I Thought Parents Knew Best

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A poem for all the girls who felt the same way I did.

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012



This one’s for the girls with the cuts on her wrists from narrow minded villains who didn’t expect this:

That their perfect daughter, their own little girl could feel so alone in this fucked up little world.

Turns out that little girl isn’t as sweet a s she seems when she’s crying to herself at night until she falls asleep.

You blames her mood on growing up, on being sixteen—“every kid has phases of lower self-esteem.”

But it’s not just a phase, you were too selfish to see that she’s depressed. “But that can’t be.

It’s not a possibility that she could really feel this way and that we didn’t know.” You never talked to her about it or felt the pain she never showed.

You don’t know what she’s been through and you wouldn’t understand that even the strongest of people could use a hand

To pick them up when they fall. But you were just too damn selfish to see everything that she really needs:

Your love, your compassion, and to show what you’ve known. Help her move on, tell her that she’s not alone.

Your daughter needs you now to know she’s not lost, to know she’s not just an illusion. Tell her with your hearts crossed.

“It’s just a phase, our daughter’s fine. I know she’ll be okay.” How can you say that when you know she’s been led astray?


Listen, I don’t know you but I know one thing for sure: I know you better than your parents ever thought they did before.

Because I’m just like and I used to feel the same. But just keep holding on and it will get better someday.

I promise this and everything that I day even though those fucking scars will never seem to fade away.

But just know they won’t heal if you choose to keep cutting so choose to open the doors that seem to keep shutting.

Please know it gets better and it’s hard to believe but keep holding on, holding on. Do it for me.

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