The Quickening (Wake of Advent)

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A spinoff/side story to the upcoming novel 'Wake of Advent'. Not apart of the main story, wrote this two weeks ago and just recently got to post it.

Submitted: August 19, 2013

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Submitted: August 19, 2013



I slowly open my eyes, the world is fuzzy…slowly coming into view. I wiggle my fingers and see the white grains of sand between them. I blink a few times to help clear my vision. Close by, I can hear the sounds of the crashing waves washing against the shore and the sound of heavy wind in the air. I take a few moments to regain enough of my senses to allow me to muster the strength to stand. I brush the sand off my long white dress and pull my long brown hair down to my shoulders.


I look up at the sky to see that it’s filled with grey colored clouds. I’m guessing that it’s early morning; the pale light tells me that it must be around six or seven. As I look at the sky I get lost in thought as I attempt to remember what happened earlier when suddenly I remember yesterday.


There was a tremor that seemed to move through the area. It was really strange; I wouldn’t think that a tremor would happen on a beach, especially one up here in Maine. As soon as it came I began feeling really weird. It felt like something dropped into the pit of my stomach. I began feeling nervous and very anxious. I started sweating and began to have trouble breathing. I could feel my body shaking. I thought that it may have been an anxiety attack but I don’t get those. It’s like the feelings just suddenly appeared within me, I can’t explain it. I close my eyes and lower my head. I open them and look down at the ground.


‘What came next?’ I think to myself as I begin walking on the cool white sand. I spend time still trying to remember what happened yesterday. Only after a short walk, I find a feather before my foot. I look down at its grey and white pattern. Just a few feet away I find a dead seagull. It looks like it fell from a great height and splattered itself onto the sand. All around it the sand is colored a dark red. I look around and see that the entire beach is covered with dead seagulls, all just as mutilated, and with their blood staining the sand.


I look on stunned for a few moments before I will up enough strength to move. I walk past the dead seagulls and examine the scene. While I walk, my feet are stained with the blood from the seagulls.


“What happened?” I say quietly to myself. I keep trying to remember but I’m still dazed, which is probably why I’m not as freaked out as I think I should be. I grab my head as I feel the pain of a headache coming on. As I fight through the pain and continue walking, I start to remember vaguely that I was watching the sky with someone but I don’t remember who; I don’t know if it was a friend or a family member.


Amongst the field of dead seagulls I spot the body of a guy lying face down in the sand. I can’t see his face but I do see that he has short blonde hair; he’s wearing a torn white t shirt that’s bloody, tan cargo shorts and on his left foot is a black flip flop. He appears to be around my age, appearing in his mid to late teens. There’s a living seagull picking away at his fingers. I ignore the bird and get in closer to the body. I kneel down and examine him carefully. Familiar feelings begin to circulate throughout me. I know this guy.


“T-Tyler…” I say to myself slowly, covering my mouth with my hand. I feel myself shaking and starting to cry. Seeing him on the ground, more memories come into my head. I close my eyes and see the images as clear as day.


After the ground shook, the sky became filled with dark clouds. All the seagulls began attacking each other very violently. They also savagely attacked anyone that they could find. To escape the carnage, me and Tyler, we hid under the boardwalk for a while but eventually some of the seagulls found us and we were forced to flee. We ran for a little bit, at the time it was night and pitch black so we couldn’t see but I could still hear the voices of people screaming all around. While running, Tyler tripped and fell to the ground.


“Run!” he exclaims to me.

“No! Tyler, come on!” I shout back at him.


I felt something slam into me from the sides. I believed it was a seagull; I just instinctively take off as fast as I could. As I ran I thought of Tyler and even though I really didn’t want to leave him I knew to listen to his words and run. As I ran I could hear him make this blood churning scream which caused me to cringe. I don’t know how far I ran but I must have collapsed and passed out shortly after.


I gasp as I snap out of my flashback. I continue to shake as I look at Tyler’s body.


“Tyler…oh my god Tyler…” I grab my arms and cringe. We grew up together, faced many hardships. I loved him like family, and now…seeing him on the ground…for all that we’ve been through together to just end like this…


I weep for a while but come to a stop when I glance over out at the ocean and notice a deep fog heading towards the shore. I bring myself to stand and stare out at the ocean. I feel my legs shaking from sadness. I turn to the left and glance at the distance, seeing a red and white lighthouse standing on a rocky shore. I look as far as I can across the beach and see several bodies of people lying on the ground alongside the dead seagulls.


The shaking in my legs is just too much for me and I fall back down on the ground. My hands clutch the sand as I look down still dazed. I’m scared; I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go and there’s no one to turn to. I close my eyes and cringe.


“What am I supposed to do?”


I’m startled by a nearby noise. I look beside me to see another live seagull on top of Tyler’s back picking away at his neck. I immediately stand and stagger backwards in shock. I glance around and see several seagulls picking at the bodies of other seagulls and people. I stand mesmerized watching the feasting all around me.


I begin to feel an eerie feeling, the same eerie feeling I felt yesterday evening when those dark clouds appeared. I feel something underneath my feet and glance down, watching grains of sand jiggle on the ground. I look over the ocean and see pitch black clouds rolling towards the beach.


I notice the seagulls suddenly stop squawking and look around to see them wobbling around like they’re in a drunk state. Some are vomiting, some keep falling over as they walk, and a few of them have feathers falling off like fur off a sick dog. They begin to violently peck and flop themselves onto each other.


As the black clouds roll overhead and the ground continues to vibrate, I begin to regain those feelings of anxiety. I clutch my fist close to my chest and look around at the seagulls, many of which are now looking at me with aggressive focused looks. I look back to my front and up at the sky. The air becomes thick and is hard to breathe in; it seems to tell me that things will not be alright. I can feel my tears falling down my cheeks.


“I’ll never remember why I came here.”


I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the ocean waves.

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