands of years ago and do your own thing, or maybe the guidelines back then are to help people today make better decisions and maybe the reason people make bad decisions more today is because of not only advances in technology but because people turn away from religion, no matter which religion it may be, christianity, catholic, islam, pagen, buddhism to name a few. Course with all respect to atheist and agnostic of course, they show people being good from their hearts helping because they want to and not because of what a god will do to them if they don't or reward them if they do (no offense intended if it sounded offensive, just showing you different points of view).

Being strong for yourself when no one else will. There are points in life where you are down, you are out and need someone there for you. Thing is, people will not always do what you will want you to do. There will come points in life where people WILL let you down and you are left on your own. You put all your faith in someone and hope that someone will come to your rescue. The problem is, if someone is like "yeah buddy i'll be there for you ask me anything and i'll do anything for when you need it", they just say that to make themselves look good at the time, to look dependable. When the time eventually comes, please don't tell me you still expect them to rush in during your time of need (you know better then that don't you). First sign of danger, they'll be the first one to either not show up or say "your on your own". This is where true independence comes in, where you have no one to relie on. They say people are social, but as someone once said, "you can live pretty good on your own". To sum it up, being around people isn't everything, sometimes you have to make due without them and work at your own level for if you relie on other people then you will be let down. However, if you should become successful in what you do, the very people who turned their back on you will be the very people who will return to capitalize on your success, the ones who said they would be there for you but ran out on you in your time of need (similar to the story 'the little red hen'). Also, don't expect people to like things the same way you do. You will have something that you will charish and will even see as sacred. However there will be people who will look at what you like and they will be like "why do they like that mess, that stupid dumb mess". It's even like that when you work on something, you work your hardest on something and strain and put all this blood and sweat in it and people are like "...this is what you worked on? No one in the right mind is going to care about this". Yeah, they won't love it like you do. But as long as you like it that's all that matters, I guess, still would be nice to have a few people compliment all that work.

In some way, shape or form everyone knows this stuff, they just don't like talking about it. Guess it's easier to ignore something and hope that it will eventually go away on it's own. When there is something wrong most people like to take easy ways out rather then face something directly. Taking the easy way out of something isn't making someone stronger, they just go around a problem, they don't get stronger and the problem is still there, but it's easier so who cares as long as no one get's hurt right. **sigh** You ever look at someone and think to yourself 'why are you even here, on earth in general', as the person doesn't contribute to anything positive. Yes everyone has something positive to offer, but the thing is they choose not to contribute to anything positive. Well mabe their existence is to help push people who want to make a difference upward, being their stepping stones. As a once great college proffesor once said, "brick walls aren't meant to hold us back,they're meant to see how bad they want it.Alsokeep other people out of what belongs to you". So everyone has a purpose, just not how you imagine it would be. For alot of people they believe they can do something wrong and go back later and fix it, course later never comes so it eventually evolves into a big mess in time. That's something else, as time goes on people make one bad decision and say "oh, it's nothing i'll deal with it later, this little small thing I did". Course they don't. Even if I did repeat the same thing twice it's important to know because it's so basic but yet so many people seem to forget, GOOD CHOICES GOOD CONSIQUENCES, BAD CHOICES BAD CONSIQUENCES, that's the way it's always been it can't be any different. No people think 'bad choices equals bad consiquences', but it can't be like that, no matter how you want it like that it can't be like that. Oh well, in the end everyone even if they don't have a good life can still make the right decisions, for those who don't and choose the wrong choice knowing that it's wrong, there will be no wondering 'why is this bad result happening' when you know why it is the way it is (just don't want to say it). For some people when they make bad decisions on their own, they cannot blame another person as they choose on their own what choice they made, so they have to deal with the outcomes, though the lucky ones just weasel their ways out of situations. In the end, good or bad people will do what they want, we live under dictatorship, we are fueled by our sex drives, marriage is useless, pur religions and beliefs on dice and roll it where you belong will be what it rolls on, people don't like things like you do and people are no where near perfect. But...

...guess that's how it goes:/

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