Its not Just Bullying

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life is full of pain. The sad thing is, some people are so happy with themselves they dont relize what they are are doing to others. they get to the top and push anyone who tries to get higher than them.

Submitted: April 30, 2015

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Submitted: April 30, 2015



Ive been bullied. No, its not like the movies. Its worse. ive been called names that would kill you in a second. ive been pushed  around. its surprising i can still stand here today with courage and bravery in my heart. I almost gave up, and im glad i didnt. 

Im diffrent from others. i think diffrently. im pure in mind, i dont think or see morbid things. Im in all advanced classes plus gifted. im almost ahead a grade. I have lost my courage to speak up. when i was in the second grade their was a group of people who bullied me more than anyone i have seen. they made everyone not want to go near me. they bullied me just because i was smarter than them and i had extraordinary talents. All because i showed how good i was. I never bragged. i never was mean. Yet me, i was bullied. 

  i still have mental scars from alll the negativity and hatred shown to me. All i did was speak up, then i was pushed down. i have learned to be more outgoing but im still the shy girl in the corner. Ihave no real friends. its just a phrase they use to say " i dont want to be very mean so im going to act friendly..." they all have their own groups. i dont have any. 

  I you would just open me up you could see the wonders of me. im like a storage closet that you thought was empty. when you open me everything falls out towards you. just open me... you can see who i really am.

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