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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
two girls, goes to a place where her friend takes her, and shows her something, but she doesnt want to know anymore.

Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009



“This isnt goin to work,” said Brenda. “Yes it will, i did it before, and we talked all day, your going to meet him.” Said Marnie. Marnie began to raise her hands in the air, and closed her eyes. She started to whisper these chants. Brenda didnt know what she was doing, she began to get scared of her. “This is too weird, stop it ok,” she said. But Marnie keeps going, not paying any tention to her. Her eyes starts rolling to the back of her head, her body is shaking, and she’s rocking back and forth, faster and faster. Then all of a sudden, she stops. Her body gets up, but she didnt move, her shoes was pointed to the floor, she was floating in the air. “He’s here,” she says with a wicked whisper. Her eyes opened slowly, they werent her eyes anymore, they were completely black, her face was pale white, a lifeless face, thats all she could make, her smile that she made was the evilest smile that anyone could bare to see. She looks down at Brenda, she was in the corner with tears comming down her face. “Aww, cheer up, he’s here to take care of you, there’s no need to worry,” she says. “But I cant, look what he’s done to you, your not you anymore,” she said. Marnie stopped smiling, her face went to mad. “ There’s nothing wrong with me,” she said angerly. “ Its ok Marnie, she’s just scared,” he looks at Brenda With a Questioned face, “Why is she here,” he says still looking at her. “ I wanted her to meet you, and become one of us,” she says quickly in a scared voice. “ Im sorry to be here, she described you to e a really great person, and said that you was going to take people like her somewhere in the future, and I wanted to come with,” she says terrifyingly. As she was talking, e began to take this object that was wrapped in a red cloth, it was very little and skinny. “ This is my special blade, let me see your hand, and everything will be ok,” he says calmly. She gives him her hand, he looks at it for a while, and smiles. He grabs the blade, put it against her wrist, “Oh no, dont please,” she says crying with fear. He didnt listen, blood already began to stream down her arm. She just looked at him, the tears was still comming down, but she wasnt crying anymore, her face just went blank. Marnie, began to laugh, “ its working isnt it,” she says. Brenda’s head went down, her body began to shake, she grabbed her hair, and began to yell. The man stood there, and grabbed her hand, she stopped. Her head lifted up slowly, her eyes were black, she just looked at him, her eyes got wide, and she began to smile.....................!!!

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