problems women face

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Submitted: July 06, 2015

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Submitted: July 06, 2015




Women hold up half the sky at the same height as by men” 
We are living in an Islamic society and Islam has given an equal level to both men 
and women. Still our society is male ruling. In the past before islam , 
women had no rights. They were considered minor to men. If we take a look at our 
society, then we will come to know that the condition of women is the same as it was 
before Islam,Unlike other popular countries, if we study women’s position in Pakistan then we
will be know that the women of Pakistan are facing a lot of problems.Most of our 
community inhabit  in villages. The first problem which the village women face is that 


they are treated very harshly by their husbands, fathers and brothers.They are not allowed to go outside their house or talk to other people.They have no freedom of speaking ,talking back for their rights or show their expressions e.t.c.In our society, literacy rate among women is very low.They are mainly illiterate.Even today some people are aginst women knoledge.They think its a crime that women shold be educated.They think women should only do domestic work.As our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)P.B.U.H said"Seeking knoledge is the duty of every muslim, man and women"if in our society people do not allow women education its not because of islam but it is because of their tridition which they don not understand.In most provincies of pakistan like balochistan,sindh and khayber pakhton khaw also in afghanistan, the women becomes victim of many cruel tridition like “swara” which means child marraige it is tied to blood feuds among the different tribes and clans where young girls are forcibly married to members of different clans to end this feud.It is most common amongst pashtons.Other terrible triditons is "karo kari" in which if a women gets married by her choice without the permission of their gurdian they get killed by their brother or father e.t.c.Although our government is trying very hard for the improvement of women but until 

and unless the people are fully aware of women’s rights, Pakistan will not be successful.

 As it is said, “That society can never develop where the women are not given equal rights as those men"



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