Out from the depts

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Short story for my creative writing assignment.

Submitted: November 14, 2014

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Submitted: November 14, 2014



I arrived at the water’s surface, gasping in the deepest breath I have ever taken. I thrashed about on the water’s surface struggling to stay afloat. The waves were out of this world, they had to been at least twenty feet high. Above was a violent storm, dark clouds with heavy lightning in the distance. Fortunately, all the strikes were far enough so I didn’t get shocked.

As I struggled, flashbacks of how I got into this situation channeled through my mind.

My research team and I travelled off the coast of Africa in search of the legendary Submarine. Along the way, this terrible storm appeared and capsized our small boat. I managed to crawl out of the sinking boat through a window, but I didn’t see anyone else. I wondered if they drowned back there.

I fought to stay afloat. I could feel myself getting tired. The water was freezing, I could feel my body getting numb. I looked over the horizon and saw rays of sunlight broke through the sky on this endless evening.

I could feel something coming from behind. I turned around and saw a large shadow coming straight towards me from underneath. My initial thought was it was some sort of animal. I couldn’t make it out due to the thrashing waves and pale light. As it swam underneath, I could see that the head was gigantic, seven to eight feet wide. I felt something hit my leg, probably its dorsal fin. As its head disappeared in the distance, I could see that the rest of the body was still coming. I thought it was a whale, but once I finally saw its giant tail vertical like a fish, I knew it wasn’t.

As the shadowy object disappeared, I was hit by a large wave that threw me underneath the waves. I thrashed about regaining my senses, noticing the rays of light breaking through underwater. That’s when I saw the huge shadow that swam from underneath had returned. The rays gave me a brief view. It had to have been at least thirty five feet long, grey top and white bottom, and streamlined like a great white. It circled me briefly before it dove deep and disappeared into the darkness. I was so scared, but couldn’t react due to my body being so cold. It surpassed my expectations, I wasn’t expecting to encounter anything like this at all.

I reached the surface and barely took in a breath before another waved knocked me back underneath. I looked around and saw water and air bubbles all around. I glanced down and saw what resembled a cavern come up from the dark depths with sharp jagged knives around its edges. I had a feeling it could move fast, but it seemed to purposely take it’s time coming, as if it were savoring the moment.

I guessed the legends were true after all, but I would never be able to tell anyone. I closed my eyes as I prepared for death.

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