Our paths cross again: pt 2

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The second half, forgot to mention about the first half, I cahnged some names around. It's a pretty sacred story so I don't want to tell too much. Let me put it this way, what's treasure to some may be garbage to another. The unedited version of this...I think I'll keep to myself, not to be selfish, but you know I don't feel like having it dissed.

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



Going down the road I look around and see a bunch of houses on the right and trees all over. Because this place is still pretty much surrounded by mountains and country, this is a pretty natural place and even in this city there are many trees and other natural places like for instance, not far from where I am there is a large river that runs through the next few towns back. I go along the hilly road and eventually reach the city park. You know, it's one of those parks like you see driving and just look to the side and see it. There's a playground for kids, actually ma use to take me there when I was a child. There's a picnic area with a large gazebo. The front parts is very flat and grassy, well the city keeps the grass cut short, but near the back parts where the trees are it's very hilly, I mean the hills are very large almost mountainous. Through this area is where all the nature trails are and stuff, there's a wooden bridge across a steam. I like that stream, you see years ago people use to buy small rubber ducks with sunglasses and it was the funniest thing, people would have these competitions where they would line em up and actually race them, letting the current take them out. So anyway, I use to play by that stream when I was a child. Me and Rin use to always come out here to the hill forest area alot, J would watch us when ma couldn't. You know this place is always a nice wooded area to go through, but to me it's true beauty (to me, it's true form) shines during spring and fall, with all the different types of green and flowers appearing in spring and many different kinds of colors and cooler atmosphere that fall brings with it.
So I walk around and head around a stone wall, well it's more like a foundation separating the grassy area and some street. I walk along the  grassy field and I look around for this young woman I just meet. Why am I so attracted to this woman, I mean yeah she look good but there's something else about her. I look around but don't see her. I go to the gazebo and look but she isn't there either. Thought she said she was going to be here. So I spend some time looking and don't see her and just decide to just leave, after all this isnt' the first time a girl turned me down.
As im heading back to my car I hear someone call out for me. I turn around and it's the woman, Lai. She's still wearing that veil thing and I go over to her. "Hey", I tell her, "didn't see you, started to think you weren't going to show". "Oh I was just looking around", she tells me, "I've never been to a place like this, I mean this one is unique as I have been through a forest before but this place is just different". I didn't know what to say, "yeah, it's pretty nice to experience", I never know what to say to girls so I was just saying stuff that I could think about. So I just say "want to take a walk" and she's like "yeah, I'd like to". So we walk for a bit, I take her to the hilly area, well apart of it, not the whole thing. I was about to take her to the bridge but it's a little ways to walk so we just make it to the top of a large hill with trees and just look outward at the large area around. "So...where are you from", I say to her like a nervous dip ****. "Me and my brothers are from india", she tells me, "we came to the U.S. a while ago".
"I see, you said brothers, like the one who you were riding with",
"Yes, I have eight older brothers",
"And one of them has a young son, my nephew",
"Oh, you know come to think of it I have a young niece myself",
"You do, you have brothers or sisters",
"Yeah both, an older brother and younger sister",
"I was going shopping for my sister and niece earlier but my car broke down earlier today, which is when we meet",
"So you didn't get to go grocery shopping yet",
"Well, after you and your brother left my brother eventually came and I made him go shopping for me".
So we take a few steps over and I just out right and ask her, "so why did you come to me". She turns to me and looks up, I tell you I've never seen anyone with such large dialated eyes before, her eyes aren't wide open but she has large pupils anr irisis. I get a good look at her face and I see it clear. She looks alot like a cross between Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai though she's slightly tanned. I can see her hair a little and I can actually tell it's length, she has some long hair as it comes down to the bottom of her ribs, some of it is visable pass her veil. She then whispers from her lips, "I recieved a vision a long time ago, one that told me I am to meet a very special person. It also said I would know just by feeling their spirit. I got that feeling around a week ago, I had this feeling and followed it. You see I had a feeling that day was going to be special so that's why I wore that outfit. So when I followed that feeling during the day...that is when I ran into you". I stood there paused with a dumb look on my face, then she slowly says "we were destined to meet".
I know what your thinking, I thought the same thing when she said that, wtf. Well anyway...I didn't even bother to ask her more of it. I wanted to change the subject.
"So...you live with your parents and brothers then",
"No, just my brothers. My parents died, my mother after I was born and my father died in an accident shortly afterwards",
"Oh, sorry to hear that",
"It's alright. Do you have parents",
"Yeah, I do. My mom lives on the other side of town and my dad...well, he's always running around somewhere. No one knows where he is, he just randomly shows up every once in a while",
"I see".
She then walks to me in the front and looks into my eyes, "your eyes...they're green". My eyes widen, though I didn't realise this at the time, "yeah, umm, well...there is a reaon for that, I wasn't born like this, but it's a hard to explain story. It involves me getting lost in another forest when I was a baby in another town about an hour away and I meet someone special who took care of me for a few years till I was a child, it's really a long story". "I see", she says, "sounds like an interesting story".
So we spend some more time together and speak to each other. I learn that though she's an only girl in her main family she often hangs around a few of her girl cousins who also moved here along with her aunt and uncle. Her birthday is five days after mines and she's two years younger than me. The gold gown was a present she recieved many years ago and the gold bangles she wears on her arms and wrists are momentos that mean a lot and are close to her heart (can't tell you more about them, she told me to keep it a secret so I can't tell you anything else about them).
It get's late and I decide to head back and she walks with me back to the parking lot where both my car and her brother awaits. We stop for a second in the parking lot and talk.
I clear my throat, "so...can I see you again",
"of course",
"but where will you be",
"I'll be here, we will encounter each other again",
"here at the park",
"not just the park, but here. We will run into each other again",
"alright but here". I give her my phone number and list of places I like to hang at, "I'll be at these places, come find me sometime. Like to ge to know you more, you seem pretty cool, a bit different then other girl's I've meet but your special, or atleast different than them in a positive way",
"your special too", she says with a smile, "I really am begining to really like you as well and would love to see you again",
"then I will see you later then",
"until our paths' cross again".
With that, she get's in her ride and goes offward. I stand there for a second watching and thinking. I don't know what to think, she's cute, something about destined and we have stuff in common. Eventually I hop in my car and head off. The story no where ends here as there's much more that maybe I'll reveal someday. She was right as this is definitely not the last time we'd see each other as this is just the tip of the iceberg of the stuff that we do together. What we do...I don't feel like saying it right now, haha.


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