Just a day around the dorm

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Just a short story I wanted to share a few days ago. This one isn't a fictional biography like the last story. This one is about sixty percent true and fourty percent false. Something I just wanted to share mostly.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



Mmmmhhh, I wake up again and another day begins. So I look at the clock and it's around eight forty five. I nearly flip out because I woke up late and hop out of bed. Going through my dorm I quickly put stuff together, t shirt, baggy pants, flip flops and a long brown trench coat that comes down to my knees. I don't really bother to comb my hair, it's pretty long and messy, but I just pull it down because I don't have time to comb it. I head out the door and go to my next class. As I walk out I notice the fall colors around me. Yeah, that's right it's October and the leaves are the usual red, brown, yellow. I actually like this time of year, not too cold but not hot either and I like the calm feeling in the air.

I head on, thinking about...well stuff. I like to think about stuff. Don't ask me why, just don't have much else to think about. I'm in this college course for reasons I don't even know, it was going to be for journalism but things haven't been working the way I'd hope. You see, I want to travel the world and be a writer but things haven't worked out how I'd hoped. I actually wanted to be a writer and do all of this about three years ago but things have been moving so slow. First a college rejection note, couldn't go to the college I wanted to as I didn't have enough credits, way back in high school they didn't help me but that's another story, so I had to start from scratch, going to a community college to pull my credits up before I could move on to a bigger one. Oh and did I mention that the rejection note came Christmas eve, merry Christmas to me.

Anyway I finally got the credits I needed and ironically I made it to the original college I wanted to go to that rejected me. I thought about going to a college in a bigger city I recently visited earlier this year as I fell in love with the place when I saw it, but this one is more quieter and I like the way the buildings look with that giant temple cathedral look, and there's a lot of trees as well and I like being in a natural environment. One of the teachers I read about on the college website two years ago sounded interesting so I wanted to meet that teacher, which is another reason I went to this one, course naturally I never meet her so mmh. In addition I have been wanting to live on my own for awhile now, eight years since I graduated I never got the opportunity.

I go around the area thinking of the people I knew back then who I haven't seen in a decade. I think about reading what they're lives are like from what they said on Facebook. From what I read, they're all living the good life. Most are either married and have children or are in a relationship. They graduated from college and are living happy lives. They left and traveled far to follow their life dreams. As for me, I did my part as well but the same things never came to me. I think of those people, most of which did me wrong in one way or another but eh, that was back then. I think to myself 'why did they have to live the good life while I was stuck alone for nearly a decade to myself. I should had got the same as they, I'm not jealous, I just want to enjoy the same things they are. Plus, I would had taken better care of things more then they would had'. I don't know, maybe I just feel like ranting.

Enough of them, I couldn't stand those people back then so why would I think of them now, besides it pisses me off to think of them. They were celebrities back in high school, people who thought they were better then everyone else and looked down on poor people like me. It pisses me off even more to think that they're now living good lives even though they were spoiled back when they were in their teens.

So anyway, I make it to the building and head to my class which is about to start. It's philosophy, I originally took it earlier but things didn't work the way I wanted (a common occurrence for me, things not working right) and I decided to take it at a better time. In class I meet with Cerebral (yes, that's his name, he thinks his ass slick but he's not) and he's like "Neutra, hey, late again ain't chew (he talks like that also, instead of using proper grammar he substitutes words that sounds like what you would normally say) probably sleep late again, I know you did". After hearing that I'm like "eff you Cerebral, sleep is sacred to me, it helps me think easier about stuff". "Who needs to think that much", he says while laughing which pisses me off. I hate it when you do stuff and you take it seriously but everyone else around you thinks it's a damn joke. 'Whatever', I think to myself.

"Hey, Neutra", someone calls out to me. I look around and see Latisha. Listen, let me tell you a little about Latisha for a second, she's in her early twenties, not late like me but I kinda like her. She's Gothic, dresses in all black. Today she's wearing a long black gown and has black fingernails. She even has long black hair and black eyes. If you ever seen that old tv show from the sixties called 'the Addams family', well she looks almost exactly like Morticia Addams from that.

"Hi, Latisha", I replied. "Whatcha doing", she ask. "Just dealing with this guy", I say pointing at Cerebral. The rest of that isn't important to talk about so basically Latisha sits beside me as class begins.

Class begins, the instructor comes in, he says stuff, do this work for tonight, the end.

After class I meet up with Latisha. Oh yes, about her, me and her get along quite well. Since she looks different then others a lot of people don't like to be around her or get to know her, so before she meet me she spent a lot of time to herself. Luckily I'm not like other people, as I don't fit in with groups of people either and am a true individual (neutrality takes no sides). When she first appeared, as she's pretty new here, she had a lot of things like fake skulls, dark Gothic talismans, carried a dark bible with a circle and some markings in it, a lot of people thought she was a witch and didn't want anything to do with her. Back in high school I liked a lot of goth girls (well, I actually also liked three popular girls who all eventually told me I can go eff myself) so normally I was attracted to her. I meet her and she though I was alright, which doesn't normally happen as people tell me to eff off because I'm not popular enough to matter. I occasionally spend time with her after class and during breaks. As I mentioned, people don't like her because she's different. However I learned years ago not to listen to what other people say, the hard way, I had a really good friend many years ago who was very nice but I let other people trick me into believing that she was bad and I lost a really good friend. Some did the same for me with Latisha, but I said "eff that" pretty much, won't fall for the same mess again.

So we meet each other at the gazebo outside. We sit and talk about...take a guess, that's right...stuff. "So how have you been", she ask. "Peachy", I respond. She puts her hands on the table and I notice her rings. They have like a silver wrap around that twist and has a diamond shaped stone on top. Since I can't think of anything else better to ask, I decide to ask her about her rings, "hey, where did you get those rings from". "From a jewelry store that sells a lot of black things", she basically says. "Oh", I respond. "Hey, you know Neutra I like to go to Spencers at the mall, would you like to come with me tomorrow, Saturday evening", she asks me. I like going to Spencers as well and with not much else to do I just go ahead and say "sure". "Alright", she says cheerfully.

That's pretty much the day, the rest isn't worth mentioning.

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